The Old Malaya Cafe

The Old Malaya Cafe sells mostly Singaporeans and Malaysians local food. You can find the basic curry noodle, clear soup noodle, wanton noodle and rice here. I was here for lunch with a colleague. It was only two of us.

The restaurant space is very limited and it is crowded during the lunch time too. We are lucky enough to find a small table for 2 of us. Then, we started queueing to order our food. Seeing some people ate the curry noodle, I decided to try the same. I ordered the Curry Meehoon and my colleague ordered her Wanton Noodle. The curry noodle consists of few sliced fish cake, some long beans, one chicken wing and some potatoes and beancurb puffs. The curry taste is pretty fragrant and it goes well with my meehoon.

We ordered the popiah and shared it together. It has been quite long I did not eat popiah, kind of missing the days when my home prepared and made it for dinner. The taste is okay, and of course the ingredients are just normal ones. You can order either with or without spicy. We chose without spicy.

Madras Lane Stall

Madras Lane Stall

After the 10.6KM Standard Chartered Marathon on the beautiful Sunday, I decided to have an early lunch with my friend before she headed home. She has no place to go before her parents and family finished their Sunday church services.

It has been quite long since my last visit. I hardly visit this place due to the lack of tables. We cannot simply sit at any empty tables, so if you want to eat the food from a stall, you have to sit right in front or around the territory of stall.
Madras Lane
It is not you who decide what to eat, the empty seat does. So, we settled down at this pork noodle stall which sells not only pork noodle but they also curry noodle. There were a lot of people at that point of time and this uncle (far behind the picture) came and took our order. We left not many choices and we chose to have dry pork noodle.

Another good try would be the yong tau foo, however, there is always a long queue. So, be prepared to queue and wait if you are there during lunch time.
Madras Lane

We waited quite some time and our food was not ready yet. So, I ordered the Chee Cheung Fun to stop my hunger. I ordered a mixed sauce, chilli sauce with sweet sauce and shared with my friend.
Madras Lane

Almost finished the Chee Cheung Fun and the Pork Noodle was served. I ordered the keow teow dry type. It looked great with three big pieces of pork ball and generous amount of minced meat and noodle. The overall taste was average, so nothing special to shout of.
Madras Lane

Unfortunately for my friend, her noodle turned out to be Curry Noodle. She did not want to request for a change as she was hungry and did not want to wait any longer. The curry soup was normal and it gave generous amount of ingredients as well.
Madras Lane
Madras Lane
To me, this place is just another food stalls around Petaling Street. It is not something very special that everyone who visits this area must come here to eat local food. Plus, the way the food operators operate the area where sharing is not caring. “You must order my food stall’s food if you sit here” really makes no good to a business and the point of view of patrons. Of course, there are plenty of people who do not mind.

For your information, there are plenty famous food stalls around Petaling Street, you just have to explore and share with us!

Location : Jalan Tun HS Lee (Petaling Street), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Located behind some 2 storey shoplots, near the open air parking area.

Little Penang

I have been visited to both of the Little Penang restaurant at Mid Valley and KLCC branches few times. I have tried few of the different food, especially their noodles.

One of it is the Penang Mee Jawa. As you can see from the picture below, it consists of the sambal cuttle fish, some potatoes, beancurb and beansprouts. The sauce is not spicy and it tastes just nice with everything inside.

On another visit, I tried the Curry Noodle. Nothing much to shout about its curry noodle. It looks quite plain with few beancurb (tau fu bok), fishballs and some chicken meat.

My colleague liked this Kari Hantu Set which consists of curry beef, lobak and ju hu char (a typical Penang appetizer, and a staple of any Nyonya spread: a mix of stir-fried vegetables).

Another try is the Prawn Mee. I started to notice that they did not give shredded chicken meat and kangkung anymore. Maybe, there is a changed of description of ingredients inside Prawn Mee that I did not notice at all.

The portion is getting lesser than the previous one that I tried eight months before.

Their lobak is quite nice to eat. You can try to order this lobak as side dishes.

Pie Tee
Another side dish that I tried before. It is quite nice taste.

Penang Cendol
A typical Penang desserts that you can try.

Three Layer Tea
A unique combination of brown sugar (some use gula melaka), evaporated milk and red tea.

4th Floor, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Lot G-022 & 023, Ground Floor, Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.