2D1N Soju Bang

2D1N Soju Bang Korean Restaurant, Singapore.
Address: 46 Tanjong Pagar Rd #01-01, Singapore 088467.

When I search for the address of this restaurant to write up the blog, I came to know 2D1N Soju Bang and Ssikekk are under the same owner. I am not sure whether the second floor still have the Ssikekk restaurant which serves buffet style Korean BBQ since I do not explore up to 2nd floor. The 2D1N Soju Bang serves ala-carte Korean BBQ. Both of them are equally nice.

Today, I am here to try the ala-carte menu in which four of us ordered a few things to try along side with their side dishes. We order the fried chicken with spring onions, steamed egg and a pot of the army stew.

They serve us with six side dishes and it is refillable. The army stew has few selections to choose and we go for pork meat. They assist us to cook the army stew and refill the soup once as it is drying while we are eating. The ingredients in the army stew pot are quite generous and we add more kimchi into the soup to bring up the taste.

Personally, I like their soup based from the army stew, add with kimchi is even better and the fried chicken which is still crispy after it has been served a while ago.

During the weekday, they offer set lunch as well. You can drop by to make a simple set meal too.

Drury Lane Cafe

Drury Lane Cafe

It was a quick catch up with my old college-mate who came down to Singapore for a week of training. It has been years since after our graduation. So, it was great to catch up with him. He wanted to go to a small cafe and have a great brunch.

I randomly googled and came to know this cafe, Drury Lane Cafe. It was a bit hard to find as I am not familiar with the place. Eventually, we found it and we ordered our brunch at the counter and moved to upper storey to sit down.

Smoked Salmon Sandwich with Mushroom
While I googled for this cafe, I came to know a lot of people recommended this Smoked Salmon Sandwich and I wanted to give a try and give my review. Indeed, it was great as per described by other bloggers or patrons.

Everything was perfect for me except that the toasted breads were a bit too hard for me. It was nicely done, tasted good and looked pretty healthy. And, do not look down at its portion, as it was very filling after that.
Drury Lane Cafe
Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate may not be my best choice because I usually go for Latte. For a change, I ordered the Hot Chocolate to warm my heart. It was nicely crafted.
Drury Lane Cafe
It was a great day with my friend, we shared a lot of thoughts together. Great place, good food and companion.

Location: 94 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore
Ambiance: Quiet, spacious, nicely decorated.
Rating: 3/5. The food was great, services were good and ambiance was nice for chatting.

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