VTL From Singapore to Malaysia: Day 12-13

The Friday (Day 12) morning was rather dull. I was waiting for 12.30PM on Friday to do my supervised ART before my departure to Singapore. I used an app to do the test.

On Saturday morning, I heated up the frozen glutinous rice with chicken and mushroom that I bought from Mandarin Oriental for breakfast. Check out the IG’s post below for the photograph of the gigantic glutinous rice. I should have put some chicken floss on the glutinous rice, but I did not because it seemed messy.

Supervised ART using CLEA app

I used the CLEA app to perform my supervised ART. Indeed, it is an easy app to do the test. The customer support team was friendly and spontaneously answered my questions. No issues to use the app for Malaysia and Singapore custom clearance.

The result came back about 2 hours later, and I downloaded the softcopy of the result. Also, I printed it out if the airport staff or immigration required them. Actually, the airport staff would check together with my vaccination details and flight booking information.

Tayar pancit

I was unfortunate on Friday noon when I was about to pick up the lunch takeaway from Mandarin Oriental, KL. I noticed it when I was about to lock the front gate of my house. The front tyre went flat, not totally flat, but you know it is something that needs to be fixed before continuing the journey.

Just nice, a group of workers from my neighbour setting up the automated gate. I went over and asked for the men to assist me further. A group of four strong men came over and checked out the tyre. And their Chinese boss came around too to check out if we needed other tools.

Blessed day

It was totally a blessed Friday. Without them, I would not know who else could help me. We spent an hour getting it fixed. I took four cans of drink, gave them, and thanked them. Next, we headed to the petrol station to add air to all the four tyres. According to my aunt, she did not do that for almost two and a half years.

Very late lunch

On Friday, there was another problem when I headed to collect my takeaway; the Mandarin Cake House at Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur missed my paid orders. They made us wait for another 20 to 30 minutes to get the food ready. I wrote a review on Google review. My guess are they bo chap about any non-positive reviews because of being a 5-star hotel?

Their food is delish and generous in portions. My aunt and I shared the nasi lemak and the fried carrot cake with XO sauce as our late lunch. I like their sambal udang and rendang ayam.

On Saturday, I went to Aeon Maluri to takeaway my lunch, and I bought some pieces of bread for my Sunday breakfast before my departure. My aunt could not decide whether she wanted the burger from KFC or Texas Chicken. I guess she has not tried Texas Chicken before, so I suggested that we buy one each and share it. I let her choose the burgers based on her preferences. Read below for my food tasting.

Then, I went to one of my favourite bread shops, Lavender, which opened in Aeon Maluri. Sorry, I did not take photographs of the bread that I bought.

KFC Zinger burger vs Texas Burger

Food tasting: half of both burgers.

Last day of cooking

On day 12 dinner, I prepared the classic fried onions with eggs and the stir-fried cauliflower. It looked meatless, but we still have the overnight KFC fried chicken.

Here are a few more photographs that I took before I left KL.

Anna, bye-bye

KL skyline at night

VTL From Singapore to Malaysia: Day 10-11

I wondered I was there any exciting stories on the 10th day in Malaysia. I cannot recall anything right now. Based on my photo album records, it seemed like I did not take many photographs of the day. Also, I did not note what I did each day in KL.

I decided to combine Day 10 and Day 11 in a single post because I did not go out to other places during my last few days in KL except to buy food for lunch.

Repeat the same morning breakfast

Nothing was interesting to share about my morning breakfast as they were always the same every morning. Besides morning breakfast and clearing up my stuff in KL, I could not think what else I did other than relax at home in the morning because the weather in KL was too hot to go out.

The weather was so hot in KL

On the second week in KL, the weather was scorching. I compared the temperature in KL and Singapore; Singapore is 1 degree cooler than KL. Most importantly, I did not feel so warm when I was in Singapore.

I took a photograph of the thermometer in the living room. Later, I found out that it was not really working well because it always showed 32.5 degrees Celsius for room temperature.

Lunch at Avenue K

Avenue K used to be where I would wait for my family member to come and pick me up after work. Usually, it was because I went off late from my office at Mid Valley, KL. This place has become unfamiliar to me because many of the shops have closed down, and now they have newer shops around.

