Singapore Hawker Food – Part 3

I have been trying to blog differently recently by having a theme. To support local Singaporean hawker food, I set up a new theme called Singapore Hawker Food, tried out the local food shared by Singaporeans on social media and shared my opinions. I am sure you are the same as me, would like to know the views from a non-food blogger’s or Youtuber’s point of view.

I am glad that one or two people are willing to eat with me so that I can try different food and give more food reviews. I wish we could continue to try more food together and share our thoughts. Also, I am happy whenever we are together enjoying our food.

I may be active on Instagram and Facebook Page, and I try the food by myself without getting sponsorship or partnership. It is purely based on my opinions and preferences. No offences.

Coffee Break

I tried their breakfast set as well; I ordered the kaya butter toast with a cup of hot drink.

Address: Hong Lim Food Centre, 531A Upper Cross St, Singapore 051531.

Ah Fatt Fishball Noodle

Noodle is al-dente, surprisingly. I liked it. It is a dry version, so I expected it to be in a mix of chilli sauce, oil and vinegar. The mixture’s taste is typical; the amount of the sauce is just right to cover the mee pok. Sometimes, when I order the dry noodle, the sauce tends to be flooded in the bowl. The soup is a little salty, so I left one side.

The fishballs are nice, bouncy and fresh. The fishcake is a little hard compared with the fishball. I do not know whether the fishballs or fishcakes are handmade. On another visit a long time back, I ordered fishball noodles. It consists of four fishballs, one fried fishball, a few tiny slices of fishcakes, and some minced pork.

Address: Hong Lim Food Centre, 531A Upper Cross St, #02-10, 051531.
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Kang Le Fried Prawn Noodle

The thick bee hoon and yellow noodle are used for cooking the Hokkien mee. I like the level of wetness of this plate of Hokkien mee where I could see little broth at the bottom of the plate. The top part is dry yet flavourful. It is full of wok hei (the heat from the wok). The ingredients are pretty standard across all stalls. It comes with medium-sized prawns and squids. I liked the chilli paste that was used to mix with the noodle. “It is superb”, said the auntie.

Address: Changi Village Hawker Centre, 2 Changi Village Rd, Singapore 500002.
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Soi 19, Thai Wanton Noodle

I ordered a bowl of regular and large in size. I am sure you can differentiate the normal and large from the picture above. A large wanton noodle comes with char siew (barbecue pork), two slices of Thai fish sausages, two fried wantons and another two wantons in a bowl of peppery soup.

The noodle is springy, dry, not oily, and does not have extra sauces left in the bowl, so I suggest that you quickly mix it with the chilli flakes and fish sauce before it turns drier. The noodle is well coated with their seasonings that I think it is good to go without extra fish sauce. But, the fish sauce will give a different flavour.

They give a generous amount of green vegetables, making this wanton noodle healthier than the Chinese-style wanton noodle.

Address: Jurong East Central, BLK 134, Singapore 600134.
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Bai Nian Dou Fu

I am unsure if the People’s Park Food Complex stall is still available. But, their popularity at the food court here, I do not think they have moved out. I love to eat yong tau foo; it is healthy food. This stall has several people queueing during lunchtime to buy their famous yong tau foo. It comes in a small or big bowl. The yong tau foo ingredients are fixed, but you can add more ingredients by paying extra money. They serve one type of noodles only, the vermicelli. Also, they do the yong tau foo in soup based. There is no dry version.

Address: People’s Park Food Complex, 32 New Market Rd, Singapore 050032
Google link:

Green Sky Fried Kway Teow

Fried Kway Teow is quite good and full of wok hei. It is so surprising that it is located at the Bedok Food Centre. The fried kway teow is slightly wet, still flavourful, it is not the oily type that after eating for a while I feel jelak (sick of eating). A reasonable portion of ingredients.

Address: No. 1, Bedok Road, #01-14, Bedok Food Centre, 469572, 469572.
Google link:

Soi 19 Thai Wanton Mee

It was recommended by a few bloggers and some ex-colleagues who worked at Jurong East before this. I didn’t manage to try with them when I went over to Jurong East. It is getting rare for me to travel to Jurong East lately and recently, I took a trip down to the West to work on something. I went to search for the hawker centre where this Thai wanton mee is located by myself but got lost after a wrong turning.

There was no queue at all during my visit to the hawker place around 2.00PM. It comes in small, regular and large sizes. I chose the regular-sized noodle. It is a dry, springy noodle and didn’t have any sauce on it, yet I managed to mix all the ingredients together.

The portion of $5 for regular which is said to be extra ingredients didn’t seem to be a lot, maybe it has more sliced char siew or more wanton inside the little bowl of soup, there are two dumplings. It has Chinese sausage and two fried dumplings. That is all for a regular.

The noodle is good and delicious even if it does not have sauce on it. Maybe it is already tossed with some special sauce beforehand. Their soup is very salty, they should tone down the taste. I did try to enjoy each strand of noodles and paired it with the ingredients to find out the reasons why people liked it so much and it is so good that the famous Thai wanton noodle bar SabX2 in Bangkok has put up a sign stating they are not affiliated.

Personal opinion, I will not think it is a Thai wanton mee that one must try or even travel far to try it. It has a few branches, Jurong East, Ang Mo Kio and Kovan. I probably will give it a miss if there is a queue for this stall.

