Cucina Italian

First time to explore this new shopping centre called, Aperia Mall which also has office tower that houses some big companies such as Intel, McDonald’s (according to a website’s information, This shopping centre is not crowded with people at the moment and there are plenty restaurants around.

The first restaurant I tried is called Cucina, an Italian restaurant which is located at the 2nd floor of the shopping centre. During our visit, they were doing the 1-for-1 promotion and five of us tried their promotion offers and ordered other side dishes too.

Their dishes do not come with drinks and we have to order our own drinks, and even if you choose to have plain water, they do charge for plain water.

Duck Confit – gently sumptuous duck leg with berries sauce infused. Among all the dishes that we ordered, this is the nicest. The duck meat and the sauce go well together with the rest of the side vegetables.

Grilled Salmon fillet with special cocktail sauce. It is another nice main dish which we ordered, however, the fillet is quite small. It would be better if they gave us a bigger piece, judging by the price they charged us.

Grilled Ribeye with red wine sauce, tastes normal when I compared it with the above two other dishes.

Pizza al fruitti di mare – mussels, prawns, squids and tomatoes. The pizza is very cheesy and the ingredients are not many. I am not sure if my portion of pizza do not have all the ingredients on top of it.

Parma ham rolled is the starter which we ordered. I was told that it is a must to try when visiting an Italian restaurant.

Overall, the food here is still okay and acceptable for a try.

Address: Cucina Italian, #02-10, Aperia,12 Kallang Ave, Singapore.