Pizza Making Days

The past week, I have been practising at my kitchen’s oven to bake pizza by using the frozen pizza dough that I bought from the Fairprice supermarket. Unlike in some Western countries, fresh pizza dough can be brought from the markets. In Singapore, I think we have fewer options, either we buy the frozen ones from the supermarkets, or we make our own pizza dough at home.

I used the Prego’s Italian pasta sauce for the base of the pizza together with cheddar cheese. The main ingredient is the chicken ham that I bought from Fairprice too.

You can choose to have different ingredients that you like to put on top of the pizza. And you can put more! Other than chicken ham, I put green peppers, tomatoes and onions as well. Once I get the pizza ready, I preheated the oven, put the pizza into the oven and bake for 7 minutes at 200°c. I followed the instructions stated in the pizza dough’s packaging.

I think pizza is easy to make and it does not require to follow the recipes except you want to make your own pizza dough. The pizza main ingredients are based on your favourite ingredients. For example, you can have chicken, tuna or beef. For the sauce, you can go for the white sauce as well and for the taste, you can put some pepper, mixed herbs, or just go with the pasta sauce and cheese, they are flavourful already.

For my own convenience, I lightly cut the pizza dough so that I can easily eat the pizza after baking.  

On the other day, my housemate spared his leftover pizza ingredients for me, and I tried to make a Hawaiian ham and sausages pizza on the Gardenia’s wrap. It was exciting that we can use prata, wrap or bread as our pizza dough. I loved to have some barbecue sauce on top of the pizza, so each pizza I put some of it, and at times I put the chilli flakes to bring up the taste.

I tried to bake the wrap for 3 minutes at 200°c also, and the pizza turned out to be crispy at the edges and soft at the centre of the wrap. I felt it was a successful attempt for myself. The texture and taste of the wrap are the same as the pizza dough. So far, I got to try making the pizza with frozen pizza dough and wraps. My housemate tried to use the prata as replacement of the pizza dough and it worked for my housemate.


The Nasi Lemak Pizza, a locally inspired, nasi lemak favor pizza. You can try this pizza at DePizza, which situated next to the Singapore River at Raffles Place. The restaurant is on the second floor facing the Singapore River.

The pizza comes with sambal paste as the sauce base of the thin crust pizza. So, it is a little bit spicy for some of the people. It topples with cucumber slices, some chicken meat, slices of an egg, and some anchovies.

According to a food blogger, the homemade sambal sauce was impressive, that is quite okay. The blogger mentions that “the fragrance of the pandan and coconut cream was also strong enough to cut through the denser cheese.” I did not entirely agree with it because I did not get the taste of having some coconut cream together with sambal paste. (Reference:

I am not sure whether the cheese has overtaken the pandan and coconut cream smell. Besides that, the waiter took very long to serve us the Nasi Lemak Pizza. I think they need to improve their services a lot.

We ordered the mushroom-based pizza that is most likely is a vegetarian Additional order is the truffle fries. The texture of the fries is quite hard, maybe it deep-fried too long. It did not taste good, and it was such a waste with truffle on top of the fries. Maybe, if you can find a pizza crust from the supermarket, you can do it yourself at home.

This experience made me recall the days when I was in Tasmania, where I bought the pizza dough and made my pizza. If I can find the thin pizza crust from the supermarket, I am sure I can try to make a pizza with my oven. It is because the ingredients used to make these pizza seem to be simple, just like the mushrooms pizza below. I quite like this pizza as compared to the Nasi Lemak pizza.

Address: 35A Boat Quay, Singapore 049824

Cafe Salivation

One of the TechLadies’ team meetup at this vegetarian cafe at Little India, Singapore. It features Western-style food such as pasta, lasagna, pizza and etc. An interesting item in the drink menu caught my attention and one of my teammates tried it too. The sugarless sweet potato latte. There is no trace of coffee but very strong sweet potato smell, even after mixed with the cinnamon powder.

The presentation needs a lot of improvement as the place and cup holder look very redundant and the table is quite small to put so many things on it when the food is served. We shared the potato skins which is strong with spices taste.

