Ikea Restaurant & Cafe

Beef Meatball (15 pcs)
This is one of the must try food in this restaurant. It serves with cream sauce, fries and Ligonberry jam. It sounds weird for me to dip the meatball with jam but actually it blends well with the sauce. It costs RM15.00 for 15 pieces.

Chicken Breast with Pasta
Simple creamy penne pasta with marinated chicken breast. It costs RM12.90.

Baked Salmon with potatoes & vegetables
I think this salmon is also another must try food in this restaurant because when I searched online, a lot of bloggers mentioned it. It costs RM14.90.

Chicken Wings
Well marinated chicken wings. After finished one, still feel like having the second one 🙂 It costs RM3.90 for two pieces.

Swedish Daim Cake
This is one of the must try food in this restaurant. Can see a lot of people picking up this cake. So, I think I do not need to explain much. 🙂 It costs RM5.20 per piece.

No.2 Jalan PJU 7/2, Mutiara Damansara, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.


Kim Gary

I think it is about two years I did not eat Kim Gary. My last experience with Kim Gary was unpleasant and that was why I stopped eating at Kim Gary for so long. Until today, Kim Gary is still having long queue outside their outlets. I really have no idea why and want to know why? It is because it is non-Halal?

Superbowl Rice
This superbowl rice maybe a favourite among guys because it has quite a lot of ingredients inside this bowl of rice. As you can see here, a chicken wing on the left, a half piece of a small sliced chinese ham (ng chan yuk) on the right, a half sausage, an egg on top of the rice with some sweetcorns.

It definitely looks yummy and filling, right? I guess so… 🙂

The same Superbowl Rice – this is the curry fish fillet with scramble eggs. The curry does smell very nice even I didn’t eat it. I’m not sure if this curry is spicy or not.

Yishun Noodle with minced meat and vegetable wanton. This wanton has more vegetable (kau choi) than meat. As for the favour of the noodle, you can choose what favour you prefer from the menu. This is the roasted chicken favour.

This is another Yishun Noodle with pork chop and egg. I quite like this combination because of the pork chop is quite big piece and it is quite nice to eat too! The noodle’s favour is still the same favour, roasted chicken.

Notice that they also give some ABC for this noodle.

Black Pepper Pork Chop with Spaghetti
It comes with a cup of soup of your choice, either the cream soup or borsh soup. I know I should say, it comes with a bowl of soup 🙂

Baked Rice

Vegetable Wanton Noodle

Drinks – Honey Lemon. One of my favorite drink.

Yin Yong (Coffee and Tea) in HK Style. You can go for either hot or cold. One of the most common drink I guess.

If you are at Mid Valley, this restaurant is quite easy to locate. It is located next to the CIMB Bank.

Lot G(E)005, Ground Floor, Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng

Forgot when was the first time I visited this restaurant. I have tried few food and drinks during my visits. Some of them are quite nice to eat and unique for me and some others are just normal.

This drink is quite nice. It is  sour taste and nice blend. Pretty like the presentation which is in a mug.

The “lai cha”.

Sizzling pork chop with dessert and cream soup.
The desserts
The cream soup
The sizzling pork chop with fries and vegetables.

Chicken wing with cheese.

The Yin Yong (coffee mixed with tea) cold.

The Yin Yong hot.

Thedumpling noodle. Plain but the dumplings are big and filling too.

Ice Lemon Tea

Bread sticks with its sauce which tastes nice when you dip the stick into the sauce before eating it.

Baked cheese rice with cream soup.
Baked cheese rice. I have forgotten what ingedients and sauce inside this baked cheese rice.

Fried XO Cheung Fun. The portion is quite little as compared to the above one.

Honey Pork Noodle. The pork is nicely marinated with honey so it tastes good. It has a lot of sauce mixed with honey making the noodle tastes good too. The only drawback is the portion is quite little.

Mashed potato is not as good as the KFC mashed potato. I can taste it puts a lot of pepper into the sauce.

Soyabean noodle with minced pork. It is a dried noodle with black sauce. When you eat just mix the minced pork with the noodle.

Chicken burger. As I see the design is quite nice. Nothing much to say.

Lot 6.01.E(1), Level 6, Pavilion Mall, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia