Poulet, Singapore.
Amazing French Roast Chicken.

Dinner time with two lovely girls. They picked this restaurant and it was my first visit. Being the first timer, I let both of the girls to pick the best ones, however, it was a little late when we reached the restaurant and some of the dishes finished.

We ordered the classic lemonade and ginger lemonade. The top view of the drink looks pretty good with the restaurant’s name as the background. I have no idea why the ginger lemonade has a piece of mint on it.

The two girls ordered the countryside mushroom soup, creamy and tasty.

I try something different that what is recommended. The Pissaladière – it is a classic dish from Provence.  I tried the Pissaladière de Poulét,  a puff pastry with its golden crust that was crispy to the bite. It has two types, I chose the chicken and another one is the mushroom. It is something unique to me, light yet filling.

My friend chose the signature dish, Poulet. The chicken or the drumstick looks tenders with the thick sauce on it. I believe it must be a very nice dish and it has a very good review on it.

Next, my another friend ordered the Salad de Canard Fume, a garden salad with smoked duck slices and raspberry dressing. The orange wedges and roasted pine nuts lent it a tangy flavour.

Since it was getting late and we did not spend much time to enjoy the food and drink to the fullnest. However, it is still a good dining experience here. Next time, if I visit the restaurant again, I will make sure I will try the Poulet and be there early to enjoy the signature dish to the fullness.

Address: Terminal 3, Changi International Airport, 65 Airport Blvd, Singapore.

Hotel Istana

Hotel Istana – Taman Sari Brasserie, Malaysia.
I was here with my aunt to have lunch together. Instead of going for the hi-tea, we ordered the ala-carte and it took quite sometime for it to be served as the waitress informed us before taking our orders.

While waiting for the food to be served, the waitress served us the Mushroom Soup from the hi-tea area with some breads. It is not part of the ala-carte order, so I guess it is their hotel courtesy to their customers who wait for their food to be ready.

Fish & Chips
It is quite surprising to see this Fish and Chips. How come so small fish? I have no idea too, and according to my aunt, her previous visit to the same restaurant and ordered the same Fish and Chips was quite a big piece.

I am not sure what kind of fish was used to cook this Fish and Chips, the fish, vegetables and fries were okay.

I ordered the Pasta with Bolognese sauce and it turned to be generous portion. It is beef bolognese sauce and the minced beef portion is reasonable.

Another ordered was the Assam Fish. I am sorry that I have taken the picture from my seat. According to my aunt’s friend, the Assam Fish was quite spicy and reasonable portion. They gave quite a lot of chilli sambal to eat with the rice too.

Address: Hotel Istana, 75, Jalan Raja Chulan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant

I was invited by my lunch buddies to have German food in Mid Valley. In the recent months, they have introduced their set lunch packages which includes a glass of drink and a selection of your main dish. You can add on soup or salad too.

According to my friend, this restaurant also offers pork knuckle. Perhaps, will try it out next time.

There were no lunch crowd when we visited the restaurant which is located at the ground floor, open al-fresco area outside the Mid Valley Megamall. We chose to sit at the centre of the restaurant.
Brotzeit German Bier Bar
Brotzeit German Bier Bar
Iced Lemon Tea
Their iced lemon tea goes without sugar and they provide a little jar of sugar liquid for us to add the level of sweetness as you like.
Brotzeit German Bier Bar
Mushroom Soup
We ordered and shared a bowl of mushroom soup together. Its mushroom soup was creamy and thick and it came with a small sliced of English bread. I liked the bread texture.
Brotzeit German Bier Bar
Mixed Sausages Platter
This is my main dish. It consisted of 3 different sausages with bread roll, salad and creamy mashed potatoes. The sausages were crispy and tasted good. It came with special sauces used for all main dishes.
Brotzeit German Bier Bar
Pork Fillet with Fries
It was another main dish ordered by my colleague. It looked quite little piece of pork fillet but it was filling after finished it.
Brotzeit German Bier Bar
We got a free dessert because of ordering a bowl of soup. I did not know what desserts it was.
Brotzeit German Bier Bar
Location : G(E)-018, Ground External Floor (nearby Boulevard Hotel) Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Hot Tomato

Hot Tomato, NEX, Serangoon

It was my first time visit NEX. It is a big shopping complex and it has a lot of restaurants to choose. I was here for dinner because of this restaurant was not having long queue at that time, around 7PM. I decided to go for the main set with add-on drink and soup of the day. Although, the queue was not long, the waiting time was a bit long. The drink and the soup took a while to be served after placed the order.

Iced Lemon Tea with Creamy Mushroom Soup
I liked the mushroom soup, it was creamy, thick and mushy and it always goes well with garlic bread. As for the Iced Lemon Tea was just normal, no additional comments for it.
Hot Tomato
Then the main dishes were included the Fish and Chips and Teriyaki Chicken Chop with Spaghetti. The Fish and Chips was garnished with cherry tomatoes and it looked slightly small portion because it was not whole fish fillet. I may sound greedy, however, its portion maybe just enough for kids.

