The Italiannies at The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley, is located at level 2 north court, somewhere near the escalator. Whenever I passed by the area, it gave me the nice aroma of freshly baked breads. It was my first try to eat at this restaurant and this time, we shared the food among 6 of us. The restaurant’s ambience was pretty good and the noise level was fine.

Here are the food that we have ordered during the lunch time. It was all from the set lunch menu. The food served quite fast and services was pretty good.

Bread with olive oil & vinegaritalianese1

They gave us 2 plates of breads. I took the bread without the soup. I have no idea how to eat the bread with olive oil and vinegar which tasted funny for me. Haha, I have not tried this method before.

Tomato soup

And this is the Mushroom soup

As I compared both of the soups, I still prefer the mushroom soup because it smelt nice, thick cream and i could dip the bread into the soup.

Garden Salad
Pretty nice portion of the garden salad with cubed breads, fried squids and shredded cheese. The taste was quite nice when mixing with it dressing.

Penne Chicken Bolognese
It has a very thick tomato sauce with chicken meats and Penne, a type of spaghetti. I seldom take this type of pasta. Overall, it tasted nice because I like the thick tomato gravy. However, the portion was not as much as the Tony Roma’s one.

Angel Hair
Another type of pasta called angel hair cooked with thick tomato gravy. Also, it was quite nice. I wished I could cook this angel hair one day. 🙂

Overall portion was quite small suitable for 1 person to eat during lunch time. It included soup and bottomless drink too.

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Lot S-209, 2nd Floor, The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia