Fish & Co

Fish & Co, the seafood restaurant that serves mostly all the seafood cooks in Mediterranean style, according to their website. Besides seafood, their menu includes chicken too.

Some introduction copied from the hungrygowhere’s description,
…the simple practices of South African fisherman; who caught seafood fresh from the seas and cooked them immediately in the pan.

It was a busy and tiring day on the 18th September. There has been a lot of things happened on the same day and I called for dinner with 2 other colleagues as it was dinner time when I wanted to leave the office.

We took quite sometimes before we placed our orders. We ordered the whole restaurant! We ate like a king and queen.

I ordered the Grilled Salmon came with 2 side dishes of my choices, the rice and coleslaw. I did not like the rice, it is not my liking but I would not waste food, still finish the rice. The coleslaw is same as any other coleslaw. Maybe next time can try mashed potato. The grilled salmon tops with customised lemon sauce. It is best to eat the salmon fast as the pan gets cold quite fast, then salmon will not taste good. The soup of the day is seafood/fish chowder. Nice try as I top up with purchase of a mocktail, Lychee Mojito. Oh, not to forget the fried calamari. Perfect dinner!

Address:  Tampines 1 #04-11, 10 Tampines Central 1, Singapore.

Domino Pizza

Domino Pizza maybe a second choice to many people when you want to eat pizza. During my recent visit to this Domino Pizza shop, I have found my new taste and I think it is still worth to pay a visit again. The set for 4 persons which consists of a bowl of salad, two regular pizzas of your choices, a plate of  spicy tom yam chicken and a plate of garlic twisted breads. This set allows you to buy add-on food or drinks at cheaper price. You may add-on a carbonated drink or a bowl of soup. We all chose the mushroom soup and it is refillable. Haha, I have not seen any pizza shop offering this refillable mushroom soup. And this mushroom soup is thick, I like it!

Next, the salad bowl. It is a common coleslaw that you can find it anywhere.

The Crunchy and Crispy  Chicken in Tom Yam favour. The chicken meat is soft inside but crunchy outside. It is also well marinated with the tom yam paste. Thumb up!
Thumbs up

The BBQ Chicken Pizza. I quite like this pizza because of its bbq sauce on top of it.

The Seafood Pizza just tasted normal for me 🙂

The twisted garlic bread. Yummy 🙂 I like its texture very much and it is just nice to eat without or with the mushroom soup. It is totally different than the normal bread sticks or garlic breads.
Thumbs up

LG-012, Lower Ground, Mid Valley.

Rendezvous Steak Golden Restaurant

It is located at Jalan Kampung Pandan, Taman Maluri, nearby my house. It is next to the Chinese restaurant, Golden Dragonboat. Last time, I heard my cousin said it’s very cheap to eat there and it has a quite nice ambiance.

It was my first visit since it opened for many years. The environment at night was just nice as it was just after the heavy rain. I saw it has a little fountain at the middle of the restaurant. Besides that, I also saw it have some singing equipments at one side of the restaurant. I think they have live band once a while.

We ordered coleslaw and salad as starters. The coleslaw served in the glass, it’s uniquely presented and I quite like it.

The salad is quite normal with thousand island sauce and we tasted some chili taste mixed in the sauce.

It followed by our main dishes. The pizza, I don’t know what pizza it is, the size is small. It looks smaller than the pizza from Pizza Hut. However, the taste is quite nice because it has a lot of cheese.

And, I tried this Grilled Fish with Lemon sauce. The dory fish is fresh and quite big piece with some chips and vegetable. It is better to go for grilled fish as it’s less oily.


Another type of chicken fast food restaurant similarly to the KFC Fast Food restaurant. It has few different sets to be chosen from the menu. At my first visit at the Mid Valley’s branch, I did not know much about its menu so I followed my colleague to order the RM9.90 set.

It has 2 pieces of chicken (of course I will request for a breast meat, easy to eat without bones), a coleslaw, a mashed potato with shredded chicken with sauce, a bun and a soft drink of your choice. This is how the whole set looks like.

Something differently from the KFC is the mashed potatoes and the bun. The mashed potatoes is mixed with creamy sauce and minced meat. The bun is not a bun, it tastes more like a muffin than a bun.

This fast food restaurant can be found at Mid Valley lower ground. It is just next to the Domino Pizza. I am not sure if it is also available at other places.

Lot LG-012A, Lower Ground Floor, Mid Valley Megamall, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.