Domino Pizza

Domino Pizza maybe a second choice to many people when you want to eat pizza. During my recent visit to this Domino Pizza shop, I have found my new taste and I think it is still worth to pay a visit again. The set for 4 persons which consists of a bowl of salad, two regular pizzas of your choices, a plate ofΒ  spicy tom yam chicken and a plate of garlic twisted breads. This set allows you to buy add-on food or drinks at cheaper price. You may add-on a carbonated drink or a bowl of soup. We all chose the mushroom soup and it is refillable. Haha, I have not seen any pizza shop offering this refillable mushroom soup. And this mushroom soup is thick, I like it!

Next, the salad bowl. It is a common coleslaw that you can find it anywhere.

The Crunchy and CrispyΒ  Chicken in Tom Yam favour. The chicken meat is soft inside but crunchy outside. It is also well marinated with the tom yam paste. Thumb up!
Thumbs up

The BBQ Chicken Pizza. I quite like this pizza because of its bbq sauce on top of it.

The Seafood Pizza just tasted normal for me πŸ™‚

The twisted garlic bread. Yummy πŸ™‚ I like its texture very much and it is just nice to eat without or with the mushroom soup. It is totally different than the normal bread sticks or garlic breads.
Thumbs up

LG-012, Lower Ground, Mid Valley.