I have not been to this restaurant before, so I cannot comment so much about their food. We ordered the set lunch that I think was worthy with a main dish, a soup, a dessert and a drink.

Cooking for dinner again

On day 10, we opened another can of food. Today is canned sardines in tomatoes sauce for dinner because we wanted to finish up the cucumber in the fridge. Another dish is stir-fried cubed chicken with mixed vegetables.

On day 11, I repeated the fried fish fillets with pickled green mustard and tomatoes. My aunt liked the fried fish during this round because it fried until more brownish.

Then, we bought KFC fried chicken back home even after forgetting our voucher at home. Everyone loved the fried chicken. The dinner was always completed with a plate of vegetables. Lastly, a small pack of rendang chicken was added that we could not finish eating during lunchtime.

Green bean soup as supper or dessert

I made some green bean soup for supper on day 10 and also reheated it on day 11. It served as a dessert of the day.

VTL From Singapore to Malaysia: Day 9

I did not get to do anything on the 9th day in KL because my right leg was hurt, and I did not want to walk much. My breakfast and lunch were settled at home with some bread and cheese for breakfast. I brought home instant coffee, so I shared a hot coffee cup with my aunt.

Lazy afternoon

After lunch, I waited for an online buyer to drop by my house to collect the items. Later in the early evening, another collector dropped by to get the free items that my cousin posted online. I will do the same to declutter some of the items in my house too.

My aunt asked me to fry fish.

On day 9, dinner, my aunt gave me a big challenge; to fry fish. I do not have a name for these fried fish fillets cooked with pickled green mustard and tomatoes. I do not have a recipe to follow. I rarely fry anything at home, and my aunt wanted the fish fillets to be fried! My first attempt was not really good.

It was my first time cooking with pickled green mustard. I do not buy them in Singapore. Maybe, I shall get a small pack to go with tomatoes and make some hot soup.

Next was a plate of stir-fried nai pak (in Cantonese) with minced garlic. In Mandarin, it is called nai bai and is quite a common popular vegetable choice among Singaporeans. Does anyone know what the English name of this vegetable is? Please leave your comments below.

I end my blog here as there is nothing much to share. Take care!

VTL From Singapore to Malaysia: Day 7

Day 7 in Kuala Lumpur. I woke up as usual and prepared breakfast. We wanted to finish the yoghurt that my cousin bought some time ago with fruits. The banana had ripened, and we ate them too. I have been eating many fruits during my stay in Kuala Lumpur. I try to keep up the same habit now in Singapore. But, I do not eat breakfast daily.

Sunday lunchtime

I think my aunt wanted to get the wanton noodles, so I told her, “we just takeaway and eat at home”. Somehow, we went out to Taman Maluri and made a big round to find food to eat! Along the way, she made some introductions to each coffee shop.

We ended up at Pandan Jaya for a bowl of a delicious dry version of char siew and wanton noodle and a bowl of a dry version of dumplings noodle. The gigantic dumplings are sumptuous, have more ingredients than normal wantons, and are flavourful compared with wantons. Of course, the dumplings will be more expensive than the wantons. I wanted to try it too and let my aunt taste different flavours.

The char siew (barbecue pork) slices were included for normal wanton noodles, but not in the dumplings noodles. Their char siew is not those heavily charred sweet char siew. The meat is leaner, tiny sliced, and I quite liked it too.

Away from Singapore for 7 days

After seven days, I felt missing some of the things in Singapore. I hoped there was a person who would text me and talk about things, but I knew I did not always chat with people on normal days. Also, it is quite quiet during the weekend because most of my friends are with their families and kids. This situation could happen in my dream only. I know it is not good to keep dreaming of things that will not happen.

As of the writing time, I am missing Anna. Hope that I can bring her to Singapore when I go back with a bigger bag next trip. Before that, I have to make sure I get my house and I have done with the moving.

Prepare for dinner

I took the chicken bone and some chicken breast meat from the freezer to defrost. Also, I took a few different types of fish cakes to cook with vegetables. The chicken bone was used to make the soup base for tonight’s dinner. Of course, I needed to add other ingredients to make the soup base well tasted.

Shredded chicken hor fun (Kai Si Hor Fun)

I planned to make kai si hor fun based on the ingredients I prepared above. However, we did not have prawns or shells at home to make the soup base; otherwise, it would taste better.

I followed the same kai si hor fun recipe I used in Singapore. I cooked all the ingredients for the noodles in the same soup base. It would help to add a bit more flavour to the broth.

I used another pot of boiling water to cook hor fun because the noodles were oily, and it would turn the broth milky colour. Also, I did not want the soup to be oily.

The food presentation is not perfect, but it is still acceptable.


VTL From Singapore to Malaysia: Day 5

Morning breakfast, as usual, would be at home, and today, I brought Anna with me before my aunt joined us later. I found a sachet of milk tea with bamboo salt in the kitchen. I gave it a try. It is neither salty nor sweet at all.

In my personal opinion, it was a little bland. The bamboo salt does not fit well with milk tea. I did not get the brand name, but it is okay. I will not ask for comments from the readers about whether they have tried it before.

Travel by MRT

I thought I would travel out today by MRT, so I downloaded Kuala Lumpur’s train map. It covers a lot of places nowadays. I hope the fare is affordable so that more people can take the train and park their cars at the car parks in the train stations to avoid jams on the road.

In the end, I did not go out on Friday because the weather was not really good. I stayed at home and continued to clear more stuff out of my drawer. More things were set to be given away or sold when I go back to KL next time.

Found an antique

I found the sharpeners. I used them a lot when I was schooling. It is still well kept at home. I do not have any plan to give away any of them.

There was another item that I found while clearing my stuff. It was MapleStory’s mouse pad. The mouse pad is so cute; not willing to give it away. The MapleStory’s mouse pad condition is still good. I am using Aika’s mouse pad in KL and SG’s homes.

Lunch at home

My aunt and I opted to cook at home for lunch, and we opened a bottle of Brand’s chicken essence. We used it as part of our soup broth. Then, she added some sauces to make up the taste. We do not follow recipes when it comes to cooking.

It was a simple lunch with a packet of handmade noodles my cousin bought, yau mak (Romaine lettuce), two fish cakes, and fried tofu beancurd. This noodle is supposed to be a dry version; however, the sauces for the handmade noodles contain some chilli oils, so my aunt made her own broth.

A pack of noodles was not enough for two people. I added some rice vermicelli when I was cooking the noodles. The rice vermicelli soon soaked up the broth before we started eating.

Back in KL, we used stainless steel pots to cook everything. I got used to it so much that I brought one of the pots to Singapore a few years ago to cook noodles before buying the golden Korean pot.

The rest of the day

It was a boring Friday, and I did not have many things done except clearing up more stuff from different places in my house. It could be a good day to catch up with old friends, ring them up to ask how they have been so far, or chit chat with friends via WhatsApp.

I went to the kitchen and started looking at the neighbour’s door, hoping that a stray cat was passing by. There was none until the time when I was about to cook dinner in the evening.

I do not know why the stray cat posed in a position that made me feel it missed someone, and I missed someone I loved too. It seemed to have a lot of untold stories, and it looked forward to sharing the moment out. Okay, that is what is in my mind, not the cat’s mind.

Simple dinner

My uncle bought the french beans some time ago, so I used the remaining chicken breast meat and potatoes in the kitchen to cook a simple dish. I do not have the recipe for this dish too. I diced all the ingredients into small sized. The chicken breast meat needed to be marinated for 30 minutes with salt, pepper, and sesame oils. It would be better to add some cornstarch or tapioca starch to keep the juiciness or tenderness of the chicken meat. Basically, it is to avoid the meat becoming rough.

I opened a can of baked beans to go with white rice. Although it is just two dishes, not many varieties, it consists of many ingredients.

This is baked beans with eggs, one of my favourite dishes. It is simple to make at home. It goes well with bread too.

I drew a rose

I browsed through IG (Instagram) at night and found someone teaching me how to draw a rose. Again, I did not know why I bumped into this TikTok video on IG. I could not search it again to retrieve the original source to compare my drawing the next day.

When I was drawing this picture, the radio played the MLTR’s song. I almost wanted to cry out that night. I stopped playing my Spotify playlist many months ago because I avoid listening to these love songs or sad songs. Just look at this lyric itself; I could not stand it anymore. The tears will flow down uncontrollable.

I don’t want to say goodbye to you. Love is one big illusion I should not try to forget

That’s Why You (Go Away) MLTR

In my house, the radio is always on, and I always get to listen to all sorts of songs from all eras. I could not turn off the radio, so I braved myself listening to some songs that made me sad or cry at the moment. Maybe, it is the seventh adjustment that I have made so far.

Anyway, I dedicated this post or the rose for White Valentine’s day that falls on March 14 each year. Happy belated White Valentine’s Day!

VTL From Singapore to Malaysia: Day 4

I start to bring forward my VTL blogs to publish them daily. It is because Singapore-Malaysia did not have any more VTL trips.

Every morning I would boil some hot water to prepare my morning drink. For day 4, I found a pack of kopi-o (coffee without sugar and milk) in the kitchen. The name did not sound familiar to me, so I think it is a local brand, Cap Tupai, from Malacca. Please leave some reviews in the comment box if you know more about this brand.

It says that one bag is for one cup. I used my normal cup and tried it out. I should have taken a video of the “making of” a cup of coffee at home that morning. I steeped the bag for about a minute and a half. The coffee is really dark in colour (gao means thick), slightly bitter, but still acceptable for me to go without sugar.

My aunt asked if I wanted to add some milk. I nicely declined it.

Breakfast at home

This is a multigrain bread that my aunt loves to eat. It has been a long time since I did not buy multigrain bread because I could not finish the whole loaf. My aunt used to tell me to keep them in the fridge if I could not finish them. However, I prefer to finish them before the expiry date.

For sharing, it is usually the white bread that we can finish quickly.

Clearing my little drawer

I discovered two things when I cleared my little drawer after my morning breakfast. I found two cards printed on A4 paper. I am not sure who printed them.

The next item is a lot of postcards. I loved to collect and keep postcards. Last time, McDonald’s used to give out free postcards at their restaurants. I could not remember where else I could get postcards. Perhaps, these two collections could tell how old I am.

Late lunch at Aeon Maluri

Lunchtime in Kuala Lumpur tends to be late because of avoiding crowds. We decided to dine in the food court in Aeon Maluri Shopping Centre. The food court is located on level 2, and it is a Halal food court. It is called Food Harbour. I walked around the stall before deciding what to order.

My aunt and I settled down with two plates of sizzling yee mee with different ingredients from the same stall. I wanted to try two different types of food, but I just dropped the plan to ease our movement.

The sizzling noodles tasted normal, with a lot of starch as usual. It came with an egg, so I did not add an additional egg for my aunt’s noodles. We shared the egg. My aunt said, ‘too many noodles and a little spicy’. I offered to help her with the remaining noodles if she could not finish them.

I used to share the extra noodles or rice when I found the portion too big for me to finish. I wish that I could do so still. Little that I know, on this trip back to KL, I was the one who offered to take the remaining food on the plate. My family does not like to waste food; whoever can help finish the food would take it up.

The food court is clean and spacious, and we can eat comfortably in the air-conditioned environment. After finishing the food, the cleaner would help to clean our table and clear our plates from the table. In Singapore, a new rule was implemented in the hawker centres and food courts that we have to clear and clean our tables before leaving.

I did not take any photographs of the food court. I will update it next time when I get back to KL again.

Hot day in KL

It is best to be in an air-conditioned place during the hot weather. After lunch, we walked around the supermarket to get some ingredients for tonight’s dinner. The supermarket has been renovated and looks nice and bigger now. It took me a while to navigate around. There are some self-checkout counters too. It is an improvement, and I hope to see more people using the self-checkout counters in the future.

Then, I stopped by the Maxis shop to top-up my mobile phone’s credit. I used the credits to buy the data plan. It is considered cheap for their 3 days data plan that offers about 2-3 GB of data.

Home-cooked dinner

On my second day of cooking dinner for my family, I looked into other ingredients that I could find in the fridge. The green mustard started to get yellowish on the leaves area. So, I decided to boil the green mustard soup with the remaining fishballs in the fridge.

