The Wonder Kafe or Wondermama is located at the Avenue K, near KLCC, Malaysia. I went there for late lunch with a friend quite long ago and now just realised that I did not write anything about it. Since it has been so long ago, I could not remember much of the taste of the food and the names too. Just able to share some great pictures of the food that we tried together.

The entrance of the cafe is nicely decorated and it is nice to take pictures there.

They used some of the old styled or designs utensils and decorations.

That made it because a little unique and people can experience some old taste. We ordered the Iced Tea, and they served in this old designed mug.

For food, this is called Mee Siam which is fried meehoon with some chicken fillets, eggs and vegetables. My friend was having it for her lunch.

We ordered two desserts which one of it I pretty like it, the Waffle Vanilla Ice-cream with Sliced Banana. It is very filling if not mistaken.

The other dessert that we tried was a dessert with marshmallow.

It is a really great to have tried few different desserts when you have a partner who likes dessert! If you happened to be at Avenue K, you can try out this cafe and share with everyone.

Address: G-6, Ground Floor, Avenue K, 156,, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mywondermama

The Library Coffee Bar

The Library Coffee Bar
Weeks after its grand opening, I invited a friend to join me for a coffee break and try out this new brand (back then). It was located at Avenue K, KLCC. There was some crowd when we were there and we needed to queue up for placing our orders. When asked what was nice on the menu, the barista did not really give much suggestion. So, I simply picked something I seldom try, the Iced Hazelnut Latte.

And, yes it was not the best one. Maybe, I did not really drink coffee with hazelnut taste. It did not give a kick.

While my friend ordered a Mocha Latte. It was beautifully crafted. There were food on their menu too.

I cannot remember the name of this food. It was a combination of waffle at the bottom, some vegetables and cheese sandwiched with chicken and topped with sunny fried egg on top. So, what does it called? It tasted quite nice when I tried a few bites.

The overall ambiance of this coffee house was good and you could find some quiet corners. It has two storeys but I did not go up to see. The decoration of this place was quite similarly to The Library.

Location: Lot G-8B, Ground Floor, Avenue K, 156 Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Ambiance: Nicely decorated, quiet if you can find a corner place to sit down, spacious.
Rating: 2.5/5. I liked the food more than the drink.

Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt

Moo Cow
Hi readers! Sorry for being “quiet” for the past 10 days. There are many things happened for the two weeks. Let’s forget it all and begins my story here. It was a great Sunday on 28th April, I went out with my uncle, aunt and two cousins at KLCC to have our lunches and tea break. It was also the day, I felt I was free from being in the working life.

As I promised my cousins to buy them Moo Cow, so I did and it was my first time eating it –  Original flavour with Raisin. Well, I never try eating yoghurt ice-cream before but I drink yoghurt occasionally, I never know that it can be quite tasty too when it is original flavour. It is plain and simple and not very sourly.

Address: Concourse Level, KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (In front of Iseten’s supermarket).

1901 HotDog

I wanted to look for some simple food for lunch and coincidently it was 19th of the month, where the 1901 Hot Dog was having promotion for their hot dog selections. At RM 2.90, I can get the one-foot-long hot dog sandwich as below.

The hot dog is nicely wrapped in between the long bread with mayonnaise and tomato sauces on top of the long sausage.

At the sides, they put some sliced kiwi (is it kiwi?). I felt satisfied after eating it. Good try!

Concourse Level, C01B, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Little Penang

I have been visited to both of the Little Penang restaurant at Mid Valley and KLCC branches few times. I have tried few of the different food, especially their noodles.

One of it is the Penang Mee Jawa. As you can see from the picture below, it consists of the sambal cuttle fish, some potatoes, beancurb and beansprouts. The sauce is not spicy and it tastes just nice with everything inside.

On another visit, I tried the Curry Noodle. Nothing much to shout about its curry noodle. It looks quite plain with few beancurb (tau fu bok), fishballs and some chicken meat.

My colleague liked this Kari Hantu Set which consists of curry beef, lobak and ju hu char (a typical Penang appetizer, and a staple of any Nyonya spread: a mix of stir-fried vegetables).

Another try is the Prawn Mee. I started to notice that they did not give shredded chicken meat and kangkung anymore. Maybe, there is a changed of description of ingredients inside Prawn Mee that I did not notice at all.

The portion is getting lesser than the previous one that I tried eight months before.

Their lobak is quite nice to eat. You can try to order this lobak as side dishes.

Pie Tee
Another side dish that I tried before. It is quite nice taste.

Penang Cendol
A typical Penang desserts that you can try.

Three Layer Tea
A unique combination of brown sugar (some use gula melaka), evaporated milk and red tea.

4th Floor, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Lot G-022 & 023, Ground Floor, Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Chilli’s Grill & Bar

I tried the Chilli’s Grill & Bar for few times before this. Overall, I do feel it is quite nice and enjoyable to eat at this restaurant. Early this year 2011, I revisited this restaurant with two of my friends. Since, they eat more often at this restaurant than me, I let them to order the good food.

Southern Quesadilla (Chicken)
Closer view of the chicken meat inside the tortillas served with sour cream sour.

Top view

Crispy Honey Chipotle Chicken Crisper
Breast meat chicken with french fries and sweet corn.

Lot G(E)-12, Ground Floor, Mid Valley.
Suria KLCC, 3rd Floor, KLCC.

Nippon Tei

Nippon Tei, a Japanese restaurant used to be at KLCC. It is just next to the Sakae Sushi which was also used to be at KLCC’s top floor. Both restaurants have been closed for quite some time ago. I went there during the dinner time to celebrate belated birthday with my cousin.

Our initial plan was to eat at the Sakae Sushi but at that time, a lot of people were waiting in queue so we tried Nippon Tei which we did not have to queue at all. Nippon Tei’s concept was different than the normal one where you can see the sushi plates on the rolling belt along the seats.

Nippon Tei was a bit classy Japanese restaurant and the ambience was great to private dinners. Its price was a little higher than normal sushi restaurants. Although the price was expensive, I found out that the portion of the food was reasonable and nice too. It was worth for money!

We ordered one set each person and have hot ocha. The ocha is free :


I ordered the Saba Steak for my first try. Wow, the portion was so big with a lot of side dishes 🙂 The main dish, saba fish.


The side dishes:- Salad and fruits
And white Japanese rice.

The other food that we ordered were chicken set which has the same side dishes as the saba steak and noodle – udon. Both of these food were served in the claypot.