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Iciban Sushi

Iciban Sushi, AMK Hub, Singapore.

After the 2XU marathon on the Sunday’s morning, I took a short nap in the afternoon after reached home and showered. I was too eager to join my cousin and my aunt for dinner that night, just before I prepared to depart from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur.

My cousin told me they planned to have dinner at the AMK Hub instead of having the home cooked dinner. I left the house about 2 hours earlier after the laundry and reached AMK Hub at 4.30PM. We stopped by at the FairPrice before dinner.

It took us quite long to get a table although we reached earlier because my aunt was sitting on the wheelchair, so sushi bar is not convenient for her. They use the numbered queuing system and it is more systematic. The waiters and waitresses are polite and approachable. They are mainly Filipino.

I was unable to decide whether I want to try their Udon or getting the rice set. After seeing the menu, I decided to try the new set on the menu, Kaisen Chirashi Don. The word “chirashi” means “scattered”, so this is basically a big bowl of rice mixed with salmon, tuna and snowfish with vegetables. The base is quite plain and I added some chili powder onto it.

The ingredients are fresh, generous amount and filling. The taste is quite plain and that brings out the taste of freshness. On top of that, the set comes with a bowl of hot miso soup. We completed our meals with additional maki.

It was a day with full load of carbo after running for half marathon. I am so happy and satisfied. 🙂

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Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert

Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert

I went to this restaurant located at AMK Hub after shopping for my trip. It was a quick dinner for me as it was quite late. It is a dessert house, however, it does offer some Hong Kong style food as well.

Wanton Noodle
One of the good selections in this restaurant. The noodle texture was springy and the wantons were in average sizes. The broth was not very oily but it was a bit tasteless.

I added on with some desserts with looked pretty interesting for me.

Almond with Yam Cake
The almond taste was pretty strong and I think it is pretty hard to find a place selling it. And, it came with the yam cake. The yam cake was soft and went well with fried onions. The taste, of course would not be as good as home made yam cake.

Alternatively, you can choose Black Sesame with Yam Cake. The black sesame was thick and aromatic.

Simple yet satisfying dinner.

Location: AMK Hub, 53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, #B1-51B, Singapore.
Opening Hours: 11.00am to 10.30pm daily.
Ambience: Quiet and spacious. The restaurant is not facing the main crowd, giving it some private space.
Rating: 3/5. Nice food selection available in the menu. Reasonable price and offers.

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FoodFare by FairPrice.

I went to this food court located at Level 3 of AMK Hub, Singapore. You can use your Plus card to get discounts or buy the food at cheaper price. It has plenty of choices to choose from this food court. And so far I tried two stalls.

Minced Meat with Mushroom Mee Poh
It tasted alright with generous ingredients and noodle. I ordered it with slight chilli paste, commonly found in Singapore eatery places. It was different than the normal noodles that we eat in Kuala Lumpur. Normally, we have Mee Poh for Wanton Noodle only. But here, it is very commonly.

Kimchi Soup with Rice
The soup was spicy to my level of acceptance. It gave vegetables, tofu and glass noodles without any meat. It came with a bowl of rice and 2 side dishes, anchovies and kimchi. The kimchi did not taste good. I think we can get something better than this one for the same price.

Location: 53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #03-12, AMK Hub, Singapore.
Operating Hours: 9.00am – 10.00pm

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Fish & Co

I whatapps-ed two of my good “brothers” for a dinner with me on Friday’s night at AMK Hub. They came down to AMK after they finished work and we decided to try Fish & Co since most of the restaurants were full house. So, it would be better that we just queued rather than kept surveying.

After waited for quite long, probably 20-30 minutes, we were greeted and seated at a table next to the glass window oversaw the main road. Since we are not heavy eaters, we decided to order the Seafood Platter for 2 persons and shared among three of us.
Fish & Co

Seafood Platter
It comes with grilled prawns, white fish, grilled calamari and blue mussels in lemon garlic butter sauce served with paella rice and chips. As the pictures showed 10 prawns on the platter, so I did a count on my platter too and yes, it has 10 prawns, haha 🙂
Fish & Co
The portion of 2 persons are definitely good enough to share by three person because with rice and chips, they can make you feel very full. Besides that, they gave two big pieces of white fish and it would be great if you dip it into the tartar sauce. I also quite liked the grilled calamari too. Overall, this platter tasted pretty okay, neither overly cooked nor too oily or salty.

We ordered a drink which I have forgotten its name. It was a mixed with coke and it was really nice to drink but I could not take more than two glasses. I was too full. We continued to chat until it was about 10PM before we made our way back home.
Fish & Co
It was a really great catch up with both of them. Sometimes, there are things that I thought I have been too sensitive on it or over-thought on the matters. They assured me that it was normal and it was what they have experienced too.

Maybe, it is part of life.

Location: #02-03, AMK Hub, 53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, Singapore.
Ambience: Moderate. Nice view if you get to sit next to the glass window. It is a good place to have great lunch / dinner with a group of people.
Rating: 4/5. It is given to the good services experience (except long queue), nice environment, sumptuous platter.

