Pizza Making Days

The past week, I have been practising at my kitchen’s oven to bake pizza by using the frozen pizza dough that I bought from the Fairprice supermarket. Unlike in some Western countries, fresh pizza dough can be brought from the markets. In Singapore, I think we have fewer options, either we buy the frozen ones from the supermarkets, or we make our own pizza dough at home.

I used the Prego’s Italian pasta sauce for the base of the pizza together with cheddar cheese. The main ingredient is the chicken ham that I bought from Fairprice too.

You can choose to have different ingredients that you like to put on top of the pizza. And you can put more! Other than chicken ham, I put green peppers, tomatoes and onions as well. Once I get the pizza ready, I preheated the oven, put the pizza into the oven and bake for 7 minutes at 200°c. I followed the instructions stated in the pizza dough’s packaging.

I think pizza is easy to make and it does not require to follow the recipes except you want to make your own pizza dough. The pizza main ingredients are based on your favourite ingredients. For example, you can have chicken, tuna or beef. For the sauce, you can go for the white sauce as well and for the taste, you can put some pepper, mixed herbs, or just go with the pasta sauce and cheese, they are flavourful already.

For my own convenience, I lightly cut the pizza dough so that I can easily eat the pizza after baking.  

On the other day, my housemate spared his leftover pizza ingredients for me, and I tried to make a Hawaiian ham and sausages pizza on the Gardenia’s wrap. It was exciting that we can use prata, wrap or bread as our pizza dough. I loved to have some barbecue sauce on top of the pizza, so each pizza I put some of it, and at times I put the chilli flakes to bring up the taste.

I tried to bake the wrap for 3 minutes at 200°c also, and the pizza turned out to be crispy at the edges and soft at the centre of the wrap. I felt it was a successful attempt for myself. The texture and taste of the wrap are the same as the pizza dough. So far, I got to try making the pizza with frozen pizza dough and wraps. My housemate tried to use the prata as replacement of the pizza dough and it worked for my housemate.

Spaghetti Grill

Another western restaurant that I went to for lunch. It was my birthday lunch with few colleagues. The Spaghetti Grill at Mid Valley is located along the same stretch as the Chili’s, outside of Mid Valley. Last time, their pricing was a little bit expensive for us to try their food.

Recently, they have came out with a different offer – the set lunch at RM9.95++ with various food to choose from. They offer pizza, sandwiches, spaghetti, salads for set lunch menu. And the set lunch comes with a bottomless soft drink of your choice. It’s a pretty nice set lunch to try.

The environment inside the restaurant is quite similar to the Chili’s where they provide televisions for patrons to watch football matches for example. The restaurant has a drinking lounge at the back of the restaurant.


Aglio e Olio

Hawaiian Pizza
Personally, I feel this pizza is more worth than the Pizza Hut’s Hawaiian pizza set lunch. This pizza has more ingredients (shredded chicken and pineapples) than the Pizza Hut.



Panini Chicken Sandwich

I quite like this sandwich in which the chicken is marinated before it fried. So, it is tasty when we eat it with the sandwich. It comes with some of fries. The quality of the food remains the same when I revisited the restaurant, just that the sauce is missing now… 🙂

Fish and Chips
The cheapest fish and chip that you can find in the Mid Valley. Although, the portion is small, it has 3 small pieces of fish and plenty of fries. The fish is fried with flour and it is crispy. Squeeze the lemon juice on to the fish before eat it!

I cannot recall its name.

Seafood Spaghetti
It is a traditional Italian pasta dish which uses spaghetti cooked with cram, squids, capsicum and tomatoes.

Chicken Bolognise

The dinner set is also available at RM16.95++. Good place to hang out.

Lot G(E)017, Ground Floor, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia