Keisuke Ramen

Keisuke Ramen, Suntec, Singapore.
Address: #02-391/392 Suntec City Mall, 3 Temasek Boulevard, Singapore 038983.

A night outing with a group of friends cum runners in January 2017. On the same day I received a sudden news about my colleagues are leaving my previous company because of the company restructuring. It is quite bad to them as the departure news came a week before the Chinese New Year.

This ramen shop was suggested by one of them who also left the company due to the restructuring. The ramen shop offers free eggs, beansprouts and plain water. It is pretty good service. The food ordering is based on their order form below.

Since it was my first time I followed their recommendations to choose their crab broth ramen and I added the egg. As for the soup level of oil, taste and noodle texture I chose for normal which is their recommendations.

My apology for the bad lighting of the above picture of the beansprouts.

It turned out a WOW to me. It comes with my ordered egg, a pork chashu, bamboo shoot, black fungus, fish cake and some spring onions on top of the ramen.

I will suggest to go for less oil and light taste because the level of taste determines the thickness of the soup. After a while I did feel the broth was salty. My friend who opted for the strong taste has its soup dried up while we were taking his bowl of ramen which came with three pieces of chashu.

It is very nice presented and served by the waitress who called us by the name on the order form. Great experience of eating this ramen and greater moment spent together with them after the dinner with a movie show in the cinema on the same night. 

Mad For Garlic

The VIP came down to Singapore for business meeting with other people from different countries. We met briefly on the first day when he went over to my place to talk for a while. I felt bad because I owe him a lot of works have not done, even until now (I am spending my time writing this entry). I want to repay for his kindness, I asked for a lunch appointment on his last day of business trip.

It was a lunch appointment with another two colleagues from his team. They brought us to Suntec City and settled down at Mad for Garlic for lunch. This restaurant uses garlic, a lot of garlic in their dishes. You can even ask for more garlic if you wish.

Garlic Baguettes
It smells good when it is served on our table. It has 4 baguettes per serving. When it is served, I think of having the thick and creamy mushroom soup. The baguettes are quite reasonable serving and if you do not mind you can eat it with your hand.

The sauteed mussels with garlic cream sauce served with bread.
Another nice and delicious dish ordered by our colleague. He says, it is a must try/order food here. The garlic cream sauce is great when you dip it with the bread or even the garlic baguettes. However, for the mussels, it was over-cooked.
The lobster cream pasta with fried garlic topping. It is recommended main dish that my colleagues wanted to order more. And, lucky enough we ordered one portion only as we have other main dishes ordered such as the thin crust Garlic Snowing Pizza.

The sauce on the thin crust is so nice and special to me and it has a lot of cheese too! We did add on more fried garlic on top of the pizza.  Do not look down on their portion, it can be little but when you finish all of them, it is very filling. It is a total satisfied lunch for the lovely Friday.

Besides that, I get to learn more about how does a teamwork work. It has been a while, since the last time I worked in a team.

Address: 3 Temasek Blvd, #02-300/301 Suntec City Mall, 038983, Singapore.

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