Aqueen Hotel Lavender

Address: 139 Lavender Street, 338739, Singapore.

The hotel’s coffee house often do promotion for set lunch and this visit, it was a buy 4 free 1 offer. And, it has been a while we did not visit this restaurant for lunch. Their menu changed for this visit. They used to serve the coffee and tea, however, right now they serve soft drinks only.

The set lunch comes with a bowl of soup which we can self-service from the counter and a pudding dessert. They have improved their mushroom soup’s quality with additional mushrooms inside the soup. Last time, we always think it their mushroom soup is made directly from the canned soup. At least for now, it made some effort to make the soup better.

My main course for the day is the pan-fried salmon in teriyaki sauce with mashed potatoes and salad with Japanese dressing. It looked pretty well presented. The salmon itself is well-tasted, not over-cooked and if you want extra taste, teriyaki sauce goes well too.

By the way, today is Valentines’ day. Wishing everyone has a great evening on this special day!


Sumire Yakitori House

Sumire Yakitori House
Address: 80 Middle Rd, #01-88/89, 188966 Singapore.

I visited this Japanese restaurant earlier this month, hours before my half marathon with my cousin and my aunt. I asked my friend for a suggestion of Japanese restaurants in town with reasonable price. She told me to go Sumire Yakitori House, which she brought me here last year after my NUS’ event.

We chose from the set lunch menu. We added ala-carte flame-seared salmon sushi rolls and hot green tea.

Salmon Nishoku Chirashi Gozen
It consists of sushi rice bowl with sushi sashimi, flame-seared salmon, salad with shredded chicken, chawanmushi and miso soup.

The set lunch serving is generous and filling. The salmon is fresh. The chawanmushi, miso soup and salad are the common Japanese side dishes.


유가네(Yoogane): The most popular Chicken Galki in Korea which is originated from Busan. You can find it in Singapore which are located in Bugis Junction and WestGate.

I bumped into this restaurant by accident. I did not know how famous it is before entering this restaurant. But hey, I have new discoveries and it is lunch time, everywhere is full with people, so does this restaurant. I went through their menu which is available on their restaurant’s wall too and decided to try the basic entry for a try.

Chicken marinated galki set with chicken meat, cabbages, potatoes and rice cakes. It is not spicy though it looks like. The chicken is well marinated. It is not small portion as it is filling and good enough for one person.

In Seoul, somehow you do not have to worry that you do not know how to cook it, the staffs will handle it for us and they are more than willing to help us up and doing the job. Now, it is ready to be served. They gave me an apron to wear before they start cooking. I do not know why…
Location: 유가네(Yoogane), 명동, 서울.


A random lunch with colleagues and we ended up at Tonkichi which my colleague said it is the best in Tampines. It was my second time being here if not mistaken. My first time was with my “fans” for lunch too. It was a great moment spent back then. I miss them so much.

The interior and environment of the restaurant are great and relaxing. The place where we sat was quite quiet too and left us having a great moment together for a wonderful lunch.

I tried the daily lunch set as it is the most easy one to choose without having to think so much. It is a salmon set. For other set meal, you can refill the salad. It goes well with the peanut sesame sauce.
The set meal is delicious and tasty. It is a satisfying lunch meal with some side dishes including chawanmushi, pickles and desserts.

Address: #03-26/27 Tampines Mall, 4 Tampines Central 5, Singapore.

Pulau Ketam Yong Tau Foo

Pulau Ketam Yong Tau Foo is one of the few stalls that sell yong tau foo in Mid Valley and The Gardens Mall. It is the best yong tau foo stall among the rest of it. It is because of the yong tau foo itself. It is big piece, stuffed with generous meat, instantly and freshly made at their tiny little stall in Lower Ground of The Gardens Mall.
Pulau Ketam Yong Tau Foo
Their set lunch comes with a glass of drink. You can choose either to have 3 or 5 pieces. If you wish to order ala-crate, you can do so. Either you choose to have plain soup, curry based soup or sesame sauce, they are nice and tasty. I prefer the curry soup and sesame sauce. The aroma of the curry soup is irresistible and it goes well with the meehoon and hor fun. Chee cheung fun goes well with sesame sauce and they put a lot of white sesame too.

