People’s Park Food Centre

The People’s Park Food Centre is located at Chinatown MRT station, Exit D. The food court is famous for the Si Chuan mala dishes and Singapore delicacies such as yong tau foo, fried Hokkien mee, etc. Since my new workplace is at Chinatown, I am able to explore a different kind of food here and share my reviews.

Bai Nian Yong Tau Foo

During lunchtime, this stall has quite a number of people queueing to buy their famous yong tau foo. It comes in a small or big bowl. The ingredients of the yong tau foo are fixed, but you can add more ingredients by paying extra money. They serve one type of noodles only, the vermicelli. Also, they serve the yong tau foo in soup based. There is no dry version.

All their ingredients are handmade to ensure freshness. I quite like their prawn paste that is filled with prawn meat. The texture is good and fresh. Other than that, the beancurd rolls with fish paste are quite good too.

Ri Ri Hong

Some people were asking why girls like to eat so much mala (spicy) food. I have no answers to it. The malaxiangguo from Ri Ri Hong is quite famous in Chinatown. You can see their queue is always long. Their malaxiangguo is a reasonable price and you can tell them, it is for a single person portion. Then, they will adjust the weight for each ingredient you ordered.

The level of spiciness is mild, middle level spicy and very spicy. Usually, they will recommend you to try with mild for the first time. If you can eat spicy food, order a middle-level spiciness is just right. Remember to tell them to cook with lesser chili oil so that it is healthier and less oily. You eat the malaxiangguo with Maggie noodles or rice.

Poy Kee Yong Tau Foo

I tried a Yong tau food stall, Poy Kee Yong Tau Foo, at the other side of the People’s Park food court. Beancurd stuffed with marinated pork minced meat with clear soup and meehoon.

Bedok Interchange Food Court

Singapore entered Phase 2 on 19th June 2020 and people can start dine-in outside with smaller group of people. This is the second time I dined outside, at a food court after 3 months away due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With a friend’s recommendations, I got to try a few snacks sold at the Bedok Interchange Food Court that is located next to the Bedok Mall.

Bedok Chwee Kuah

Bedok Chwee Kueh is one of the snacks that you may want to get along with your main meal. I’m little unsure whether it was the steamed water or it was oily that laying at the bottom of the chwee kueh. I knew that frying the preserved turnip may require some oils in the recipe, but I did hope it was steamed water from the chwee kueh. The texture is soft. According to my research online, rice flour contributes to the softness of the cake. It goes well with the fried preserved turnip. Additionally, you can add chilli paste on top of the chwee kueh.

Song Zhou Fried Carrot Cake

Song Zhou Fried Carrot Cake is one of the snacks that you may want to get along with your main meal.  I was there to try out their black version which is most people would order after recommended by a friend. The carrot cake is soft, the black sweet sauce is thick, and with egg and fried preserved turnip (chai po).

Jit Seng Satay

Jit Seng Satay is one of the snacks that my friend wanted to eat during our visit. 10 sticks of chicken satay with satay sauce and cubed cucumber. It is missing the Malay ketupat and onions. I know that not all people will eat with it. It cost 60 cents per stick, I cannot comment on whether it is cheap or worth for a try next time. We ordered it because it has been a while both of us did not eat satay.

Hong Lim Food Court Exploration

A food blogger shared a list of 19 stalls that worth for the queue in the Hong Lim Food Court, that is located at Chinatown, Singapore. Personally, I went there to try out the suggested good food from the blogger. Here is some of my reviews.

Ah Heng Chicken Curry Bee Hoon Mee

One of the best curry mee suggested by online food bloggers. The queue was quite long even during the evening hours. I went to try it and ordered the small bowl of the curry chicken with mee hoon. They gave quite generous ingredients like some potato, tau pok, slices of fish cake, bean sprouts and of course the poached breast chicken meat.

