2am Dessertbar

On the week before the Christmas Day, I got my friend a Christmas gift and I sent a Whatsapp message to my friend asking if we could meet up before the Christmas. Since the only available time to meet up was on the same day and I had a dinner with another friend, I asked if we could meet up for yam cha later at 10PM. Yes, my friend said okay.

I rushed home at 9.30PM after finished the dinner with my friend at Tampines One and sent my friend off to the MRT station. I needed to prepare the Christmas to bring along to meet my friend.

I was brought to Holland Village and I guessed it was my first time be there as I could not recognise the shops around there. I remembered I was there for a Mexican food too but I could not remember which road.

We ended at this open-till-late-night desserts bar which is located at the 2nd floor of the 2 storey shoplot. It is an atas desserts bar and they have some desserts which are delicious according to other food bloggers. It is a fine dessert dining.

It took us quite sometimes to decide what to order for desserts. The menu listed what desserts and pair with which wines. Yes, they do serve wine here. Finally I suggested to try the waffle together.

The signature, 2am: fonffle, a 64% chocolate fondant waffle, blood orange sorbet. It is a pretty unique waffle that I ever tried. The strong chocolate mixes with the sorbet bring the sweetness to the next level and pair it with hot coffee Latte would be a good combination to neutralise it.

I have no idea why, however, the waitress informed us that the minimum spending at this desserts bar is $14.00 onward when we asked for table for 2 person. Perhaps, next time we do not wear sandals out for desserts.

Address: 21A Lorong Liput, Holland Village, Singapore.
Opening hours: 2pm – 2am.


라떼야 (삼청점) Latteya, Seoul
By searching through my receipt I get to find the name of the little quiet cafe that I visited. The coffee isn’t fantastically nice but the surrounding environment is super relaxing and quiet while looking at the autumn foliage. No regret for paying ₩4500 for a cuppa of 커페라떼 (coffee latte).

See below for all the pictures that I took at this cafe.

Charlie Brown Cafe

Charlie Brown Cafe, Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, Singapore.
I came across this cafe from Facebook and one of my friend liked their Facebook’s page. I did the same and was rewarded with a $10.00 voucher. I did chat with the “owner” of the cafe via Whatsapp and I decided to head to the city and try this cafe.
Charlie Brown Cafe
After looking through the menu, I ordered the Coffee Latte and Cheesy Fries. The Latte and fries are just normal food and drink that we can get in any cafe. The unique of this cafe is you get a snoopy crafted on your drink instead of the usual ‘Love’ sign.
Charlie Brown Cafe
Address: 8 Grange Road,#04-01 Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, Singapore 239695.
Ambiance: Space and quiet at the corner of the shopping centre.
Rating: 2.5/5. It is based on my order on my first visit.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/charliebrowncafe

Caffe Pascucci

Caffe Pascucci (카페 파스쿠찌)

On my second day in Seoul, we met up at the lobby and headed down the road for breakfast. We stopped by few cafes before we ended up at this cafe. It was pretty crowded at 8.30AM. And, we sat at one of the corner before we placed our orders. It was my big breakfast, where I chose the Panini Toast Set with coffee. By default, they gave Americano, however, I ordered Coffee Latte with addition 500 won charges.

The Panini was super cheesy as you can see the cheese was melting onto the plate. It gave a lot of ham as well with egg. It was a very filling breakfast which I think it can be shared with two persons. It tasted good with the half toasted bread.
Caffe Pascucci
As for the Latte, it was great. I guess, it is best for me to drink Latte in the morning, when it brings up the best taste.
Caffe Pascucci

Since, we were about time to leave at 9.15AM to wait at the nearest train station, I quickly finished my breakfast and left the cafe with my coffee. We did not have much time to spare at the cafe. Walking toward the station with a cuppa of hot coffee during that time was pretty warm. It was an interesting experience as I have never tried to walk in the street with a cup of coffee. Haha.

Ambiance: Great place to be, even at the time we visited the cafe was crowded but, it was not too noisy.
Rating: 3/5. Superb breakfast, the services were still okay even though the cashier was not really able to converse in English. The waiting time for the food and drink at that hour was a little long due to the crowd, so if you are take-away, it might save your time.

New York Bakery

New York Bakery, Sovereign Hill
Melbourne, Australia.

We were at Sovereign Hill for a day tour. After went through the gold digging session and trying my luck to get some gold pieces from the stream of water nearby the entrance, we decided to stop by to relieve ourselves at the nearest washroom. And, my cousin told me that there was a restaurant next to the washroom.

Since, we tried but failed to search for the little shop that sells pies, we just settled down at this restaurant. All the setting of the restaurant were based on the olden days design except we were using modern apparatus for dining.
New York Bakery

There was nothing cheap to get from the menu, so we just went according to our desires. And, I chose to have Coffee Latte, not hoping that it could keep me awake for the rest of the day, however, other drinks were almost the same price.
New York Bakery
Fish and Chips
New York Bakery
We both chose to have the fish and chips, which was the most expensive fish and chip we ever had here. It came with lots of fries and a bowl of salads, so that could be the reason why it was expensive.

Of course, if we could have more tartar sauce it would be great, as salt and pepper still did its tricks. The fish was fresh and popping hot when it was served. Same for the fries. I quite liked the dressing for the salad but I could not tell what dressing it was using.

Location: Sovereign Hills, Bradshaw StBallarat, Victoria 3350Australia.
Ambience: Olden day style or setting but did not look elegant or antique. Maybe, some renovation is needed to bring back its glory.
Rating: 2/5. It is still expensive for a budget traveller like me to have this fish and chip. Though its portion is big for fries and came with salad, somehow, I expected it to give more fish.

Tuck Shop

I was visiting Perth in October 2013 with a group of my primary school friends. It was a great time spent together as we did not have to keep rushing for the trains and buses because we travelled by rented car.

Our first stop upon reaching the city was The Tuck Shop. It was recommended by my friend’s cousin to have a breakfast. The restaurant is located at North Bridge.
Tuck Shop

We were well greeted by the waitress once entered the restaurant and we sat at one of the tables nearby their kitchen counter. The waitress got our drink orders first as we were not able to decide what to eat for our first breakfast in Perth.

Tuck Shop

After a while going through the menu ups and downs many times, I still unable to decide what to eat. While one of my friend has decided what he wanted and the rest wanted to share with their partners, I thought it would be better to get the waitress to recommend for me because the portion looks big for me.
Tuck Shop

Egg Scrambled with Organic Sourdough Toast
The waitress said the portion good enough for me. Two pieces of toast with generous amount of scrambled egg, put a little bit of pepper on top of the egg and it went well with the toast. I liked the scrambled egg a lot.
Tuck Shop

While my friends ordered, Chorizo with paprika potatoes, peppers, spinach onion and crispy pork belly with fried egg. 
Tuck Shop

They said, it was very nice but I did not taste it. Same goes to Bruschetta with grilled bacon, goats curb, tomato, avocado and basil salad. I think it was great too! They talked about Australians like to have the poached eggs for breakfast and I saw in few breakfast selections, we could choose our favourite type of egg.
Tuck Shop
Another breakfast which has poached egg was Smoked cod, potato and leek baked with poached egg with cheddar toastie. I tried a little on this one and it gave me a very rich cheese taste. Everything comes with great portion and generous ingredients. It is very worthy to give a try here.
Tuck Shop
Toast with marmalade,
Tuck Shop

Besides that, they do offer pies and muffins.
Tuck Shop
As for the ambience of the restaurant was great. It is good for a small group of people going there for breakfast together. The interior decoration of the shop is creative.

Location: Unit 1 / 178 Newcastle Street, Perth, WA, Australia 6000.