Meanwhile, the Teriyaki Chicken Chop looked the same to me. It seemed that everything came in small portion and hardly satisfied the stomach. As for the taste, it was still acceptable. The Teriyaki sauce was enough for both of the chicken and spaghetti. It could not go without the sauce.
Hot Tomato
Hot Tomato

Location: NEX, 23 Serangoon Central Mall, #B1- 47, Singapore.
Ambiance: Spacious and noisy.
Rating: 2/5. Small portion and slight waiting time for food to be served.

Manhattan Fish Market

Manhattan Fish Market

It was a so-called team lunch with another colleague and my boss. We chose to order from the set menu for 1+2.

Mushroom soup
Manhattan Fish Market
Simple soup of the day. It was just nice and creamy.

Gummy Bear
Manhattan Fish Market
I have no idea what Gummy Bear drink is and a quick search from the Google, it shows me a cutey green creature. When it was served, it was in blue colour. I think it might be some cocktail drink… possible?


As our appetizer, it was just a normal garden salad with salad dressing.

Scallop Americana

Sweet and juicy scallops sautéed with capsicums with a hint of black pepper makes this a wonderful pasta to savor. It was a little oily as you could see the oil left on the plate after finished eating it. However, the taste was good and appetizing.

Fisherman’s Platter

Delight in a crispy whole fish or your choice between barramundi or tilapia, covered in savory Spicy Seafood dip, accompanied by the delicious Manhattan Flaming Prawns, Garlic Herb mussels and crispy whitebait.

It was very big in portion with rice, fries and vegetables too. It was very filling especially the fries and rice. The taste of this dish was average for me.

Location : LG-060 Lower Ground Floor, Mid Valley Megamall, Lingakaran Syed Putra, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Garden Lifestyle Store and Cafe

Since, I have not tried this restaurant before, I decided to try it with my lunch buddies.

The theme of this restaurant is white in colour and the interior decoration is pretty nice, calm and relaxing. I saw a grand piano in the middle of the restaurant, so I think once a while there will be a pianist playing some beautiful songs for its customers.

Hmm, its presentation needs some improvement 🙂

Okay, the set lunch comes with a soup as appetizer,  a main dish of your choice and a salad and fruit. Simple yet filling, that is good.

Mushroom Soup

Creamy Spaghetti (Beef with sliced mushroom)
It comes with some salad and fruit. My colleagues tried the beef bacon.

Creamy Spaghetti (Chicken ham with sliced mushroom)
This is my choice of main dish. It comes with some salad and fruit. Overall taste is just normal.

From my personal views, the food is just normal (perhaps I have not tried others which are more tastier than this?). Their service is greatly need improvement because we waited quite long to be served for our food.

During our second visit, we waited quite long for our drink to be refilled. I have no idea whether their waiters and waitresses are too busy to handle the crowd or simple ignoring customers’ requests.

F-001 First Floor, Mid Valley Megamall, 59200, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Sweet Chat

Weekday Specials start from RM9.90nett. We headed down to this restaurant which is situated at Level 1, South Court, Mid Valley Megamall. During the lunch time, it is quite crowded because this restaurant located next to the entrance of Menara IGB.
Sweet Chat
My colleague ordered this Mushroom Soup. It looked pretty thick and creamy soup for me. So, how it tasted? According to her comment, it was quite okay. For RM8.90, you may consider it if you just want to have something light to eat.

As for main dishes, please continue read below…

Spaghetti with Black Pepper Chicken. Nice presentation 🙂 I can see how much effect the chef puts on this plate of spaghetti, however, there is no comment about it.
Sweet Chat
Baked Macaroni Cheese. Cheesy is definitely and the portion is pretty generous. However, I did not know how it tasted.
Sweet Chat
Curry Laksa Noodle smells good whenever I pass by this restaurant. For my first time visit, I tried this noodle. I could not choose the type of noodle. So, by default it is using yellow noodle Shanghai noodle. It is pretty surprised for me to see wanton inside this laksa noodle. The rest of the ingredients were those normal ones which included long beans, beancurd and chicken. The only drawback was the noodle was over-cooked. Even on my second time trying this noodle, the noodle texture remained same and the wanton was a bit lost of freshness.
Sweet Chat
I wanted to re-order the Curry Laksa Noodle on my second visit but it was sold out so the waiter replaced it with Nyonya Laksa. It is a little big disappointed as the taste and aroma are not as good as the Curry Noodle. The ingredients were pretty generous with 3 fresh medium sized prawns, some beancurb, fish cakes and bean sprouts.
Sweet Chat
During our first visit, they were having promotion with spending more than RM60.00, we can get free dessert. Choices are banana pancake and durian pancake. We picked durian pancake. I am sorry to say, I am not a durian fan! So, I skipped this.
Sweet Chat
The durian smell was so strong 😛 So, my advise is after eating it, please get something for mouth refreshment.
Sweet Chat
If you wish to add on for dessert or drink at RM1.99.
Sweet Chat

For more reviews, you can visit the below link too,

Address: Lot F-079, First Floor, South Court, Mid Valley Megamall, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.