The meat is tender, chopped into half. The potato is soft and easily melt in my mouth. The gravy is rich and great, although it looks a bit oily. Lastly, I feel my bowl of noodle has more ingredients than the noodle. It is worth a try.

Ji Ji Noodles

They served a generous portion of ingredients, although I was hoping to get 3 wantons instead of 2. Maybe, if they can replace the deep-fried wantons to normal ones, I will get 4. Their wanton, although is not as big as Hong Kong styled wanton noodle, it is still slightly bigger than small-sized wanton that you may find in KL. I guess, if you add up all the 4 wantons, maybe it is the same. The ingredients inside the wantons are normal and did not see if there is any water chestnut included. This enhances the biting experience.

The char siew is nice, combination of lean meat and some fat. They gave generous amount of char siew and sliced mushroom with its sauce.  

This is how the wanton noodle looked like when it was served. There is a choice of different types of chilies and you can self-service to put any amount of the chilies into your bowl of noodle. I chose to go with pickled green chilies instead of sambal chili.

The wanton noodle is different than the normal ones. It should be handmade, thicker than the normal wanton noodle. It is similar size as the Wanton Fu’s noodle. The texture was still springy after soaked in the sauce.

Jin Hua Fish Soup

I cannot find another better fish soup in this food stall that is not always a long queue. The generous portion of the fish meat and great soup base made me always go back to this stall whenever I wanted to have fish soup for lunch or dinner. The soup base is stronger tasted than the rest of the famous fish soup stalls. You can choose with or without milk for the soup.

SLTWO Muffins

I bought a coconut tart from this famous bakery stall at Hong Lim Food Court. The crust is a little thicker but not as thick as Toast Box version. Of course, the ingredients are much generous than Toast Box. Good try. Their muffin is good as well. I tried the apple cinnamon muffin instantly after my colleagues bought them from the stall. Another flavour that I would recommend is their chocolate chip.

Mouth Restaurant

The days just before the Singapore Government made the announcement to implement the circuit breaker on April 7, 2020, I went out for dinner with a few friends at the Chinese restaurant located at nearby the Maxwell food court.

It was a farewell dinner for an ex-colleague and last gathering before we could not have any more. I know this sounds a bad idea. We practised our distancing and made sure we used the common spoons to get our dishes.

During this COVID-19 period, there were no crowds at all in the restaurant. The waiter took the temperature of each of us and gave us hand sanitizer before we seated. That night, there were 3 tables only, so the services were top best, yet there was still some waiting time for the cook to prepare our food.

My friend ordered the roasted spring chicken and duck. Both of them are nice and delicious. I liked the roasted spring chicken the most. The crispy chicken skin fried to its golden colour, the chicken meat was tender and juicy. It was well-marinated, and it did not need to dip with any sauces.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the roasted duck that was served last among all the dishes. The roasted duck was served in two different styles. The crispy duck skin wrapped with popiah skin (spring roll wrapper), while the duck meat cooked separately with some sauce. The duck meat was tender as well.

The barbecue pork was succulent and quickly melt in my mouth. It is delicious, but I felt it was a bit sweet to my liking. To balance the tastes, we ordered vegetables and tofu to eat with the fried rice.

For desserts, I ordered the mango sago pomelo. This dessert supposed to be sweet and nice. However, this round, the dessert was a disappointment because they used a bitter pomelo.

The bill for this dinner was 25% discounted. It is worth to return to this restaurant someday later when the situation gets better to have the roasted spring chicken again.

Address: 38 Maxwell Rd, #01-01/02 Airview Building, Air View Building, Singapore 069116.

Chong Qing Grilled Fish

It is located at Mosque Street, Chinatown, it is the same restaurant as the Bugis branch at Liang Seah Street. There was no queue on the day I visited the restaurant with two other friends. I made a reservation before that, and we got our table after 10 minutes of waiting. They provide some drinks at the entrance of the restaurant for waiting customers.