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Ajisen Ramen

Ajisen Ramen at AMK Hub

Another Japanese food discovery at AMK Hub on my second trip down to Singapore office in June 2013. It was really wonderful to have dinner with my cousin, Jen Lam. She chose the Seafood Ramen with Fried Sotong. It was a dinner set meal that came with a drink too. Here, they do not have free flow tea as what we can enjoy in Japan 🙂
Ajisen Ramen
Sorry for the bad picture. It did not show much ingredients inside the ramen besides the boiled egg and bean sprouts. However, their soup base tasted good.
Ajisen Ramen
This Fried Sotong is another good choice. The fried squids were crispy and well tasted.

Then, my dinner was Scallops Ramen with octopus. It gave pretty generous amount of medium sized scallops with half of the boiled egg and bean sprouts. The octopus is the normal type of octopus that we can find in most sushi restaurant.
Ajisen Ramen
Ajisen Ramen

My cousin told me to try to put some chilli’s flakes into the soup to make it even nicer and I did. It did bring out a stronger taste.

Besides our main dinner sets, we ordered an additional side dish which was the Gyoza. It is a normal type of Gyoza. It was a very filling and great dinner on that night.
Ajisen Ramen

Location: AMK Hub, 53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 #02-19/21, Ang Mo Kio, Singapore.

Dinner & Supper, Japanese Food, Singapore - Ang Mo Kio, Singaporean Food

Ichiban Sushi

Ichiban Sushi

My cousin, Jennifer Lam, an international photography awards winner has invited me to try this Japanese restaurant which is located at AMK Hub for dinner. She told me this Ichiban Sushi’s food is nice to eat and worth to try. Since we returned from Japan, we quite missed Japanese food, so this was a good decision to go there for dinner.

As she was the first one to reach the restaurant, she started to queue there around 7.30PM while I rushed back to AMK from work. When I reached at the restaurant located at Level 2, the queue was pretty long already.
Ichiban SushiAfter some 20 minutes of waiting, we were served and seated near the window’s area. It was pretty hard to decide what to eat, so we just ordered hot green tea first.

Finally, I simply picked 2 plates of sushi from the menu to try out.
Ichiban Sushi

Chasoba and Katsu Don Wazen

I ordered Chasoba and Katsu Don Wazen as my main course. I think I have not gotten over with the cold soba yet. I wanted to reminisce the Japan cold soba that I tried. This set came with chicken katsu don. It is a combination of rice and noodle and you see how big the portion is. Guess, I was too greedy back then because the set also included a bowl of soup and fruits.

Following the actual cold soba eating, I added some wasabi into the soy sauce before I dipped the green soba into the sauce. It would be very yummy if the soba was colder. Then, the chicken katsu don were yummy too but it was a little dry for me. The rice and chicken portion was generous enough. It was just like 1.5 of its size. I think I was really greedy back then!
Ichiban Sushi
I was trying hard to finish both of it but I failed to finish the soba as I did not want to waste the rice so much.

My cousin ordered the salmon set which consisted of raw salmon and grilled salmon. Her portion was good enough and it was not heavy as mine. Her set came with a bowl of chawanmushi and fruits.
Ichiban Sushi

It was really satisfying dinner but sadly, I could not finish my soba and rice. I will not order so much next time. By the time we finished our food it was around 9PM and we took a walk around the mall before going back home.

Location :  AMK Hub #02-01 53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, Singapore 569933.

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New York New York

Let’s go New York!!!

Yea, this month, we will go further, out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I will write about food in New York. Oh wait, when did I go to New York? Hahaha… No, it is New York New York at AMK HUB, Singapore. It is my first Singapore food hunt destination with my cousin, Jennifer Lam, who is an international photography awards winner.

It was pretty crowded with people during the dinner time at 7.30PM. My cousin reached the restaurant and queued for seat before my arrival. She went through the menu and pre-decided few food to eat and we placed our order before we were seated.

The starters we chose to have Seafood Chowder Soup and Calamari Rings. I think we are too greedy to have both of them as starters. The soup was delicious and up to the quality. Sadly, I was too full to finish up half of the bread.

Calamari Rings are crispy. It went perfectly with or without the sauce. Ya, it was a little bit oily.

I was too busy taking pictures of the food and my main dish, Spaghetti Aglio Olio With Bacons was served shortly after the starters. The bacons were crispy too and it did taste like roasted pork when I ate it. The spaghetti cooked al-dente with cubed button mushrooms.

While my cousin chose to have Fish and Chips.

Wow, it was a huge piece of fish. I am not sure what kind of fish but it was very fresh, similar to the ones from Cicerellos in Frementle, Perth, Australia. The fish was popping hot when it was served.

We completed the night with a glass of root beer with float. Ahh… It was a really wonderful dinner for both of us.

Location : Ang Mo Kio Hub 53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 #B1-25/26 Singapore 569933.