Pad Woonsen (Thai Fried Glass Noodle)

During this circuit breaker period in Singapore, many of us are trying our hand to do some home-cooked food for the family. And, I am trying to improve my cooking skill too. There is a lot of recipes being shared by people since I joined the home-cooked Facebook group.

Thai cuisine

In this article, I am sharing my experience cooking the Thai food called Pad Woonsen, a Thai fried glass noodle. I followed the recipe from Marion’s Kitchen, refer below for the recipe’s link. She is one of my favourite chefs.


I used the chicken meat, cut into small cubes, and marinated it with salt and pepper. I would recommend marinating the meat for at least 30 minutes before cooking. Then, I sliced an onion, shredded a carrot, and chopped some garlic cloves. Also, I prepared an egg and some spring onions that use for garnishing. On the other hand, I soaked a bunch of glass noodle into warm-hot water, not boiling water for about 8 to 10 minutes until it tendered. Drain the water and set it aside for cooking later. Before I started cooking, I made the stir-fry sauce which consisted of some oyster sauce, 2 tablespoons (tbsp) of fish sauce (* essential ingredient) and a bit of dark soy sauce (the thicker type of soy sauce). You may want to adjust the among of oyster sauce based on your tastebud. Now, we are ready for cooking.

Start Cooking

It started with stir-frying the garlic and onions for about a minute until it was fragrant. Then, I added the marinated chicken meat and stir-fried together with onions and garlic for another few minutes, until the chicken meat well-cooked. I like cooking the garlic along with the chicken meat because I want the chicken meat absorbs the garlic’s aroma while cooking. Next ingredient was putting in the carrots to stir-fry before adding the egg into the middle of the pan. As per suggested, I spread the egg out and allowed them to set before breaking them up and tossing them thoroughly with the rest of the ingredients. Lastly, I added the glass noodle and the sauce, stirred until well mixed. You can cut the glass noodle into the small threads before putting it into the pan because it is easier to toss them together. You can further adjust the taste by adding some salt, pepper or sugar.

Before off the fire, I garnished the glass noodle with some chopped spring onions. For this spring onions, I cut them into about 3 centimetres long. I got a colourful pad woonsen served hot in my bowl.

My verdict

The overall taste of the glass noodle was good, I controlled the saltiness level of the stir-frying sauce that consisted of the fish sauce and oyster sauce. You can try to follow this recipe below.


Soi 47

The last round Soi 47 with my usual lunch kakis as another one of us left the company to further studies at UniSim this coming April. Rather than the normal dishes we ordered, this round we tried a few new dishes and two of three dishes we tried were from the displayed pictures on their counter.

Visual impact I think…

Pork Skewers 3 pieces

As per told by the waitress, it just has 3 pieces. We just want to try the taste so it is fine and we cut them into half. The pork meat is well marinated, tender and juicy, I hope it is really juicy, instead of oily. Can consider to order it if as a side dish.

Fried Chicken Skin
Sinful appetizer or side dish recommended by my colleagues which should not be ordered often, I think. However, it is chicken skin fried to its maximum of crispiness and just dip it into the Thai chili sauce or eat it plain will do.

Mango Salad

Another appetizer of the day seems to be in a little pathetic portion. Is the mango expensive lately? Other than the sauce tastes good to go with the shredded green mango, it has nothing to impress me to order it again in the future.

We ordered the Prawns Tang Hoon but I did not take the picture of it. It was the second time I tried the dish and unfortunately, it was not tasted as good as the first time and the tang hoon was too wet for my liking. Otherwise, it is great dish to replace the normal plain rice.

111 King George’s Ave, Singapore 208559.

Soi 47

Soi 47, 111 King George’s Ave, Singapore 208559.

The Soi 47, which is located at King George’s Ave nearby the Lavender MRT station, is the second branch after the successful one at Lorong 6, Toa Payoh. I was introduced to this Thai restaurant by a food blogger who shared the news about the restaurant’s second branch at King George’s Ave last month.

It opens barely for less than a month, it has a lot of patrons to this restaurant which located closely to the office buildings and HDB neighbourhood. My colleagues and I decided to try out this restaurant a day before the Raya holiday. It was pretty new and less crowded back then 🙂

One of their signature fish dishes on their menu, the steamed Seabass with Thai lime sauce. It is worth for a try as the sauce is really good and tasty. The fish was well cooked when it was served and slowly heated up by the fire to keeping the fish hot. It does make the sauce slight tastier after that but do not take too long to finish it else the fish will overcook.

