Rice Paper

Rice Paper
Address: 245 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia.

After walking on my own for quite a while, I texted my cousin asking for guide for food in Melbourne, and she suggested to me to look for the Vietnamese food which is quite famous with its beef noodle. Australian’s beef is great, so does the Vietnamese beef pho.

It is a must to try the beef pho when you are in Melbourne. There are plenty famous Vietnamese restaurants in the city, I went to the Rice Paper which is located at Swanston Street, not too far from where I was at that time. There were quite crowded when I went into the restaurant during the dinner time.

There is no issues ordering the food because the menu is in English and the waiters and waitresses are able to speak English too. Simply put down the order number on the order form and the food is ready within the 15 minutes wait. They provide complimentary hot tea serves in the big thermal flask.

Here is the picture of the beef pho which I was quite surprised by its portion, it is quite a lot for me. For this price, it is very worthy and satisfying. The beef is generous, well done and the noodle is springy. The soup broth is not oily and salty. I added some chili paste into my soup to bring up some spiciness. Their chili paste is good to go with the beef too.


Lang Nuong Vietnam

Lang Nuong Vietnam, Foch Road, Singapore.
Address: 18 Foch Rd, Singapore 209260.

Another try of the Vietnamese food at this authentic Vietnamese restaurant which is located at Foch Road, next to VXX Cooperative cafe and the famous pig organ soup shop.

The setting of the restaurant is authentic with low height’s tables and chairs. They are famous for Vietnamese BBQ. During lunch time visit, there is no people around except my colleagues and myself. I think they are doing night business more than the afternoon session.

The beef pho has the almost equal quality with the beef pho at Mrs. Pho. The soup broth is good but they added some pepper into the soup, it gave extra kick. I am not sure whether it is original.

The noodle and ingredients are generous, the price is same as Mrs. Pho and if want to compare with Mrs. Pho, perhaps, Mrs. Pho will be the better choice for me.

Secret Recipe

Secret Recipe, Jusco Maluri, Kuala Lumpur.

I went back to Kuala Lumpur for Christmas last year and spent a week with loved ones. I feel very happy when I returned home and spent such a long time with them. It is more happier because I did not bother much about my work. It is a real holiday.
Secret Recipe
I went for lunch with my aunt at nearby shopping center. We ordered the set lunch, the Vietnamese beefy noodle and Western chicken chop with mushroom sauce. It comes with a drink of your choice. 

Vietnamese Beef Noodle
Secret Recipe
The beef noodle’s soup is great and aromatic. How to make it? It consists quite a lot of ingredients such as sliced beef, meatballs, some bean sprouts and lots of fried onions. It makes the noodle good.

Chicken Chop with Mushroom Sauce
Secret Recipe
The chicken chop is tender and goes well with the amount of mushroom sauce given. They have black pepper sauce too. The plus side, they give sweet corns. It comes with a small portion of rice, not plain rice.

All set lunch comes with a drink of your choice, and I chose A&W soft drink with cost RM4.00 if you buy separately from the menu.
Secret Recipe

Location: G19, Taman Maluri Shopping Centre, Jalan Jejaka, Taman Maluri, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Ambiance: The restaurant is quiet, not crowded. There is limited number of seats in the branch. The service is fast and the waiters are responsive.
Rating: 3/5. The lunch set is quite nice and worth to give a try. Even if you do not like the set lunch offers, the ala-carte  menu does offer many other dishes. Both of our choices taste good.

Nam Nam Noodle Bar

Nam Nam Noodle Bar

I was brought to try this Vietnamese restaurant by my cousin. It was the first time I stepped into Vietnamese restaurant after the closure of the Vietnamese restaurant in Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur few years back.

I ordered the basic dish to try, Pho with chicken. Wow, the broth was so aromatic, strong with spices and it wasn’t oily. It tasted good but I don’t know how authentic it is. Satisfied for my first time experience. Worthy to give a try.

You can eat with sauces available on the table which I do not know if it is suitable to put into Pho. I tried with its original taste. The Hoisin sauce is the most commonly I saw but have not given a try at all.
This is a set meal which comes with a drink of your choice (either Vietnam Black Coffee, Vietnam Coffee with Condensed Milk or Lotus Tea).

Lotus Tea
The Lotus tea was aromatic and nice to drink when it was hot. I did a quick research on lotus tea and it said that lotus tea can help people to feel calm and de-stress.
Interiors of the restaurant. There are plenty of 2-seated, 4-seated and 6-seated tables. It was pretty crowded during the dinner time, so be earlier to avoid long queue.
Location: #B1-131, Suntec City Mall, 3 Temasek Boulevard, Singapore.
Ambience: Crowded and quite noisy.
Rating: 4/5. Pho is very nice, aromatic and satisfying. The food and drink and services are good and waiters are attentive. Worth to try.

Royale Vietnam

My friend just came back from Vietnam and we went to this Vietnam restaurant which is located at Starhill Shopping Centre at Bukit Bintang. The restaurant is pretty hard to find because the area is dark and quiet. Yes, there is no crowd during our visit.
Royale Vietnam
Royale Vietnam
We were pretty worried about the food quality when we did not see anyone in this restaurant. While we discussed what to eat, there was a family came in and sat next to our table. They seemed to have visited this restaurant before and ordered the food soon after that. So, we did.
Royale Vietnam
Appetizer – Spring Rolls
Royale Vietnam
Royale Vietnam
Mixed well the sauce and then dipped the spring rolls with this sauce. A combination of salad, herbs and shrimps wrapped with rice paper. The spring rolls were normal and nothing to further comment on it. It costs RM14.90

Snow Fungus with Crab Meat Soup
Royale Vietnam
Do not think that we ordered shark fin soup by looking at this picture. This soup is a healthy soup which is very good for lung, stomach and brain. It is a great soup after tired day of work according to the menu. Yes, I needed it! It costs RM16.90

Beef Noodle Soup
Royale Vietnam
Royale Vietnam
This is a must try dish when visiting a Vietnamese restaurant. It is their traditional dish, which served with sliced beef, beef balls and other herbs with flat rice noodle. According to my friend, the one that she ate in Vietnam was using thick round rich noodle (the noodle used for assam laksa). The broth is superb and said it has been boiled for 20 hours. It is not oily and strong with herbs. It costs RM28.90.

Desserts – Eight Treasured Drink
Royale Vietnam
We wrapped our lunch with a dessert, Eight Treasured Drink. It was cooling. It costs RM12.90.
Location: Lot LG7, Feast Floor, Starhill Gallery, No. 181, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.