A fried chicken fast food chain by Aston. It offers some tender fried chickens, burgers, sides and set meals. In the set meal menu, it offers a combination of fried chicken and fish. Although, it may look odd walking into a fried chicken fast food chain and order the fried fish, the combo gives customers an option of instead just having fried chicken only, customers can choose to have 1 piece of fried fish.

I did not order this combo set, I ordered the 2-pieces fried chicken. On the menu, it is stated that we cannot choose which part of the chicken we preferred. It is all by your luck, maybe or what the kitchen can do is preparing the fried chickens with randomly picking up them from the tray or they can also go by its fried chickens’ weight? Hey, who is so free to weight them.

The set meal comes with a bottle of your preferred soft drink or mineral water, then 2-pieces of fried chicken which cannot choose the preferred parts and 2 preferred side dishes. I chose the potato wedges and I found that Aston’s potato wedges are nice than Chic-a-boo’s ones. But, I thought they should have used the same type of potato wedges or same suppliers. The coleslaw is just nice, not a really great one too. I was too full to finish up the coleslaw, anyway.

In my next visit in the future, I would love to try the chicken burgers which come with 2 favours to choose from, the black pepper or the chicken mayo. From the picture I took from my colleague who ordered the burger, it looked so promising with the thick fried chicken meat. At least, I get to eat all the meat without having to think about which part of the chicken I am eating.

Let us look at the size of the bun and the size of the fried chicken meat. It is a huge comparison, is it? I can try this burger anytime as Chic-a-boo has several outlets in Singapore.

Burger King

Unbelievable I wrote one entry only for Burger King when I am a patron to this restaurant located in Mid Valley Megamall and Petronas at Dataran Prima. Burger King is famous for its whopper, and I did try their Jr. Whopper some time ago in Mid Valley’s branch.
burger king
When I said some time ago, it means I cannot recall how does the whopper taste. It was few years back, and I think it is good, else it would not become famous for nothing, right?
As usual it comes in a set with a drink and fries.
burger king
This is how it looks like when I unwrapped it.

If given a chance to visit Burger King during my lunch time, I would love to try again the chicken mushroom burger which I wrote an entry about it,

Address: Lot LG-059, Lower Ground Floor, Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

1901 HotDog

I wanted to look for some simple food for lunch and coincidently it was 19th of the month, where the 1901 Hot Dog was having promotion for their hot dog selections. At RM 2.90, I can get the one-foot-long hot dog sandwich as below.

The hot dog is nicely wrapped in between the long bread with mayonnaise and tomato sauces on top of the long sausage.

At the sides, they put some sliced kiwi (is it kiwi?). I felt satisfied after eating it. Good try!

Concourse Level, C01B, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Once a while the KFC will launch something special or limited edition sets which only sell for a certain period of time. Back in year 2008, they introduced the Chicken Chop. I went to try it and took a picture of it.

I did not remember the taste of this chicken chop already.

Another limited edition set was the Chicken Rice.

Burger King

I could not recall when was the last time I had my Burger King. I went to this Burger King at Mid Valley with my colleagues. With only RM10.00 in my pocket (I didn’t not expect to go to Burger King for lunch at first), I searched for a meal that costs me less than RM10.00. Then, I found this Spicy Chick ‘N Crispy set which consists of a chicken burger, french fries and a carbonated drink. Simple set that can fill up my lunch 🙂
burger king
burger king

Grilled Mushroom Chicken
burger king
Another good try is this grilled chicken with mushroom burger. Although, it is a little saucy because of the mushrooms, it brings up a strong mushrooms’ taste. It comes with a set of french fries and carbonated drink.
burger king

On another visit with my colleagues, we bought the Chicken Fiesta Meal and shared among 3 of us. This set meal consists of a bottle of 1.5L F & N Strawberry drink, 3 Chicken Royale burgers, 3 boxes of French Fries and 6 Chicken Tenders. Obviously, 3 of us cannot finish it 😛
burger king
Address: Lot LG-059, Lower Ground Floor, Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


The nearest A & W in my area was located at the KLCC but now it has moved to Bukit Bintang. Everytime I get the A & W food vouchers, I will go to KLCC to get my meal. It has another branch at PJ near the Taman Jaya Putra Station. It is kind of far for me to go to PJ.

The Famous Root Bear
It is nice to drink it when it is cold. Yummy…


The waffle with butter and syrup

The Curly Fries
Personally, I prefer its curly fries over the normal fries because it tastes better than the fries, maybe it has added something into the onion rings’ flour and it is not too hard to eat.

Chicken Burger
The taste of this chicken burger is quite ok. Can give a try again next time when I visit the restaurant again.

The new location at Bukit Bintang, No 118 Ground Floor, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is located next to the McDonald. You will not miss it for sure!

KFC Breakfast

I have tried some of their breakfast sets offer before this. Their sets come with a main dish and a drink. I wondered how come their breakfast sets’ response is not good compared to the McDonald. I ordered a set of nasi lemak with orange juice and a porridge with tea.

Nasi Lemak Set

The taste of the nasi lemak is similar to the normal nasi lemak which we can get it from the Malay stalls by the road side. The sambal is not spicy and the portion is quite normal that we can get in the stall. It gives an half of the boiled egg, few slices of cucumber and generous portion of anchovies but it does not have peanuts.

Porridge set
The porridge’s ingredients are a little bit lesser than the McDonald’s porridge and my opinion is it is not as good taste as the McDonald. Maybe it is because they did not add the sesame oil in the porridge which I think it would make the porridge tastes better. It looks pretty plain for me.

Here is the improved version of the porridge. The additional thing that it has in this version is anchovies. But still does not have sesame oil. With additional anchovies, it does make the porridge slightly better than the original version.

However, went I revisited KFC for breakfast set recently at the Maluri’s branch, their porridge version has changed and saddest part was the workers put so much water into the porridge, making it became Teow Chow porridge with chicken and sesame oil.

To compare with what they advertised:-

Next try is the twister. It is quite nice to eat with the sauce inside the roll.

Closer view of the twister,

AM Riser
I bought the colonel burger set at RM3.90 for their special breakfast promotion.


Cheesy Bun
It comes out with a new breakfast meal called the Cheessy Bun. Just put a piece of cheese on top of the bun only. As for me, it has nothing great and I feel the mayonnaise and egg combination is not good enough.

Orange Juice