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Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant

Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Address: LG – 69 & 70, Lower Ground Floor, Berjaya Times Square, No. 1, Jalan Imbi, Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

It has been a while since the last time I visited Kim Gary in Mid Valley’s branch. I cannot even remember there is a branch in Berjaya Times Square until my friend said she wanted to have dinner here. I am glad to see the restaurant still offers various set meals which can easily take you a while to choose what you want to eat and how much you want to eat.

It did take me a while to look through the menu to decide what I wanted to order for the night and lastly, I chose to have a bowl of noodle, an half of the toast with chicken wing set which included a glass of drink. It seemed a lot, right? I was thinking the noodle would not make me feeling full and the additional of toast and chicken wing made the dinner more completed.

It was really sinful to have the toast at night but it has been quite long I did not have toast in Kuala Lumpur. It was nothing special about this toast and chicken wing, it tasted normal and slightly oily as usual for the toast. Besides that, I think they do not use butter, they gave me margarine instead. It did not taste good. No comment about the chicken wing, just a normal chicken wing.

Instant noodle with a piece of luncheon meat and a fried egg on top of noodle is the basic for a Hong Kong style instant noodle meal. Sometimes, you can find some vegetable and sometimes, you do not. It is normal instant noodle with MSG soup based and it is nothing interesting about it. I am not sure which instant noodle’s brand they are using. The noodle texture is spring, did not overly cook the egg and luncheon meat.

What interested me the most of that dinner was a glass of cold ying yong. It is a combination of the coffee and tea, one of the favourite drink in Hong Kong too. The ratio of the coffee and tea is important to get the right taste of the ying yong.

It was a night full with unhealthy food selection, the toast and instant noodle. Moreover, having the cold drink after the meal is not going to help the digestion at night but it satisfied my stomach!

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Killiney Breakfast Set

Killiney breakfast with hot tea and, kaya and butter toast as breakfast. It is one of the normal breakfast choice in Singapore where they offer most of the common Singaporean breakfast selection. It is located everywhere in the Singapore Island.

A comment from my friend saying that the hot milk tea looks like tomato soup. Haha, it is a huge differences. Have you tried yours lately for breakfast?

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Coffee And Toast

Coffee And Toast, Tampines Mall, Singapore.

Calling colleague for breakfast after skipping my usual breakfast at home before start working. I stayed late the night before to prepare for data migration work and woke up at normal hours to go to work.
Coffee and Toast
It is my first visit to this shop in Tampines, it is hardly to see me go for breakfast outside. It has a nice environment, spacious, quiet and located at the side way between Tampines Mall and Century Square.
Coffee and Toast
Both of us ordered the same set which comes with half-boiled eggs, coffee or tea and toasts.
Coffee and Toast
Two lovely half-boiled eggs, and hot tea. It is good to pour some soya sauce and put some pepper into the half-boiled eggs before mixing the egg’s yolks.
Coffee and Toast
And, my preferable way of eating toast is dipping the toast into the half-boiled eggs. It seems to be a perfect match for me. Of course, many of us would prefer to eat the crispy toasted bread alone.
Coffee and Toast
This is a very filling breakfast and it is good to start working now 🙂

Location: #01-45, Tampines Mall, 4, Tampines Central 5, Singapore
Ambiance: Nice, quiet, spacious and relaxing corner. It is not noisy during the time I visited the place.
Rating: 3/5. This breakfast set is worthy to give a try. Although, it might be slightly expensive for such simple breakfast which can be made from home, we can save the hassle of preparing the half-boiled eggs and toast.

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Noodle Station

I went to try out this new noodle house called, Noodle Station at the level 2 of the Mid Valley. It is quite a lot of people during the lunch time and we managed to get a place to sit down and order our food. The place is quite spacious and quiet too.

They have a various types of noodles and rice. If you pick rice, I think there is only fried rice is available with different combination. If you choose noodle, you can choose either you want it with soup, dry or garlic sauce. It sounded interesting to me at first when I saw it has garlic sauce. However, I chose the normal one.

Fried Noodle
The portion has been reduced a bit from the early visits. I tried this fried noodle style but it is a disappointing one for me because it did not taste much for me and not much ingredients inside. I do wish they will improve the quality of this noodle.
Noodle Station

Toast with Butter and Kaya
I tried the toast with butter and kaya. I did not expect that their toast is not something similar to those toasts that we buy from kopitiam. The bread was not spread with butter and kaya before toasted. Again, it did not give me great satisfaction also.
Noodle Station

Shredded Chicken with dumplings Noodle
It has plenty of vegetable and seaweed inside this noodle. The texture of the noodle is just nice and it is not too soft. But I think it lacked of chilies with soya sauce, needed it because the shredded chicken were quite plain.
Noodle Station

Springy Noodle With Prawns
Finally, I found out the actual name of this dish. Haha it is not called Meal Number 9. I just do not remember what it called.
Noodle Station

I tried the fried Keow Teow for a change.
Noodle Station

Tom Yam Noodle (Dry version)
Noodle Station
Other food that ordered by my colleagues and I have not tried yet, Spicy Trio Springy Noodle
Noodle Station

Ice Cream as Dessert
Strawberry ice cream.
Noodle Station

Location :
S-069, Second floor, Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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Food and Tea

The Food and Tea restaurant can be found at Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur. It is located at 3rd floor, next to the GSC tickets counters. It is quite spacious and has a lot of seats. The environment of the restaurant is a bit noisy and is crowded sometimes.

Most of the young people like to eat here. It serves mainly on Hong Kong style food and some Malaysia’s favours. It is run by Chinese people so it is a non-halal restaurant.

The only comment that I would like to highlight here is the poor customer services by the younger waiters and waitresses. I did not know whether they were simply too busy to take our orders/requests or they could not see us. Maybe they did not have enough workers to handle the crowds. Hope, they will improve in the future.

I have tried few meals here:-

Tang Chai porridge
The thick porridge served in the claypot with some shredded chicken, fried wanton skins and 2 mussels. The taste of the porridge was tasty enough and did not have to add any salt or pepper or MSG (or maybe they have added it). It is just nice but for me, I do not so like thick porridge.


I have tried the yam cake for few times, the shredded pork with preserved vegetable noodle, some other fried noodle and some drinks before this.

Yam Cake


Last time they did have offered some set lunch during the weekdays. The set lunch included a soup, a dessert (kwai lin gao), yin yong as drink and cheese baked rice.

Dumpling Noodle Set
For noodle selection, I tried the dry wanton noodle with 3 dumplings in the soup. It comes with a dessert called “double skin milk” or “xiong pei lai”. I heard my cousin said, this dessert is one of the famous dessert in Macau.
This is the dry wanton noodle.

This is the dumpling in soup. The soup is quite oily as you can see.

This is the “double skin milk”. It was my first try.

Other side dishes are:-

The Fries with Chili Sauce

Beancurd Dumpling
I forgot the actual name of dumpling. I will get the name of this dumpling and rename it. Inside the beancurd, it stuffed with a lot of pork. It is quite nice to eat.

There is also another branch at Sungai Wang, the new opened shop. I got to try this fried bun with crab sauce.

I followed my friend’s suggestion to order this BB Jelly drink. It tastes quite unique and it has some ingredients that I do not know what it is.

Location :
3rd Floor, 03-108, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Lot C33, Concourse Level, Sg. Wang Plaza, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.