Ben Thanh Pho

That is the Vietnamese stall name that I found from the picture took with my friend during our recent visit. It happened before Singapore went back to the no-dine-in period starting from 16 May 2021. It was my second visit to this place called Leisure Food Space that located at Gemini @ Sims. It has two stalls selling Vietnamese and Western food. It occupies two floors and you can sit outside of the shop, along the corridor. It was a peak hour during my visit and it was quite crowded.

The Vietnamese stall seems to be run by a Chinese couple or at least the lady at the counter can speak Mandarin. She is a bit forgetful on the day she served us, maybe it was a busy Wednesday. On the first-time visit last year, my friend and I tried their mookata. It was quite nice, and the ingredients served during that time was generous. It was a good portion for two persons.

On the recent visit, my friend and I tried the steamboat. The ingredients looked quite similar, but I felt the portion has reduced. Obviously, I saw the fresh prawns have changed to cooked prawns and from what I think maybe four pieces to two pieces of prawns. The prawns’ freshness is maintained even it is cooked. The steamboat set seemed missing the scallops. From the picture above, the meatballs looked handmade, but I could not recall. For the vegetables, maybe mookata has the glass noodle, but not for steamboat. Both mookata and steamboat are said for two to three persons.

The highlight of the steamboat is the soup base. The clear soup is a soup base that I liked, cooked with some cilantro and sliced onions. On the other side is the sweet-spicy soup. The taste is quite similar to one of the Thai condiments, the Thai chilli sauce. The spicy level is mild, and I liked to neutralize a little bit with some clear soup.

They served the sliced pork belly and some chicken meat. I do not have much preference for meat. And, I think it is different meat compared to mookata, which has to be marinated. Overall, it tasted like I was eating a Thai steamboat because of the MAMA noodle. I was expected to have some pho or vermicelli to go with the steamboat. I do not really have other Vietnamese steamboat dining experience so this is based on what I think it may be included.

Both mookata and steamboat maybe a good try for first time. I would prefer to try other Vietnamese dishes or maybe a try on the Western menu if I re-visit the restaurant later the year(s).

Address: 2 Sims Cl, Singapore 387298 (Leisure Food Space).
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Eminent Frog Porridge

Perhaps this is my first entry about frog porridge. In Singapore, frog porridge is quite famous among the Chinese. My friend recommended me to visit this restaurant situated at Geylang when I asked for a suggestion for a good location to have frog porridge as dinner. In Geylang, you can find a few different restaurants selling frog porridge too.

Usually, they sell in an odd number of frogs (so far, based on my experience in two other stalls). Two of us ordered two frogs, and we got one free. Next, we chose our favours for these frogs, one cooked with kong pao style (fried dried chili sauce) and herbal chicken essence. They added a bottle of chicken essence into the herbal soup. Guess, it made it pretty worth the price.

I quite liked the kong bao style because the sauce paired perfectly with the plain porridge. Usually, people will mix the sauce with the porridge. Of course, the porridge looked dark because of the sauce, but it tasted delicious and tasty. The soupy chicken essence style was my first time, and it is a good idea. But, the porridge did not go well with the chicken soup because of its strong herbal taste.

The plain porridge pot is quite significant for two persons. It would be great if a third person is joining us or take away the leftover for another day.

Address: 323 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389359.

Ho Kee Pau

A Chinese traditional dim sum house in Singapore which is located at Lorong 27, Geylang, Singapore, opens from morning and late night. It is conveniently located nearby Aljunied MRT and easily accessible by public transportation.

Simple setting and spacious, I went there for dinner recently with three others on one of the weekdays. It was not crowded and we ordered a lot of different types of dim sum, both steamed and fried types. Our table was full of little plates of dim sum.

Seriously, I have no ideas if this is good idea for having a full table of food for dinner. No warnings were given I think about the number of food we ordered and how big the portion would be.

We used to eat at Swee Choon at Jalan Besar and we thought size and quantity of dim sum were similar. It proved us wrong. Let us see the big bowl of porridge, it is century egg porridge with additional of a normal chicken egg. Too many eggs right! It is quite delicious and I loved the texture of the porridge, it is Cantonese style. What do I mean? Well, if you ever tried a silky smooth porridge before, you will know the fineness and smoothness of the porridge is different than the Teow Chew style.

Next, I pretty liked the fried beancurd skin with prawn, it is crispy and yet it is not too oily. The size is just nice as compared to the fried beancurd skin with dumpling. You can see the difference of these two fried food on my picture on the bottom right. The darker colour fried items are the fried beancurd skin with dumpling. I believed the ingredients are the same with the normal sui kow’s skin dumpling.

Sometimes, we like to eat cheap and big in size dim sum to make our money worth. However, it does not mean we enjoy the food at all. I would prefer dim sum comes in a regular or small size because every single bite of it is meat and more meat. It is not recommended to eat so much at one time and unable to enjoy the rest of the food.