Grilled Fish with Mild Spiciness

We ordered a mild-level of spiciness for the grilled seabass with a few additional ingredients such as lotus root, enoki mushrooms, etc. Out of my expectation, the ingredients were added into the pot when it was being served. It would be better if they could serve the side dishes separately and allow us to add into the grilled pot as and when we like to avoid the ingredients over-cooked.

Stir-fried Clams

The stir-fried spicy clams are quite delicious and the level of spiciness kicked in well. The sauce went well with the white rice I ordered. The amount of clams is generous too.

Stir-fried Frog Meat

It was a disappointment to order this stir-fried either frog meat because it did not taste as good. It was plain spicy without any tastes and it was oily. It seemed like a malaxiangguo with two or three ingredients stir-fried together.

All the dished that we ordered are mild spiciness, but ate them at the same time made us felt the level of spiciness has increased to hot spiciness. And, that made me wanted to order a drink from their menu to ease the spiciness and the saltiness after eating the food.


I could not remember clearly what drink did I ordered. It could be a concoction of the Yakult with something else and tasted quite nice.

Address: 18 Mosque St, #01-01, Singapore 059498.

Breakthrough Cafe

It is located at the People Park Centre, opposite the Chinatown Point. It is easily accessible and located as it is facing the side of the Singapore State Court. It opens in the morning for dim sum as breakfast and serves lunches before it closes around 4pm, according to my colleague.

Four of us walked to this restaurant for lunch and we decided to share the dishes together.

We tried the pig trotters, it is not my favourite at all especially the amount of fat on top of the meat. So, I take half of the egg soaked in the vinegar. This sauce is rich in collagen and said to be protein-rich and helps with muscle strengthening and repair. No doubt it is one of the warm to your heart dishes.

My favourite is the sesame oil chicken topped with shredded fried gingers. According to two of my colleagues, they said to make these shredded fried gingers need a lot of effort and time to prepare and cook. The sauce is nice to mix with rice and the amount of meat inside this little claypot is generous enough for us to share.

The sesame oil chicken always sells fast and it would be good if you can be there early for lunch to avoid this dish being sold out.

The less promising dish is the curry fish with assorted vegetables. The sauce is a little diluted. All of us agreed that this curry needs more santan (coconut milk) to make them taste richer and the sauce thicker. They wish to make more pineapples too. However, the portion looks generous and a lot of vegetables.

My colleague recommends us to try the egg tarts as well. It is a Hong Kong style egg tart which sells like a hot cake.

Address: 101A Upper Cross Street, #01-02A-C, People’s Park Centre, 058358 Singapore.

Taste The Joy – January 2020

I want to start writing my food blog differently this year. Besides writing the review for each food, I will try to share some of the delicious food that I eat each month and give a little summary review of each meal. This blog will be short and straightforward. Let me get started.

Lotus Root Soup – Koufu, Tampines

The above picture is the delicious lotus root with pork ribs and peanuts that I bought from the Koufu food court, next to the Tampines Bus Interchange. It is a Cantonese style of soup. It is light, healthy, and nutritious.

According to traditional Chinese medicine beliefs, a healthy body needs a balanced in yin and yang. Lotus root soup helps to improve the ‘yin’ in the body.

According to traditional Chinese medicine beliefs, a healthy body needs a balanced in yin and yang. Lotus root soup helps to improve the ‘yin’ in the body.

Nasi Lemak – Qiji, Tampines Hub

When it comes to Qiji, I guess most of us will think about their signature meals such as nasi lemak. From their menu, you can choose a different set of meals and other side dishes.

The picture above shows one of the set meal that comes with a crispy fried chicken, a fried egg, a piece of otah, anchovies and peanuts. The portion is reasonably good, and the fried chicken is worth for a mention here. The fried egg is not oily. Although the otah looks a bit small in portion, overall, this set meal is still quite filling.


