Ho Kee Pau

A Chinese traditional dim sum house in Singapore which is located at Lorong 27, Geylang, Singapore, opens from morning and late night. It is conveniently located nearby Aljunied MRT and easily accessible by public transportation.

Simple setting and spacious, I went there for dinner recently with three others on one of the weekdays. It was not crowded and we ordered a lot of different types of dim sum, both steamed and fried types. Our table was full of little plates of dim sum.

Seriously, I have no ideas if this is good idea for having a full table of food for dinner. No warnings were given I think about the number of food we ordered and how big the portion would be.

We used to eat at Swee Choon at Jalan Besar and we thought size and quantity of dim sum were similar. It proved us wrong. Let us see the big bowl of porridge, it is century egg porridge with additional of a normal chicken egg. Too many eggs right! It is quite delicious and I loved the texture of the porridge, it is Cantonese style. What do I mean? Well, if you ever tried a silky smooth porridge before, you will know the fineness and smoothness of the porridge is different than the Teow Chew style.

Next, I pretty liked the fried beancurd skin with prawn, it is crispy and yet it is not too oily. The size is just nice as compared to the fried beancurd skin with dumpling. You can see the difference of these two fried food on my picture on the bottom right. The darker colour fried items are the fried beancurd skin with dumpling. I believed the ingredients are the same with the normal sui kow’s skin dumpling.

Sometimes, we like to eat cheap and big in size dim sum to make our money worth. However, it does not mean we enjoy the food at all. I would prefer dim sum comes in a regular or small size because every single bite of it is meat and more meat. It is not recommended to eat so much at one time and unable to enjoy the rest of the food.

Overall, the dim sum here is cheap, big in portion, worth for the money if you are meat-goer and just want to eat until full without burning your wallet. I personally like Swee Choon and Wan Dou Sek for dim sum.

Address: 43 Lor 27 Geylang, Singapore 388176.

Ban Heng Restaurant

Ban Heng Restaurant
Address: 181 Orchard Road #11-01/02, Orchard Central, Singapore 238896.

I was with my aunt and cousin for my aunt’s birthday celebration at Ban Heng Restaurant which located at Orchard Central. It is my first time visiting this Chinese restaurant. They serve dim sum eat all you can during weekday and we went on to try it.

It starts with their default dishes which are 8 of them.
– Drunken live prawns with Chinese herbs
– Shark fin soup with crab meat
– Deep fried Halibut cod fish in Thai style
– Chilies crayfish
– Braised whole abalone with brown sauce
– Deep fried soon hock with superior soya sauce
– Steamed half shell clams with garlic and ginger
– Steamed red Garoupa with superior soya sauce in Hong Kong style

After finished with the default main dish, we ordered other steamed dim sum, fried dim sum and dishes from the menu. The portion which they served us was not small at all. The quality of the dim sum is normal and nothing great to share. The taste is mild and need a lot of improvement to bring up the quality of the food.

It is not a good selling point when you focus on giving a big portion of food to your customers and forgo the quality and taste of the food. End of the day, your staffs complained about the customers were not able to finish the food they ordered.

The prawns with wasabi mayo, prawns with oats and fried squid rings.

We ordered a plate of the braised Ee Fu noodle which turned out to be slightly flavoured and I ate it with the plain green vegetable and a fried chicken.

The fish maw soup has the same soup based with the shark fin soup. Even  soup, they serve more than enough for three of us.

Lastly, we ordered the yam paste in Teow Chew style. I was slightly shocked with the yellowish liquid in my bowl of dessert and I was thinking how come it has so much oils inside. It does not taste anything and I did not know what it is. I skipped the entire “liquid” and just scooped the yam paste.

Again, quality of food is important too as customers enjoy the taste and presentation of the food more than the quantity of the food served. Hope there is improvement from the chefs.

China Treasures

There is a Chinese restaurant at the Sime Darby Convention Center at Bukit Kiara which is situated opposite to KLGCC. I remembered my last visit I went to its coffee house, Halia for high tea. The Chinese restaurant is called China Treasures. This restaurant serves all Halal food.

Overall, the restaurant is spacious and has few private rooms. You can see the kitchen through its glass windows at the side of the restaurant.

The dim sum that they offered are ranging from streamed dim sum, fried dim sim and desserts. If you don’t want to eat dim sum, you can order dishes, rice or noodles from the menu. The price is averagely ok, ranging from RM7-RM16 for dim sum selection.

Just a thing to mention is they serve food a bit slow even though there are not many customers.

Tit Bit
China Treasure
You can tell the waiter or waitress to take away this tit bit and minus the charges from your bill if you do not want to eat it.

The RM48.00++ set lunch consisted of a soup selection of  your choice, a dim sum platter, a rice or noodle of your choice from the Set Lunch menu. This time we tried the corn soup and the fried noodles.

Dim Sum Platter
China Treasure
Steamed dim sum of 3 different types.
China Treasure
And another three different fried dim sum.

Corn Soup
China Treasure
Starchy corn soup.

Fried Keow Teow
China Treasure

Fried Seafood Noodle
China Treasure

Both fried noodles portion are pretty small portion because this set lunch is meant for 1 single person.

Also, visit my other review about this restaurant,

Sime Darby Convention Centre, 1A, Jalan Bukit Kiara 1, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Hotel Istana

One of the most worthy Eat All You Can Dim Sum was at this Chinese restaurant at Hotel Istana. I could not recall its name and how much it costed. However, this restaurant has been closed down quite some time ago. It is quite nice buffet dim sum in the town and it would be great if you go with a bunch of people. It is because you can try varies types of dim sum.

You can order any types of dim sum, both steamed and fried, noodles, rice, vegetable and desserts from the given menu. I was not sure whether the given menu was the normal dim sum menu or it is specially for Eat All You Can. You can order as many as you like but remember not to waste the food. It was really unlimited!

We ordered few rounds. Our first try was the steamed dim sum. It consisted of siew mai, fu chuk rolls, glutinous rice and spicy dumpling. Each of the dim sum basket consisted of 3 pieces dim sum. So, you can try to order 1 basket per type to try out before ordering additional ones.

The second round, we tried the chu cheung fun. They have few different types of ingredients inside the cheung fun to try out, so you can choose according to your preferences. Also, we ordered some fried dim sum to try out.

Ops! I just forget… It was a non-Halal Chinese restaurant. So, it serves pork besides chicken and seafood They put quite a lot of fresh prawn with combination of pork meat inside some of the dim sum. It made the dim sum more delicious.

Other type of dim sum that we also tried were the fried carrot cake, fish balls, and many more. I liked all of them.

After tried so various types of dim sum, we tried the fried noodle and fried rice. We ordered their special fried rice and noodle and shared out the portion together. We were quite surprised that the portion was same as normal portion. They would have given us  small plate of fried rice and fried noodle. We have tried the porridge as well. It has few different types of porridge and we tried each of it. Again, we shared out the portions together.

Finally, we tried the dessert which included the fruits, woh tip, kwai lin guo and other tong sui.

The following is some of the dim sum, noodles  and desserts that we have.

Sadly, this Chinese restaurant no longer available at Hotel Istana.