Black Ink

It has been a while since my last food review. I think it needs some balance between food and travel blogs and my learning journey in Python. Of course, I do not want to make my readers feel boring about programming language and miss out the good food in Singapore!

A throwback event back in September 2018 when I received a voucher from the On Coffee Makers which has been promoting coffee culture in Singapore over the weeks through the Facebook Page.

I made a random choice out of the list given and I picked Black Ink because it is at the East side. It is convenient for me to travel nearby than far for a cup of coffee. And, this was a free coffee!

It took me a while to walk from the Bedok MRT station to the cafe. If you know where this cafe is located, then you will not ask why I chose to walk.

It is located at Swan Lake Ave, inside the Opera Estate, 2 bus stops away from Bedok Interchange. I think there is no bus stop inside this area. Most people here are staying in the terrace houses.

I was served by a girl at the counter when I saw her the coupon via my Facebook messenger. She did not aware about the coupon and asked me to wait for her supervisor.

The owner of the cafe came and he could not assist further as the coupon was not yet allowed to be used at his cafe even though, it has stated its start date. He did not hesitate to honor the voucher for me and asked what I would like to have.

The coupon was meant for coffee only and I chose my favourite latte. If you want to change to use soy milk, additional cost is applied. And ya, soy milk is cheaper than milk I thought.

I do not want to look cheapskate so I decided to order the butter croissant from the menu. They adopted the eatsy mobile application to allow customers to order food from their mobile phone and make payment cashlessly and they were having promotion or cash rebate at that time. So, why not!

Here you go, my latte and croissant were served shortly after that. The croissant is normal but crispy, flakes all over the plate, and the latte tastes just right, like any other specialty cafe.

However, the atmosphere there is good, it is quite quiet neighbourhood and the cafe is not crowded even I went there during weekend. It is a good place for study and small gathering. I think quite a number of neighbours visiting this cafe during the weekend as the friendly owner talks with them, just like they are often meeting up there.

I did not try other food from this cafe and reviews from the Internet looks good. Probably, I will consider to try here again next time when I want to organize a little study group.

Address: 29 Swan Lake Ave, Singapore 455718.

Thai Boat Noodle

Thai Boat Noodle (TBN), Bedok Point, Singapore.
My friend brought me to try the Thai boat noodle at one of the Thai restaurant in Bedok Point, weeks ago. Since the place is near, so we met up at Bedok at 1.30PM and walked up to the restaurant.

There is no crowd at this restaurant during our visit, and there are plenty of seats for your to choose. We ordered the basic noodles as our first round. It consisted of the original soup and dry type noodle and I added on with a tomyam based soup meanwhile my friend ordered the fried pig skins.

It is my first time to try the Thai boat noodle. I did not even try it in Kuala Lumpur before, even though I thought of trying it in Melaka last time. To be honest, I do not really like the idea of eating the boat noodle. The reason is very simple. I do not feel satisfied with such a little noodle on my bowl and it could be just finished in two or three mouthful.

Between the soup based and dry type, I prefer to eat the dry type as it tastes better. The original soup broth is not good enough but you can try the Tom Yam soup in which I find it is good for my taste bud while the spicy one is a little too spicy for me.

All the ingredients inside the bowl are the same which consists of a small size pork ball, few sliced of pork, some bean sprouts and some noodle.

According to my friend, the Green Tea Milk Tea is nice but I did not try it personally. I ordered the hot Thai Tea.

Address: #02-32/34, 799 New Upper Changi Road, Bedok Point, Singapore.

To-gather Cafe

To-gather Cafe, Bedok, Singapore.
Again, we meet up at another cafe. This round my friend brought me to this cafe which is located at the Bedok neighborhood. He told me it is open by his sister’s friend and the price at this cafe is reasonable.

Come, let’s check out what we have ordered.

I got myself a Baked Japanese Curry Rice which I was told it’s quite nice and I did a research online, it is one of the recommendations. So, is great? Yes, it is delicious. The curry taste and sauce are rich and thick, and with the additional cheese on top of the rice, it is near to its perfection. If you are a small eater, the rice portion is just rice and it is filling at a while.
I ordered Iced Chocolate, not a normal drink that I usually order when I go for cafe. I wanted to have something cold and Iced Latte was not my choice. But it looks great too, the Iced Latte.
To-gather Cafe
To-gether Cafe
My friend ordered the Big Breakfast which comes with an fried egg, sausage, potato wedges, bacon and salad. It looks great too and the portion looks reasonable okay. Both the rice and big breakfast costs less than $10.00

The shop is quite crowded during the lunch time, especially on the Saturday when we visited the cafe. And normally, people make bookings.

Address: 84 Bedok North Street 4, # 01-25 / 27, Singapore 460084
Ambiance: Crowded although it has expended to next door. So, better be earlier if you want to have brunch or lunch.
Rating: 4.5/5. Close to perfect.