I could stop having the fish and the sauce that my colleagues could not finish it ^_^

For the first time, we tried the crispy fried chicken with sweet lime sauce. The thick sauce over the crispy fried chicken maintained it juiciness inside. However, the portion is a bit small for four persons. However, if you order with some other dishes, it is just nice as you can try different dishes in small portion.

The clear Tom Yam with seafood which consists of fried fish, prawns, mussels and cuttlefish cooked with lemongrass and small chilies padi. In my opinion it is better than Beer Thai at Golden Mile Complex. We let the soup kept boiling and it is kicking, however, it is not salty. 

Usually we will order the fried kangkung with sambal, the basic one which we can get it anywhere, they do have fried kangkung with garlic. The fragrance of fried garlic made it worthy to go without sambal. You may want to balance your taste with something neutral after having the tom yam soup and the lime sauce.

For dessert, we ordered the sticky mango and a bowl of cold red ruby. Both are favourite and famous Thai desserts. It is using sliced jackfruit and water chestnut coated with red colouring tapioca flour, boiled in the hot water, combined with coconut milk, sugar syrup and ice.

Last but no least, iced Thai milk tea can go with or without. It is not too sweet style as the usual local Thai milk tea does.


The recommended appetizer, the shrimp cakes come in 3 pieces, which we cut them into smaller pieces for everyone to enjoy. Served hot, smell good and go great with the sauce. 

It is a recommendation from the waiter who served us. It is well marinated with some familiar ingredients which my aunt used to use in cooking. Truly a home cooked style, simple and good for a try although it is not a fantastically great for second time.

After the long wait for the fried basil chicken rice, it was served with a beautiful sunrise fried egg on top of the white rice. The basil chicken is not spicy, tasted normal and can still be improved.

Address: 91 Bencoolen Street Sunshine Plaza, Singapore 189652.

Greyhound Cafe

Greyhound Cafe Malaysia.
Address: Ansa Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

It is my second visit to this cafe and restaurant which is located at the Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. During my first visit, I tried their desserts with a friend and this time I tried their main courses with another three friends. It was our gathering after some three years we did not meet up because of busy with working life.

Spicy Spaghetti Thai Style
Pasta cooks in Thai style is quite normal in a Thai restaurant if they serve fusion food. I satisfied with this pasta. It is delicious and not very spicy. Using the angel hair stir-fries with meat, mushroom, cherry tomatoes, peppercorns, basil leaves and of course chilies. It is worthy to give a try on this Thai fusion pasta.

Spaghetti with Crab Meat with Prawn Cream Sauce
Having such a long name, this main course was being recommended by their waiter during our visit. My friend ordered it and no complaints about it. I think it should be delicious too because of the combination of the prawn cream sauce with crab meat.

Minced Chicken with Sweet Basil and Hot Chilies.
This is the most popular dish in Thailand whenever we visit Thailand’s street food. It cooks with minced chicken meat, serves with a sunshine (fried egg) on top of the rice. It comes with a bowl of soup too.

And lastly, we shared the chicken wings together as our snack (actually it is our appetizer but we ate it after our meals).

Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant

Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant, Golden Mile Complex, Singapore. 
Sometimes ago, I went to search for restaurants that serve nice, authentic and reasonable price for Thai food in Golden Mile Complex after my friends suggested to meet up there. I short-listed the Nong Khai Beer House and Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant and suggested my friends to look for a table in either one of these restaurants. They selected Nong Khai instead. During my next visit to the Golden Mile Complex, I decided to try Diandin Leluk to check out their food with my cousin.

Mango Salad is one of the first dishes that we ordered. It is appetizing because of the sourness from the mango salad sauce and the green mango itself. They put a bit red chili so it is a bit spicy. If not mistaken Nong Khai’s waiter asked my friend before how spicy we wanted our mango salad last time 🙂

The green milk tea taste is just right, not too sweet and not too strong milk tea. As the ice melt, the drink maintains it tastes. Meanwhile, my cousin told me her lemongrass drink is boiled mild lemongrass water and added syrup. 😦

Next, the clear tom yam soup with seafood is served. It looks pretty good, right? It is generous with ingredients such as fish, squids, prawns and vegetables such as mushroom, tomato, red onions and lemongrass. My first sip of the tom yam soup is a little disappointed because it tastes salty. Where is the hot and sour favours?

The Pad Thai and Hot Basil Chicken Rice are served. The presentation of both food is not really appealing especially my hot basil chicken rice with a fried egg and my photo is not well taken and I am not able to share it here. The taste for both the Pad Thai and the rice are just normal and plenty of improvement is needed because I tried the hot basil chicken rice served by 7-11 in Pattaya and it tasted better than this one.