Other dishes that night were eggplant with minced meat, tomato eggs and stir-fried yau mak (Romaine lettuce). I used to eat eggplant with minced meat for dinner in Singapore, and usually, it went without rice. So, the amount of meat used to cook eggplant is usually 200grams or more.

After this dinner, I realized that I had to make a sixth adjustment; how much meat to cook for dinner. My family did not eat a lot of meat and preferred to have more vegetables instead.

The difference here is that I do not eat much rice in Singapore and take protein as a replacement. However, back at home in Kuala Lumpur, rice is the primary food source; therefore, dinner needs a wide variety of dishes instead of a large portion for each dish.

Also, I needed to adjust the taste and flavour that my family preferred here.

Yahoo! It rained

In the evening, it rained. It helped to cool down the house a little bit so that I could have a better sleep.

Sleeping time

Before I go to sleep, I play some music. This musical box has been with me since I was young. It was broken for many years, and a helpful man, a friend of my aunt’s friend, helped repair it. Surprisingly, there was no sleep time adjustment when I was in KL. I did not sleep later or sleep earlier.

VTL From Singapore to Malaysia: Day 3

My initial plan was to do banking on the third day; unfortunately, I had another task to do at home, and I postponed my plan to the following Monday. The morning clouds were quite beautiful. I took a photo of them from a different part of my house.

The day began with a big breakfast at home. My aunt told me to eat fruits and bread instead of having an empty stomach. I complied and prepared a cup of black coffee to go with the bread.

Cleared my stuff at home

Next, I began clearing off some of my stuff. First to let go was the secondary school’s magazines. It has been years sitting in the box, and I think no point in keeping those anymore. While flipping through the magazines, I found myself being part of the editorial board for 2002. I could not recall what I had done for it.

Next, I have a box of books to be donated or given away. However, I cannot do it this round. I will post them on Facebook before my next return to Kuala Lumpur again. I need more time to arrange for pick-up. I will put up other items too to give away. Maybe, I will post some books to be donated in Singapore too.

Also, I found my primary school’s pencil case. It was a luxury to have one last time because of the multiple compartments on the pencil case.

Next, I found the gift that I bought from Japan. I found a little deco at a small shop in Kyoto when I was there watching the sakura. It is sakura season now in Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

I wish to travel to these places again and would love to travel with my loved ones and some friends. The interesting places, foods and things that we would like to do were growing in the Excel sheet during the Covid-19 period, and we added more whenever we watched the travel introduction on Youtube. But, now it seems to be a dream only.

The last items that I would like to share today are all the mobile phones I used in the past years. My current Malaysian number is not my first mobile phone number. I changed it a few times before that. I guess I have been using the same mobile number since 2003 or 2004. It has been almost 20 years.

Simple lunch, alone

I cooked myself a bowl of noodles with some fishballs in the afternoon before I resumed clearing my stuff. And, later I ate half of the Hawaiian chicken, personal pan pizza, and some mushroom soup from Pizza Hut brought home by my aunt.

The weather in Kuala Lumpur is scorching, so I tend to drink more water here to stay hydrated. This was the fourth adjustment I made when I was in Kuala Lumpur.

Prepare for dinner

For dinner, I tried to cook the ayam pongteh based on an online recipe. Refer to the link in the reference for the recipe. It was my second time trying this recipe. I saw my kitchen has a bottle of bean paste taucu; it is one of the ingredients for this recipe.

I lightly pan-fried the potatoes and the chicken before stewing them for a while to make the potatoes a bit softer.

The colour was quite dark because I did not have any measurement tools for cooking. I did not know how to agak-agak (estimate) the amount for the first time. In the end, I put too much bean paste taucu. I managed to balance the taste of this dish but not the colour.

Next, I found some beancurd puff in the refrigerator. So, I cooked mixed vegetables using the beancurd puffs, Chinese cabbages, wood-ears and some fish cakes.

The fifth adjustment was cooking with agak-agak (estimation) measurement and needed to remind me to add a bit of sugar to balance the savoury taste. My family uses salt, sugar, soy sauce and oyster sauce in most dishes. When it comes to marinating the meat, I was told to add a bit of wine, fish sauce and sesame oil. I found the meat’s taste odd when the fish sauce was added, so I omitted it.