The pizza looks quite good and big in portion. It is not supposed to be in thin crust but we requested it to be thin crust instead. It can be shared with a few people.

Another great dish good for sharing is the spinach lasagna which I cannot manage to finish it all by myself. I did not expect it to be such a big portion and we did not think of sharing it initially. Generally, it tastes good but a little too cheesy for me. It is really filling.

Address: Cafe Salivation, 176 Race Course Rd, Singapore 218607.


Address: 114 Lavender St #01-15 CT Hub 2 Singapore, 338729.

I would like to share my Deliveroo’s dine-in experience with food from Aloha Poke and Dapaolo. It is located at CT Hub 2, Lavender, Singapore. You can probably spot it during the lunch time where a lot of pick ups happened during that time and you can see some crowds. Other than that, it is located at level 1 of the empty rows of shoplots.

You can check out their Click & Collect’s menu from the mobile application. Here is my reviews for the following 2 restaurants I tried recently.
Aloha Poke

It is specialized in Poke bowl, serving healthy raw fish, salad and superfood. I ordered the Lil’ Swell from their menu. The size of the bowl seems to be medium with 1 single scoop of Mentai Salmon with the based of the salads, mixed white rice and brown rice. You can choose 2 sides such as fish roe, cherry tomatoes and many more. Then, a single selection of superfood such as avocado and quail egg. There is an option to choose with or without salad dressing too.

It is quite big bowl of salad when it served, so mix it well before eating it, sometimes it can be a little messy. Overall, it is healthy, delicious and no complaint.


It serves Italian food such as freshly made pizza and pasta. We ordered the Meat Lover Pizza, which consists of salami and baked ham with bolognese sauce and mozzarella on a thin crust. When it was served hot, it was cheesy and yummy.

During one of our visits, they treated us with free ice-creams from Ben & Jerry’s.

This branch has some of the kitchens located within the same shop, therefore, there is no delivery charges, you can have it immediately after it is served and you can collect points from every purchases using your Ez-link card. Although the price is quite expensive, once a while treat yourself with good food is important too.

Tasmania Day 3: Dinner

I think I started to lose count which day we baked our own pizza for dinner. The first night we had our dinner outside where we ate plenty of big scallops, fishes and calamari rings. Well, I just named it as Tasmania Day 3: Dinner to begin my story.

The pizza dough was brought from the Farm Gate Market on Sunday, but we did not immediately bake them on the same day. As usual, we bought all of the ingredients for two large pizzas from the nearby supermarket. The closest to us in our Airbnb’s neighbourhood is Woolworth’s.

The first pizza was filled with a lot of pepperoni slices, sliced mushrooms and lots of cheese. The second pizza was filled sliced mushroom and vegetable, which I think is spinach. I cannot really remember it.

Both dough are thin crust and it is quite easy for us to handle and put it into the oven for baking. It is recommended to eat them straight away after being taken out from the oven. Since we were busy preparing food for the kids and ourselves, the pizza turned a bit soggy when we ate them and it was difficult to cut then into eight pieces perfectly with our knife. Maybe, we should have baked it last.

While we preparing the food for the kids which include some canned soups, the kids started eating our finger foods which we bought from the floating seafood stall, Flippers Cooked Seafood at Sullivans Cove. We went back to the same place to get more scallops and calamari rings for our dinner that night. Seriously, these scallops are very worth to go back to the stall and eat again.

It was a long and tired day after the dinner and that night, I spent the rest of my night talking over the phone with my friend in Malaysia through WhatsApp’s call. We talked about relationship because I brought up this topic went I texted her after my shower. It was my first time I dreamed of this person and it happened on the night before, I remembered it. I dream everyday, some I can remember and many of these dreams I do not remember after I wake up from my sleep.

The first words she told me upon hearing my story, she said in Cantonese, “You think about it during the day, you dream about it during the night”.