The Nasi Lemak Pizza, a locally inspired, nasi lemak favor pizza. You can try this pizza at DePizza, which situated next to the Singapore River at Raffles Place. The restaurant is on the second floor facing the Singapore River.

The pizza comes with sambal paste as the sauce base of the thin crust pizza. So, it is a little bit spicy for some of the people. It topples with cucumber slices, some chicken meat, slices of an egg, and some anchovies.

According to a food blogger, the homemade sambal sauce was impressive, that is quite okay. The blogger mentions that “the fragrance of the pandan and coconut cream was also strong enough to cut through the denser cheese.” I did not entirely agree with it because I did not get the taste of having some coconut cream together with sambal paste. (Reference:

I am not sure whether the cheese has overtaken the pandan and coconut cream smell. Besides that, the waiter took very long to serve us the Nasi Lemak Pizza. I think they need to improve their services a lot.

We ordered the mushroom-based pizza that is most likely is a vegetarian Additional order is the truffle fries. The texture of the fries is quite hard, maybe it deep-fried too long. It did not taste good, and it was such a waste with truffle on top of the fries. Maybe, if you can find a pizza crust from the supermarket, you can do it yourself at home.

This experience made me recall the days when I was in Tasmania, where I bought the pizza dough and made my pizza. If I can find the thin pizza crust from the supermarket, I am sure I can try to make a pizza with my oven. It is because the ingredients used to make these pizza seem to be simple, just like the mushrooms pizza below. I quite like this pizza as compared to the Nasi Lemak pizza.

Address: 35A Boat Quay, Singapore 049824

Good Food in the Year 2019

As we just wrapped up the Year 2019, let me pick up my favourite top 5 food that I ate last year, and it worth the try. It goes without ordering as below:

Werner Oven, Joo Chiat. (Closed)

It is an authentic German cuisine recommended by an ex-colleague during one of the farewells last year. The location is a little bit harder to reach, but it worth the trip. I liked their pork knuckle and sausages. Basically, it is the meat platter below.

Easy Noodles Bar, Foch Road. (Closed)

Chicken Roulade, minced meat rolled inside a chicken breast, I think. Everything was meaty. It comes in two portions, nicely grilled, still tender, and delicious. Nikujaga is my favorite of all the dishes we ordered. Japanese beef stewed with vegetables, and the stock was sweet and tasty. According to, they use grain-fed Angus beef, which marinated with shoulder, mirin, and sake. The meat was tender and easily melted in my mouth.

Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant, DUO.

Hitsumabushi regular set. Each live unagi is first skewered and grilled over a hot charcoal grill. After being charred for about 15 minutes, the eel is brushed with a secret house-made gravy made from ingredients such as soya sauce and brown sugar. The eel is then flame-broiled to retain its juiciness, while the flavours develop. Each portion features a bed of rice topped with thickly-sliced pieces of Japanese unagi. A small pitcher of dashi broth, a plate of pickles, and a plate of condiments containing strips of seaweed, chopped spring onion, and freshly grated wasabi came with the prized unagi donburi. I get to experience how to grate the Japanese horseradish myself. Too much work on it.

The Coconut Club, Ann Siang Rd.

The basic nasi lemak is superb. It gives half a chicken if you asked for breast meat, and I think it is the same goes to a drumstick. The sides are very generous too. You can compare this nasi lemak with those set A or B. It is 7x more expensive!!! And it is 7x more satisfied.

LeNu Taiwan Beef Noodle Restaurant, Bugis.

I tried it once at the Jurong branch and during that visit, I ordered the garoupa fish with perserved vegetables. I recommended other friends to try it at the Bugis branch and that was my second visit. She took the mala style while I chose pickled vegetable soup base for the noodle. The noodle texture is al-dente, ingredients are generous, hope they can improve the soup base a bit more, that would be great.

For next year, I hope I can explore more good and healthy food and share it with everyone. Happy New Year.