I took a rest after dinner and did not continue with clearing my stuff. Before sleep, I would watch some news, which I would not do in Singapore, while drying my hair before going to sleep.


Fried Rice Noodle

It is also known as fried bee hoon. It is based on a Taiwanese recipe made by James Easy Cooking. The link to the Youtube can be found in the reference section below. The ingredients are simple, and I think I can add more ingredients or change it to other ingredients as I wanted.

How to Cook?

I am not the cook for the fried rice noodle, my friend did it at home. The bee hoon that we bought was also from Taiwan. It is sold in NTUC supermarket too.

It tasted delicious, flavourful and I think can have more garlic and shallot oil for more fragrance. The rice noodle cooked al-dente and dry. It is exactly the texture that I liked for bee hoon. I did not like those oily, wet and breaking.

It can be remade for Chinese New Year first day’s lunch with no meat version.


Ipoh Kai Si Hor Fun

It is called shredded chicken with flat rice noodles (hor fun). The flat rice noodles look the same as the fried kway teow, wider, but hor fun is slimmer in size.

Kai si hor fun is quite popular in Malaysia, especially Ipoh. I tried to prepare and cook this kai si hor fun at home.

How To Make The Broth

I followed the Youtube video in the reference link below. I proportionate the ingredients based on what I used or have. I did not follow the exact timing stated in the video. I followed my own instinct to boil the broth to be ready to serve with hor fun.

I used the prawn heads and shells in the freezer a few days ago to make the broth. I added the chicken stock into the broth for additional flavour because the shells are not enough to make broth for two portions.

I added the fishballs and meatballs into the broth together with a small piece of chicken breast meat. It cooked for another 10 minutes before I off-ed the fire.

I cooked the green and beansprouts first in boiling water, followed by hor fun. Hor fun cooked very fast, and the noodle was oily. It is best to cook it separately in another pot.

Final Presentation


Wanton Dumplings

It is my signature dish during the Chinese New Year, and occasionally I make dumplings for my lunch or dinner. I have to use fish paste and prawn paste to substitute minced pork to make these dumplings a Halal version. Usually, I prefer to mix the fish paste and minced pork together.

I bought the fish and prawn paste from the FairPrice, and usually these pastes are well seasoned. If I am using minced pork, then I will marinate the minced pork with salt and soy sauce, and for some good fragrance, add sesame oils into the minced pork.

I mixed the paste with chopped black fungus, spring onions, and sometimes carrots as part of the wantons’ filling. I am using the instant fish paste that contains salt, so I did not add additional salt but I added some more white pepper and a few dashes of sesame oil.

Slowly mix the paste with the ingredients while adding a few spoons of water into the paste. I find adding water is helpful with mixing the ingredients. It makes the paste thicker. To make the paste smoother, I take a big scoop of the paste and throw it back into the mixing bowl. Repeat this step a few times and the paste gets smoother too.

Prepare the wanton skin. I bought the instant pack from FairPrice too. I can easily find it in the tofu section in the supermarket. I take a small scoop of the paste and place it in the middle of the wanton skin or dumpling skin. Next, I use my index finger to dip some water and wet the edges of the wanton skin or wet around the dumpling skin. It helps to wrap the wanton easily.

With the extra past, sometimes I can make tofu puff stuffed with fish paste too.

Also, I tried to make beancurd rolls with the same paste too.

How to Cook?

With a saucepan, fill 2/3 of the water and boil the water with high heat. Once it is boiling, place the wantons or the dumplings into the saucepan. It is fine to put the lid or without. Occasionally, steer the wantons or dumplings to avoid them sticking together or stick on the bottom of the saucepan.

It is fully cooked when the wantons or dumplings float to the surface. The same goes for tofu puff and the beancurd rolls. I can serve it with chicken stock soup or dip it with chilli oil.

It is fine to go with vegetables, yong tau foo or other meats too.

This recipe does not have to follow the exact measurement of how much salt, pepper, etc as seasonings especially it is an instant pack. If it is making from scratch, season well with salt and white pepper. If adding minced chicken or minced pork, add some cooking wine can bring up the flavour.

Being a Cantonese, I will try my best to cook authentic Cantonese cuisine from time to time. Hope you will like it and share it around.

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