Day 179

Yesterday’s night, I spent my evening with my friend walking from Kallang to Geylang for hearty dessert before we continued our walk all the way to Kembangan MRT before going home. Throughout the whole journey, we talked a lot of things, from work to life and relationship. She shared her stories, her sisters’ stories and her friends’ stories to convinced me, sometimes I should just create my own opportunity instead of waiting it to happen one day or just pray hard to the God everyday, hope things will just turn up in front of us.

Today’s little baby step surprised me with an immediate reply which seemed to reading my mind. I shared the conversation with my friend. My friend did not come surprised by the answer. Now, I have to spend a bit time to search where the venue to be. I shall praise the Lord for His blessing. I believed the prayer I made this morning was listened by Him and He provided what I wanted when, I was wondering how I could do it when it seemed not a right time.