Hall of Fame 2017

Hall of Fame 2017.

With the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2017 ended earlier this month, my Hall of Fame 2017 is completed. This year, I ran for 8KM, 10KM and two 21.1KM. They are the CCK Big Farm Walk and Run, Sundown, 2XU and SCMS. It is a real excitement to run in these marathons especially when I feel being able to run and complete the race for the prestigious marathons in Singapore.

Why I want to run a marathon when we can just run in the park for free?
Well, it really gave me a different experience when running alone in the park, running alone during the race and running with thousands of people. The race’s route, weather, atmosphere and people are different during each race.

For example, running for an half marathon, the race will begin around 4.30AM in the morning. It is cooler and windy when run at this hour as compared to a 10KM marathon which usually begin at 7.30AM when the sun arises.

Besides that, it tests our endurance during the race, determination to complete the race and satisfaction and sense of achievement upon crossing the finishing line. The feeling of running toward the finishing line is great especially you are cheered by strangers standing along the street and keep telling you, “it is almost there, 100m away, come on keep running” and when you are very close to the finishing line, someone will shout “just another 5 seconds of running!”. Sometimes, we could get consolation prize when the person next to you congratulate for your victory.

Having group picture after the marathon to show off medal.
It is a great moment to be captured and shared in the Facebook and Instagram. Unfortunately this SCMS, we did not manage to take a group picture together at the race village when my running partners flagged off at different timing then mine due to two of them were at the baggage deposit area for an hour. Anyway, we are planned to meet up for the post marathon dinner or pre-Christmas gathering, it is just giving ourselves an excuse to meet up again!

Do I stop at each kilometer signboard to take picture?
Yes, in my earlier years when I started to run and I got to know a friend at one of the signboard when I ran for Standard Chartered KL in 2015. However, right now I did not do it anymore. These signs reminds me that I have completed 1st quarter of the race,  1/3 of the race, 1st half of the race and 3/4 of the race which give me a positive thought to complete the race with determination.

I will feel of signing up for the next marathon each time I completed one.
Yes, I am keeping a close check on the RunSociety for the next half of the year 2018’s marathons. I am not too sure if I will still continue running for Sundown or 2XU for next year, however, I am interested to run for other marathons which I have not tried before. One of it is the Income Eco Run 2018.


Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore

#scms2017. This is the hash tag for this year Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore.

My last participation in the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore was in Year 2015, few months after I completed my Standard Chartered Marathon Malaysia. Both were 10KM marathons.

This year I signed up with my three ex colleagues who wanted to run for half marathon after our 2XU. Four of us registered when the early birds registration opened and with one of us has the Standard Chartered’s credit card, we got extra discounts. It was sort of a good deal with all these discounts. Back then, we would have six months to practise and prepare ourselves well.

Unfortunately, after my 8KM Big Farm Run at Choa Chu Kang in October, I did not practise for the half marathon because I fell sick with stomach flu for a week and my body got weaker.

I focused on my food intake a week before the marathon by taking mainly the pasta, breads and oats with milk.

The night before the marathon, I went to have a great Japanese food with my cousin and my aunt. Again, I loaded plenty of carbohydrates and the salmon which are recommended food for running and pre-marathon preparation. On the same night, I went to my friend’s house to stay overnight. She stayed pretty near to the city and we could walk to the starting point.

It was 4.00AM in the Sunday’s morning, we walked on the closed, emptied road toward Orchard Road, where the full and half marathons would be flagged off. At this wee hours, I could see people who just finished partying were sleeping or sitting at the bus stop to wind off while thousands of people heading down the road to run 21KM and 42KM marathon. What kind of silly thing to be done!

Even without the practise, I was grateful that my first 8KM with my friend’s friend and able to complete the marathon in the end. It is not my personal best timing at all.

I was able to surpass my 13KM marker before my legs started to stress up at 15KM. Also, I was able to surpass my 18KM marker before I completely walked at 19KM to 100m before the finishing line. I love running this marathon because we run like a king on four-lane roads.

Acting Cute?

말해!뭐해?(Tell me! What are you doing?), said my client. Well, he saw I was listening to this song when I paused the playlist from my Note3 and he said he was listening the same song as me. I was rolling my eyes 🙄 and he further showed his playlist to confirm it. It was kind of an ‘huh’ situation that I gave more 🙄🙄🙄 expression.

Rice Paper

Rice Paper
Address: 245 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia.

After walking on my own for quite a while, I texted my cousin asking for guide for food in Melbourne, and she suggested to me to look for the Vietnamese food which is quite famous with its beef noodle. Australian’s beef is great, so does the Vietnamese beef pho.

It is a must to try the beef pho when you are in Melbourne. There are plenty famous Vietnamese restaurants in the city, I went to the Rice Paper which is located at Swanston Street, not too far from where I was at that time. There were quite crowded when I went into the restaurant during the dinner time.

There is no issues ordering the food because the menu is in English and the waiters and waitresses are able to speak English too. Simply put down the order number on the order form and the food is ready within the 15 minutes wait. They provide complimentary hot tea serves in the big thermal flask.

