Life is sweet, Nando’s is famous for their peri-peri sauce which go well with any meats. The spices are so nice and they offer few different spices such as lemon & herb, mild, medium, hot and extra hot. I personally like their lemon & herb, mild and garlic sauce. You can buy the sauces from the local supermarkets too.

So far, I have visited Nando’s twice, once in Malaysia and once in Singapore. Of course, the prices between this two countries are different, however, the tastes and sauces are same. I am not able to compare the portion of the food because I tried the different food for both visit.

The Spiced Cubed Chicken with Greens cooked with mild sauce. It comes with herb rice. Yea, if I know how to cook the herb rice, I think I can try to cook it at home and of course with their sauce.

I ordered another dish, the Chicken Tenders, it is same as the chicken fillets i bought from market, where we marinated and grilled and sauced before served. It gave five pieces for the smallest portion.

The second try of Nando’s is going with another 3 guys using the buy 1 free 1 voucher. It’s just nice 4 of us and we shared the cost as we’re eating the same dish. This time, I’m a big eater, I follow to order the half grilled chicken. It comes with two sides of my choices in which I chose to get the wedges and peas salads. The grilled chicken grills with Lemon and Herbs for my choice.

The portion for an half chicken is really big for my second try in Singapore. The chicken is tender and juicy, well-marinated and grilled to its perfection. I added the mild sauce and garlic sauce alternatively.
Both restaurants serve the food quite fast, waiters are helpful and the sauces are all available (self-services) to get your own sauce from the counter.

1. Jusco Maluri, Jalan Jejaka, Maluri, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
2. Tampines Mall, 4 Tampines Central 5 #01-46, Singapore.