Address: Soi 19 Thai Wanton Mee, 130 Jurong Gateway Rd, #01-211, Singapore 600130

I found another Soi 19 branch, nearer to the city. It is at Telok Ayer, next to the Manulife Tower. It is very crowded during lunchtime, however, the restaurant has plenty of tables. It has indoor air-conditioned seatings and outdoor seatings.

Address: 51 Telok Ayer St, #01-02 China Square Food Centre, Singapore 048441.

Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen

It is famous with its tagline, “Volcano Ramen”.

I think this is one of the best ramen restaurant in Singapore, at least, I saw a few food bloggers have been writing about it and shared their experience having the “volcano” ramen.

For the first time, I tried it at JEM, Jurong East, Singapore’s branch with my colleagues during the lunch time. The lunch crowd during my visit was just normal, no waiting time was required and the waitress was readily to serve us.

Their menu has quite extensive selection of ramen with the normal Shio and Shoyu are in the list and other specialty ramen to be chosen if you want to try something different especially the advertised “volcano” ramen.

Myself, for the first time visit, I go for its original recipe, I ordered the Shoyu based soup with ramen, char siew, pickles, half of the onsen egg and beansprouts.

I really have a question about the ramen sold in any restaurants in Singapore. How come if I choose to order a charshu ramen, it always just come with a piece of meat only? It is in a rare case it will have more than one unless, we choose to have more meat.

I wanted to say it is a basic ramen which we can find it anywhere, I mean the noodle itself is really basic, no thick no thin, and definitely it does not look like handmade. The level of springiness of the noodle I cannot really remember.

The pork broth is thick, rich and slightly salty to my taste but I think it is just right for anyone else. Just with a piece of meat, I did not feel full and have to almost finish up the soup to make my stomach. It is not a good idea at all.

For other colleagues who ordered the Ishiyaki Ramen or Hot Stone Roast Ramen which is the “volcano” ramen, there is a set of instructions to follow before start eating the ramen. While waiting for their noodle to be done, the table was served with free flow hard boiled eggs, just similar to another ramen restaurant I visited before. I, myself took one.

This is the scene of preparing the “volcano” ramen where the free flow broth is served too. The waitress poured the broth on to the bowl of ramen before covered it with a cone shaped lid. While the hot stone is hot, it will “cook” the ramen.

It has a timer for them to cook until it is best served and the bowl of noodle is good to serve for two persons unless you are a very big eater!

Address: JEM, 50 Jurong Gateway Rd, #03 – 09, Singapore 608549.

Minang Kitchen

Address: 1 Venture Avenue #07-07 Big Box, 608521.

My colleagues stationed at Jurong client’s side recommended me to try this Nasi Padang from the Minang Kitchen which is located at the Big Box, one of the pretty authentic Indonesian food in Singapore.

We went to this restaurant during the lunch time peak hours and I saw a little queue at the counter and there was plenty of seats available. Do not need to worry about the seats as the restaurant can cater big crowd of people.

My colleague recommended me to try their beef in which I, myself also thought the beef should be great one. I ordered the beef which was tender and delicious, tofu with Tempe and telur dadah. My colleague added, it served best chili, the green one is said to be nicer, spicier and hotter than red one, so I took both with white rice.

They serve dendeng, an Indonesian dried sliced meat, preserved with sugar and spices and dried through the frying process. It is a Minangkabau cuisine, so I guess that is how the restaurant named after.


Lady M

Lady M, 3 Gateway Drive, #02-25/26 Westgate, Singapore 608532.

After the team lunch at the Din Tai Fung, my boss asked for a dessert place for second round. I did not expect there would be a second round, therefore, I did a quick search for desserts around the JEM and Westgate. Since, West side of Singapore is my less travelled place and I am not a dessert person, finding a good dessert place gives me some challenges.

Finally, we settled down at Lady M at Westgate. Lucky the place was able to accommodate large group of people. Initially the waitress wanted us to sit on the high table, which we rejected and asked them to combine some of the tables for us at one corner.

Lady M, specialized on mille crepe cakes which was said to be no less than twenty paper-thin handmade crepes layered with ethereal light pastry cream. They are  using the combination of French pastry techniques with Japanese etiquette of precision, Lady M prides itself on creating fresh and finest cakes.

They do offer set of two cakes with 2 drinks of your choices. During our visit, it was March, the Japanese sakura season, they serve specially made Sakura berry mille crepe cake.

The strawberry pastry cream layered on the the twenty thinned layer crepes. It tastes slightly sweet toward the end, and I do not recall if I tasted the sakura floral smell. If you do not like the favoured cake, you can always go for their signature cake, the Original Crepe Cake.

They do offer normal type of cakes. One of them is the chocolate cake which my colleague ordered and I tried a small bite. It is very rich chocolate cake. My personal preference after trying most of them is the Matcha crepe cake.

If you are going there with a group of people, I would not suggest you to order too many set of cakes because you may end up repeating the same cakes among your friends. Besides that, the portion of the cake is good enough for sharing.

Chicken Rice

Address: Happy Hawkers, #01-273, 132 Jurong Gateway Rd, 600132, Singapore.

It is located just right behind the Food Clique and it is my second visit to this chicken rice stall after my accidental discovery that it sells chicken rice at cheapest price. It has roasted pork and barbecue pork as well. I guess usually people will order a combination of different dishes. It comes with a small bowl of soup as well.

I pretty enjoyed the chicken rice here and would like to visit again whenever I am in Jurong East. It is cheap, filling and tasted good, that is important.

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