Overall, the dim sum here is cheap, big in portion, worth for the money if you are meat-goer and just want to eat until full without burning your wallet. I personally like Swee Choon and Wan Dou Sek for dim sum.

Address: 43 Lor 27 Geylang, Singapore 388176.

Geylang Bahru Market: Hui Wei Ban Mian

Many online foodies recommended to try the ban mian from the stall called Hui Wei Ban Mian which is located at Geylang Bahru Food Market. The signature chili ban mian is a little soggy, missed out the chewy texture of what a noodle should be. The noodle soaked up the quite salty sauce quickly. I am not sure whether the ban mian or mee hoon kueh will have a better texture than u-mian.

The onsen egg is good, the ingredients are generous and the chili paste is spicy, it gave some kick when mixed with the noodle. I believed the saltiness of the sauce came from the minced meat. The soup is also salty which I think it needs some improvement to it. It maybe goes well with soup based noodle but I am not sure too because I did not try their soup based noodles’ selections. They offer variety types of noodles, from meat to seafood, both spicy and non-spicy.

I always think the soup based should be tasted with light sweet of the essence from the seafood and meat cooked during the preparation of a bowl of noodle.

The queue is quite long during lunch time, however the lady takes the orders while queuing so it saves some time from there.

Address: 69 Geylang Bahru, #01-58, Singapore 330069.

Wen Dao Sek

My friend from Malaysia came to Singapore with his relatives for holiday and my friend called me up for a meet up on that weekend. I brought my friend to have brunch at the 126 dim sum house, Wen Dao Sek at Geylang.

I picked up my friend from the Chinatown and I brought my friend to take public transportation. The dim sum house is conveniently reached by bus, so we took a bus ride to the mentioned location. I gave a chance to my friend to enjoy the Singapore’s public transportation.

Many of my Malaysians friends drive to everywhere in the city back in Malaysia. It is quite rare for them to take public transportation because it is still not conveniently reaching the destination without wasting a lot of time.

Back to the dim sum house, it was not my first visit here. We ordered a few different dim sum to try out and I did not particularly recommended any dim sum to try. We ordered a bowl of century egg porridge with some steamed dim sum and fried stuff too.

The food took quite some time to serve even though there was no crowd. Lucky, we were not too hungry and we were able to spare our time talking about our lives while waiting for the food. Then, they served us the century egg porridge. The porridge smelt great with the fried garlic spread on top of the porridge with fried onion and spring onion.

I was surprised to see the big century egg in the porridge. I started to dig into the porridge and mixed the toppings together. The porridge was quite salty and peppery for my taste.

Address: 126 Sims Ave, Singapore 387449.

Noodle Cafe – Thai Boat Noodle

Since I just back from Bangkok for about 1 week or so, I would like to write about my Bangkok trip and the food I tried during my short trip in Bangkok. Many of the food I tried in Bangkok are based on recommendations from fellow Singaporean bloggers. And, I would like to compare those recommended ones with those that I tried in Singapore.

This entry marks the first type of Thai food that I would like to compare. It is my second time to try boat noodles in Singapore and my first time in Bangkok.

For the second time of trying the boat noodle, I was greeted with the soup’s spiciness, which they marked as “Normal Spicy”. My friend suggested I go with glass noodle, and now, yes, I understand why the Thai glass noodle is so nice to go with their food based on my previous dining experience at Nong Khai.

The ingredients inside the bowl are not much, and in fact, it has nothing to shout out other than the feeling of the spiciness. I am not sure if this is the best Thai Boat Noodle in Singapore. Perhaps you can give me some feedback.

I ordered the big bowl instead of the small bowl with starts are $1.90 per bowl. When you order your bowl of noodles, you just follow the steps listed on the menu to choose. It is a simple menu, and they do serve side dishes too.

If you want to have a Thai Milk Tea fix, you can have it here. The level of sweetness is controllable, and it is not very sweet at all.

Edited: 2022-02-14. The restaurant has moved, and the updated address is below. Based on a Google review, it has 4.2 stars which are pretty good.

Address: 1 Rochor Canal Roa96 Sims Ave, Singapore 387424.

Rocher Beancurd House

Rocher Beancurd House, Geylang, Singapore.
After the dinner, we went to the next shop to have our desserts. There was a short queue when we reached. So, I took this picture when we were queuing. They won an award before this.

It is great to have a bowl of warm, smooth and silky Tau Foo Fah (beancurd). The sweetness level is just right, no need to tell, less sugar or something. Some patrons stop over by the roadside to by this Tau Foo Fah. They sell other snacks as well, if you pass by this area, you can drop by and try. They do have other branches.

Address: 745 Geylang Road, Singapore.
Rating: 3/5. Good, silky and warm beancurd in town that is good for breakfast and after meal desserts.

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