I used to eat here very often with my customer services team and their manager. It was a great time where we spent time together and talked for all sort of things during the lunch time.

Address: LG-K-13B, Lower Ground Floor, The Gardens, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur.
Ambiance: Noisy and crowded area. The eating place is very limited at this corner. And there is a lot of people queuing for yong tau foo during lunch time. It is either you go there very early before lunch or slightly late during lunch time.
Rating: 4/5. Wide ranges of yong tau foo selection, curry soup is aromatic, still value for money and it is a place where you can pay less than RM10.00 for a lunch.

Sweet Chat

Weekday Specials start from RM9.90nett. We headed down to this restaurant which is situated at Level 1, South Court, Mid Valley Megamall. During the lunch time, it is quite crowded because this restaurant located next to the entrance of Menara IGB.
Sweet Chat
My colleague ordered this Mushroom Soup. It looked pretty thick and creamy soup for me. So, how it tasted? According to her comment, it was quite okay. For RM8.90, you may consider it if you just want to have something light to eat.

As for main dishes, please continue read below…

Spaghetti with Black Pepper Chicken. Nice presentation 🙂 I can see how much effect the chef puts on this plate of spaghetti, however, there is no comment about it.
Sweet Chat
Baked Macaroni Cheese. Cheesy is definitely and the portion is pretty generous. However, I did not know how it tasted.
Sweet Chat
Curry Laksa Noodle smells good whenever I pass by this restaurant. For my first time visit, I tried this noodle. I could not choose the type of noodle. So, by default it is using yellow noodle Shanghai noodle. It is pretty surprised for me to see wanton inside this laksa noodle. The rest of the ingredients were those normal ones which included long beans, beancurd and chicken. The only drawback was the noodle was over-cooked. Even on my second time trying this noodle, the noodle texture remained same and the wanton was a bit lost of freshness.
Sweet Chat
I wanted to re-order the Curry Laksa Noodle on my second visit but it was sold out so the waiter replaced it with Nyonya Laksa. It is a little big disappointed as the taste and aroma are not as good as the Curry Noodle. The ingredients were pretty generous with 3 fresh medium sized prawns, some beancurb, fish cakes and bean sprouts.
Sweet Chat
During our first visit, they were having promotion with spending more than RM60.00, we can get free dessert. Choices are banana pancake and durian pancake. We picked durian pancake. I am sorry to say, I am not a durian fan! So, I skipped this.
Sweet Chat
The durian smell was so strong 😛 So, my advise is after eating it, please get something for mouth refreshment.
Sweet Chat
If you wish to add on for dessert or drink at RM1.99.
Sweet Chat

For more reviews, you can visit the below link too,

Address: Lot F-079, First Floor, South Court, Mid Valley Megamall, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Sushi Tei

Few months back, I met an old college-mate at Sushi Tei for dinner. It was my first visit and I did not know what I wanted to eat. My friend asked whether I wanted to eat rice or noodle. Finally, I decided to order the Chicken Katsu Udon.
Sushi Tei

It gives quite generous amount of udon and the soup is not oily. The crispy fried chicken tastes normal for me. 🙂 Here is some close up of the udon and the fried chicken.
Sushi Tei
Sushi Tei

Ramen with Seaweed
A bowl of simple ramen with seaweed and 2 pieces of fish cake. As usual, the soup based is not oily and the noodle portion is generous. However, the amounts of seaweed and fish cakes were too little, made me felt it was too plain.
Sushi Tei

As for the sushi, I did not try much and I just ate one of these only. So, there is no comment for sushi.
Sushi Tei
Sushi Tei
Sushi Tei

If you are looking for set lunch, they also offer bento sets. One of the bento set is this one,
Sushi Tei

It consists of the cold soba, sushi and some side dishes which include the miso soup and chawanmushi. It is quite worth to try out this set if you like to eat sushi.

Go to Japanese restaurant, it must complete with a cup of green tea and I like hot ocha.

Address: Lot LG-210, Lower Ground Floor, The Gardens, Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.