I felt weird because I was enjoying my holiday in Tasmania. I did not do a lot of works or reply emails which related to this person. Occasionally, I received messages from my colleagues who talked about this person, and this person just popped up in my dream. My conversation with my friend lasted for 2 hours or more and she concluded that I might like this person due to the surrounding situation, maybe I am not truly in love. I think so.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut, Taman Maluri, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Just like normal Sunday, we will head out for lunch especially whenever I am back in KL. It is more convenient for me to settle my lunch outside and get prepared to leave for Singapore. One of the choices is the Pizza Hut. We ordered the set lunch for two persons which consists of a bowl of spaghetti, a pan pizza, a side dish and two mushroom soups.

Their Chicken Bolognese is very delicious, saucy and rich. I like it and will prefer the pasta to be cooked al-dente.

The side dish for this visit, we are able to try something new from Pizza Hut. They offer the creamy fondue with garlic bread. It looks pretty good with the presentation. The creamy fondue is rich and it goes well with garlic bread. Eating the garlic bread alone, do not have much taste, unlike the traditional garlic breads.

Address: 52, Jalan Jejaka, Taman Maluri, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Pizza Hut

On the eve of the Chinese New Year, I went to the Pizza Hut to grab my late lunch with my aunt. We bought two sets of combo 2 which consists of a personal pizza and a bowl of mushroom soup. It costs MYR7.90 for this promotion combo set.
Pizza Hut
We chose chicken sausages and sliced chicken for our pizza.

It is really a simple pizza with chicken sausages and chicken ham, cubed pineapples and different sauces. The mushroom soup which I think could be instant mushroom soup and it is thick.

Cucina Italian

First time to explore this new shopping centre called, Aperia Mall which also has office tower that houses some big companies such as Intel, McDonald’s (according to a website’s information, This shopping centre is not crowded with people at the moment and there are plenty restaurants around.

The first restaurant I tried is called Cucina, an Italian restaurant which is located at the 2nd floor of the shopping centre. During our visit, they were doing the 1-for-1 promotion and five of us tried their promotion offers and ordered other side dishes too.

Their dishes do not come with drinks and we have to order our own drinks, and even if you choose to have plain water, they do charge for plain water.

Duck Confit – gently sumptuous duck leg with berries sauce infused. Among all the dishes that we ordered, this is the nicest. The duck meat and the sauce go well together with the rest of the side vegetables.

Grilled Salmon fillet with special cocktail sauce. It is another nice main dish which we ordered, however, the fillet is quite small. It would be better if they gave us a bigger piece, judging by the price they charged us.

Grilled Ribeye with red wine sauce, tastes normal when I compared it with the above two other dishes.

Pizza al fruitti di mare – mussels, prawns, squids and tomatoes. The pizza is very cheesy and the ingredients are not many. I am not sure if my portion of pizza do not have all the ingredients on top of it.

Parma ham rolled is the starter which we ordered. I was told that it is a must to try when visiting an Italian restaurant.

Overall, the food here is still okay and acceptable for a try.

Address: Cucina Italian, #02-10, Aperia,12 Kallang Ave, Singapore.

Rendezvous Steak Golden Restaurant

It is located at Jalan Kampung Pandan, Taman Maluri, nearby my house. It is next to the Chinese restaurant, Golden Dragonboat. Last time, I heard my cousin said it’s very cheap to eat there and it has a quite nice ambiance.

It was my first visit since it opened for many years. The environment at night was just nice as it was just after the heavy rain. I saw it has a little fountain at the middle of the restaurant. Besides that, I also saw it have some singing equipments at one side of the restaurant. I think they have live band once a while.

We ordered coleslaw and salad as starters. The coleslaw served in the glass, it’s uniquely presented and I quite like it.

The salad is quite normal with thousand island sauce and we tasted some chili taste mixed in the sauce.

It followed by our main dishes. The pizza, I don’t know what pizza it is, the size is small. It looks smaller than the pizza from Pizza Hut. However, the taste is quite nice because it has a lot of cheese.

And, I tried this Grilled Fish with Lemon sauce. The dory fish is fresh and quite big piece with some chips and vegetable. It is better to go for grilled fish as it’s less oily.