Address: #01-67/68/69, Golden Mile Complex, 5001 Beach Rd, Singapore 199588.

Sutyot Kuetiau Lua Payak Thai Bangkok

Sutyot Kuetiau Lua Payak Thai Bangkok

I went to try this highly recommended, best Thai Boat Noodle which I found from some of the food bloggers. It is my first Thai boat noodle in Bangkok and I am not sure if this is the real authentic one. There are few different types of soup based offered by this stall which is located at the back of the shop-lots. You may not see it from the front row of the shops if you get down from the overhead bridge. Just walk inside the small side lane. Alternatively, you can go through the Soi Roy Ran at the Victory Monument.

We tried all the three different soup based and with different type of noodles. What soup based do they have and how much does it cost for this small bowl of noodle? Below is the price and the soup that they have.

Personally, I prefer the thick soup over the sour soup. And, their soup is not spicy at all. So, where does the spiciness comes from? Maybe, we need to add our own chili. Their thick soup is thickening clear soup and it is different than the one I tried in Singapore, Noodle Cafe – Thai Boat Noodle.

They have limited side dishes, we chose to have the fried dumplings which turned out to be some fried wanton skin. I do not eat see if there is any meat inside. It is just crispy wanton skins.

For 12 baht a bowl and able to try everything on the menu, it is still reasonable and different experience over here in Bangkok.

Noodle Cafe – Thai Boat Noodle

Noodle Cafe – Thai Boat Noodle, Sim Lim Square, Singapore.

Since I just back from Bangkok for about 1 week or so, I would like to write about my Bangkok trip and the food that I have tried during my short trip in Bangkok. Many of the food that I tried in Bangkok are based on the recommendations from the fellow Singaporean bloggers. And, I would like to compare those recommended ones with those that I tried in Singapore.

This entry marks the first type of Thai food that I would like to compare. It is my second time to try boat noodle in Singapore and first time in Bangkok.

For the second time of trying the boat noodle, I was greeted with the spiciness of the soup which they marked as “Normal Spicy”. My friend suggested me to go with glass noodle and now, yes, I understood why the Thai glass noodle is so nice to go with their food based on my previous dining experience at Nong Khai.

The ingredients inside the bowl are not much and in fact, it has nothing to shout out also other than the feeling of the spiciness. I am not sure if this is the best Thai Boat Noodle in Singapore, perhaps you can give me some feedback.

I ordered the big bowl instead of the small bowl with starts are $1.90 per bowl. When you order your bowl of noodle, you just follow the steps listed on the menu to choose. It is simple menu and they do serve side dishes too.

If you want to have a Thai Milk Tea fix, you can have it here. The level of sweetness is controllable and it is not very sweet at all.

Address: 1 Rochor Canal Road, #01-06 Sim Lim Square, 188504, Singapore.

Nong Khai

Nong Khai – Golden Mile, Beach Road, Singapore.

Small gathering for dinner of three people at Nong Khai Golden Mile on a beautiful friday’s evening. It has been quite long we did not meet up and it is great to have a short 2-hour catch up with great people. I happy to know my brother, Wan is going to be daddy and I love to see Myo bro is happier than last time when I got to know him.

That is why I decided to immediate write the review today and do not want to miss out any points to be mentioned. When I reached the restaurant located at the ground floor, there was no crowd yet and shortly after 7.00PM, it was full house. We ordered full table of food which consists of tom yum soup, two appetizers, two meats, and a plate of vegetable. It does sound a lot for three persons. All our food as medium spiciness.

I would to share the great ones here, the Papaya Salad and Glass Noodle.
Nong Khai
My friend ordered the glass noodle and told us to try it with the dishes. Indeed, it is really nice with I ate it with the Papaya Salad and the tom yum soup. The spicy sauce from the salad gives extra taste to the noodle.

When the glass noodle soaks the tom yum seafood soup, it gives another level of satisfaction. Maybe, I have not tried eating the Thai glass noodle and the experience is refreshing. The ingredients inside the soup are generous with prawns, squids, fish balls, crab sticks and mushrooms.
Nong Khai The other foods that we ordered as the spring rolls which are simple yet nice. We have grilled chicken and grilled beef too. The grilled beef is salty for my taste bud and have to go with rice, while the grilled chicken is just okay.

Address: #01-73/74, Golden Mile Complex, 5001 Beach Road, 199588, Singapore.