Here is the picture of the beef pho which I was quite surprised by its portion, it is quite a lot for me. For this price, it is very worthy and satisfying. The beef is generous, well done and the noodle is springy. The soup broth is not oily and salty. I added some chili paste into my soup to bring up some spiciness. Their chili paste is good to go with the beef too.

Day 5: Melbourne City

Day 5: Melbourne City, Australia.

I was in the Melbourne city town on my own in the evening as I did not join my friend for the trip down to Philips Island for the Penguins tour. I took a tram from the St. Kilda to city after I went to the post office nearby my Airbnb’s apartment to post the postcards to my teammates and my client.

I posted a few postcards from Melbourne back to Singapore, Malaysia and South Korea for my closed friends too and one for myself. I think it is a great idea to do it every time I travelled to a place. I shall thank to my teammates who brought up this idea when I was in Tasmania.

When I reached the city, it started to rain quite heavily and I sought shelter at Southern Cross Train Station. I waited quite a while before the rain stopped. I started to walked around in the city by my own. I walked out from the Southern Cross Railway station and crossed the road. At one of its corners, I saw this black and white’s church and I took a picture of it. There are many churches around in this city.

It was cold and chilling evening. Everyone walked on the street, at that time, it was after the working hours and rain stopped. It was a peak, rush hour for the locals.

Just at this junction while I was waiting for the pedestrian’s green light, I suddenly have a strong feeling, I wanted to have a pair of warm hands to warm up mine and wish someone could walk with me by my side at that point of time. The feeling came into my mind naturally and I told my friend about it the following night. She told, I was in deep feeling and I tried to brush them off, by saying, “these are just illusions”.

The same feeling travelled with me back to Singapore and it lasted for about another one and half month before I realized it was purely illusion and I could carry on without it. Even now, sometimes, I will think again about this feeling and share it with other friends. However, there is no sign of having further development on it. I lay my trust on God to decide who the right man for me and I trust Him will send the man to me one day.

Queen Victoria Market Winter Festival

Queen Victoria Night Market Winter Festival,
Melbourne, Australia.

September 2017.
Upon reached Melbourne City, we went directly to the Queen Victoria Market to attend the Winter Festival Night Market. The event held on every Wednesdays and it was the only Wednesday we were in the city, so we could not miss it.

It was cold and drizzling night. A lot of people sat around the fireplace, eating, drinking and chatting with the friends. I stood there for a while as well while waiting for my friends finished their food. It was quite lovely and memorable moments.

I bought the seafood chowder from one of the stalls as the night was really cold and nice to have something popping hot for dinner. My friend bought a chicken and sweetcorn soup from the same stall and we took the picture together with our soups in front of the stall with the mountain of breads.

Below are all the food which we bought on that night. One of it was the charcoal grilled lamb which we watched how the workers of the stall preparing the grilled lamb on the spot at their stall.

It smelt great when we were standing at the stall queuing to buy the grilled lamb.

Tasmania Day 3: Dinner

I think I started to lose count which day we baked our own pizza for dinner. The first night we had our dinner outside where we ate plenty of big scallops, fishes and calamari rings. Well, I just named it as Tasmania Day 3: Dinner to begin my story.

The pizza dough was brought from the Farm Gate Market on Sunday, but we did not immediately bake them on the same day. As usual, we bought all of the ingredients for two large pizzas from the nearby supermarket. The closest to us in our Airbnb’s neighbourhood is Woolworth’s.

The first pizza was filled with a lot of pepperoni slices, sliced mushrooms and lots of cheese. The second pizza was filled sliced mushroom and vegetable, which I think is spinach. I cannot really remember it.

Both dough are thin crust and it is quite easy for us to handle and put it into the oven for baking. It is recommended to eat them straight away after being taken out from the oven. Since we were busy preparing food for the kids and ourselves, the pizza turned a bit soggy when we ate them and it was difficult to cut then into eight pieces perfectly with our knife. Maybe, we should have baked it last.

While we preparing the food for the kids which include some canned soups, the kids started eating our finger foods which we bought from the floating seafood stall, Flippers Cooked Seafood at Sullivans Cove. We went back to the same place to get more scallops and calamari rings for our dinner that night. Seriously, these scallops are very worth to go back to the stall and eat again.

It was a long and tired day after the dinner and that night, I spent the rest of my night talking over the phone with my friend in Malaysia through WhatsApp’s call. We talked about relationship because I brought up this topic went I texted her after my shower. It was my first time I dreamed of this person and it happened on the night before, I remembered it. I dream everyday, some I can remember and many of these dreams I do not remember after I wake up from my sleep.

The first words she told me upon hearing my story, she said in Cantonese, “You think about it during the day, you dream about it during the night”.

I felt weird because I was enjoying my holiday in Tasmania. I did not do a lot of works or reply emails which related to this person. Occasionally, I received messages from my colleagues who talked about this person, and this person just popped up in my dream. My conversation with my friend lasted for 2 hours or more and she concluded that I might like this person due to the surrounding situation, maybe I am not truly in love. I think so.