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Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant

Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Address: LG – 69 & 70, Lower Ground Floor, Berjaya Times Square, No. 1, Jalan Imbi, Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

It has been a while since the last time I visited Kim Gary in Mid Valley’s branch. I cannot even remember there is a branch in Berjaya Times Square until my friend said she wanted to have dinner here. I am glad to see the restaurant still offers various set meals which can easily take you a while to choose what you want to eat and how much you want to eat.

It did take me a while to look through the menu to decide what I wanted to order for the night and lastly, I chose to have a bowl of noodle, an half of the toast with chicken wing set which included a glass of drink. It seemed a lot, right? I was thinking the noodle would not make me feeling full and the additional of toast and chicken wing made the dinner more completed.

It was really sinful to have the toast at night but it has been quite long I did not have toast in Kuala Lumpur. It was nothing special about this toast and chicken wing, it tasted normal and slightly oily as usual for the toast. Besides that, I think they do not use butter, they gave me margarine instead. It did not taste good. No comment about the chicken wing, just a normal chicken wing.

Instant noodle with a piece of luncheon meat and a fried egg on top of noodle is the basic for a Hong Kong style instant noodle meal. Sometimes, you can find some vegetable and sometimes, you do not. It is normal instant noodle with MSG soup based and it is nothing interesting about it. I am not sure which instant noodle’s brand they are using. The noodle texture is spring, did not overly cook the egg and luncheon meat.

What interested me the most of that dinner was a glass of cold ying yong. It is a combination of the coffee and tea, one of the favourite drink in Hong Kong too. The ratio of the coffee and tea is important to get the right taste of the ying yong.

It was a night full with unhealthy food selection, the toast and instant noodle. Moreover, having the cold drink after the meal is not going to help the digestion at night but it satisfied my stomach!

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Kim Zen

Kim Zen, Mid Valley, Malaysia.
I went to Mid Valley yesterday and spent my lunch at Kim Zen. It said to be affordable restaurant in Mid Valley and yes, it is. However, the taste is so-so. It is better you spend a bit more somewhere else. Kim Zen is a sister outlet to Kim Gary.

The only dimsum I liked was the barbecue chicken bun (char siew pao) but it is a little dry. It is not a choice for HK style char chan teng.

We ordered a bowl of dumpling soup noodle. It does not come with cheap price and the ingredients are very little. They give two medium small size of dumplings and half an egg. Imagine you have to eat the whole bowl of noodle with just 2 dumplings and half an egg and the soup broth is nothing fantastic.

I have no idea why me and other patrons are here…
Perhaps, this is one of the restaurants that has no queue during lunch hour. Improvement is greatly needed on their food quality and the range of the drinks. Cheap yet not worth a penny.

Address: G(E)-013, Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Rating: 1.5/5. The points are given to the barbecue pork bun and no-need-to-queue restaurant.

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Kim Gary

I think it is about two years I did not eat Kim Gary. My last experience with Kim Gary was unpleasant and that was why I stopped eating at Kim Gary for so long. Until today, Kim Gary is still having long queue outside their outlets. I really have no idea why and want to know why? It is because it is non-Halal?

Superbowl Rice
This superbowl rice maybe a favourite among guys because it has quite a lot of ingredients inside this bowl of rice. As you can see here, a chicken wing on the left, a half piece of a small sliced chinese ham (ng chan yuk) on the right, a half sausage, an egg on top of the rice with some sweetcorns.

It definitely looks yummy and filling, right? I guess so… 🙂

The same Superbowl Rice – this is the curry fish fillet with scramble eggs. The curry does smell very nice even I didn’t eat it. I’m not sure if this curry is spicy or not.

Yishun Noodle with minced meat and vegetable wanton. This wanton has more vegetable (kau choi) than meat. As for the favour of the noodle, you can choose what favour you prefer from the menu. This is the roasted chicken favour.

This is another Yishun Noodle with pork chop and egg. I quite like this combination because of the pork chop is quite big piece and it is quite nice to eat too! The noodle’s favour is still the same favour, roasted chicken.

Notice that they also give some ABC for this noodle.

Black Pepper Pork Chop with Spaghetti
It comes with a cup of soup of your choice, either the cream soup or borsh soup. I know I should say, it comes with a bowl of soup 🙂

Baked Rice

Vegetable Wanton Noodle

Drinks – Honey Lemon. One of my favorite drink.

Yin Yong (Coffee and Tea) in HK Style. You can go for either hot or cold. One of the most common drink I guess.

If you are at Mid Valley, this restaurant is quite easy to locate. It is located next to the CIMB Bank.

Lot G(E)005, Ground Floor, Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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Prince Cafe

Prince Cafe at Mid valley is located opposite of the Boulevard Hotel. It is another Hong Kong style restaurant in Mid Valley and its style is similarly to the Kim Gary which also in Mid Valley. However, it has been closed down for few years.

Most of its offers are set meals and their set comes with a drink and the main dish. They offer various types of food ranging from Chinese to Western food. The price is reasonable for the portion of food that they offer.

I pretty like their ice drinks either the “yin yong” (Mixed coffee and tea) or “lai cha” (tea) because their ice cubes are made of the drink itself.

Yang Chow Fried Rice
I tried their Yang Chow Fried Rice set and chose Green Tea as the drink.