Once a while the KFC will launch something special or limited edition sets which only sell for a certain period of time. Back in year 2008, they introduced the Chicken Chop. I went to try it and took a picture of it.

I did not remember the taste of this chicken chop already.

Another limited edition set was the Chicken Rice.

KFC Breakfast

I have tried some of their breakfast sets offer before this. Their sets come with a main dish and a drink. I wondered how come their breakfast sets’ response is not good compared to the McDonald. I ordered a set of nasi lemak with orange juice and a porridge with tea.

Nasi Lemak Set

The taste of the nasi lemak is similar to the normal nasi lemak which we can get it from the Malay stalls by the road side. The sambal is not spicy and the portion is quite normal that we can get in the stall. It gives an half of the boiled egg, few slices of cucumber and generous portion of anchovies but it does not have peanuts.

Porridge set
The porridge’s ingredients are a little bit lesser than the McDonald’s porridge and my opinion is it is not as good taste as the McDonald. Maybe it is because they did not add the sesame oil in the porridge which I think it would make the porridge tastes better. It looks pretty plain for me.

Here is the improved version of the porridge. The additional thing that it has in this version is anchovies. But still does not have sesame oil. With additional anchovies, it does make the porridge slightly better than the original version.

However, went I revisited KFC for breakfast set recently at the Maluri’s branch, their porridge version has changed and saddest part was the workers put so much water into the porridge, making it became Teow Chow porridge with chicken and sesame oil.

To compare with what they advertised:-

Next try is the twister. It is quite nice to eat with the sauce inside the roll.

Closer view of the twister,

AM Riser
I bought the colonel burger set at RM3.90 for their special breakfast promotion.


Cheesy Bun
It comes out with a new breakfast meal called the Cheessy Bun. Just put a piece of cheese on top of the bun only. As for me, it has nothing great and I feel the mayonnaise and egg combination is not good enough.

Orange Juice