The Square

The Square, Furama RiverFront

On my fifth day in Singapore, I went to have buffet dinner with my cousin, Jennifer Lam, an international photography awards winner. It was my first buffet dinner in Singapore. We went to The Square at Furama RiverFront Hotel.

There was a wide range of food selection, from Chinese, Japanese to Western food. The salmon and prawns were fresh and they did offer oysters. You must be quick in action when you see they replenish the oysters at the raw food section. Besides that, there was 2 rows of desserts section. I was too busy eating and eating, I just managed to take some of the pictures of the food.
The Square Furama RiverFront

My buffet dinner completed with a cup of freshly brewed coffee with some desserts and ice-cream in the cone. πŸ™‚ Overall dining experience here is pretty good and worth to give a try whenever they have promotion.

Location:Β Furama Riverfront Singapore, 405 Havelock Road (S)169633, Singapore.