Cafe Salivation

One of the TechLadies’ team meetup at this vegetarian cafe at Little India, Singapore. It features Western-style food such as pasta, lasagna, pizza and etc. An interesting item in the drink menu caught my attention and one of my teammates tried it too. The sugarless sweet potato latte. There is no trace of coffee but very strong sweet potato smell, even after mixed with the cinnamon powder.

The presentation needs a lot of improvement as the place and cup holder look very redundant and the table is quite small to put so many things on it when the food is served. We shared the potato skins which is strong with spices taste.

The pizza looks quite good and big in portion. It is not supposed to be in thin crust but we requested it to be thin crust instead. It can be shared with a few people.

Another great dish good for sharing is the spinach lasagna which I cannot manage to finish it all by myself. I did not expect it to be such a big portion and we did not think of sharing it initially. Generally, it tastes good but a little too cheesy for me. It is really filling.

Address: Cafe Salivation, 176 Race Course Rd, Singapore 218607.


Little that I know, the Saizeriya is a Japanese chain of Italian family-style restaurant which has a few branches in Singapore. It is a wallet-friendly restaurant which serves a fusion food of both Asian and Western food.

It has been a while since the last visit. They have something new for this visit, the chili crab spaghetti. It tasted so-so only. It would be better you order a real chili crab and take the gravy with spaghetti for best satisfaction.

Another type of spaghetti I always order whenever I visited their branch at Aperia Mall is vongole spicy tomato soup, the spicy tomato clam spaghetti in other words. It is tasty, spicy sweet soupy type of spaghetti.

I think other than having spaghetti, the rest of the food is not quite worth as the portion is quite small. If you wish, you can order the set which comes with a bowl of salad and drink which you can self-service at their drink section. Otherwise, plain water is free flow.

Linguine Pasta with Asparagus

Linguine Pasta with Asparagus and Chicken

I bought the asparagus from the supermarket and wondered how to cook it. It is my first time cooking asparagus. My friends guided me how to cook asparagus in the simplest way. My friend suggested to me to cook it with garlic and butter and add a bit salt to taste. I did per suggested and added carrots for some colors.

While preparing the ingredients to cook the asparagus, I put the linguine pasta to cook until al-dente. After that, I cooked the cubed chicken meat which I marinated with some salt and mixed herbs yesterday.

Lastly, mixed all the ingredients with the pasta and ready to be served.

Ingredients :
Linguine pasta (any pasta of your choice)
Chicken meat

Rochford Wines

Yarre Valley, Rochford Wines.
Winery Tour Lunch

On my second day in Melbourne, I went for a wine tour at Yarre Valley with GoWestTours. The tour guide came and picked up from our hotel. At one of its stops, we were there for our lunch. Tasting wine while having lunch.

We were giving the menu before arriving at the restaurant and we have to choose from the menu. Since, I do not take lamb, so I opted for beef, the Braised Wagyu Beef Cheek.
Rochford Wines
The lunch was ready as soon as we sat down at the reservation tables at one of the corner of the restaurant.
Rochford Wines
It came with three different types of wines for our tasting. Generally, I liked all the food above but I cannot tell much about how nice the beef is because it is my first time eating it. I did not know how well it has to be cooked, however, I felt it was slightly overcooked and too soft for my taste-bud. The death by chocolate was a very rich chocolate cake and it did go well with wine that they matched for us.

Here is the close up of the wagyu beef,
Rochford Wines

The scenery around this restaurant is very nice and it has an observation desk above the restaurant which allows the patrons to go up and visit.

Address: 878 – 880 Maroondah Hwy, Coldstream, Victoria, Australia.
Ambience: Big and nice restaurant. A little big noisy as there are crowd of people around either for dining or wine tasting.
Rate: 3/5. Nice chocolate cake and views around the restaurant.

Fuel Shack

Fuel Shack Burgers & Beer, Plaza Low Yat

I met up with my friend for lunch on one of the Sundays for a short catch up. We went to the Plaza Low Yat to look for food and bumped into this shop which is located outside of the building.

I shared with my friend and I really need some practise to eat such big burger. It tasted good too and the patty meat was juicy, well marinated and not overcooked at all. This burger came with a cup of soft drink of your choice.

We also ordered another side dish to share. The Fried Calamari.

It was suggested by the waitress when we asked her to introduce. The chef needs to practise more on how to fry it. It does need some skills. It tasted good as well and fresh.

Location : Lot G-28, Plaza Low Yat, No.7, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Website :
Ambience : Quiet and spacious. You can also choose to dine outside but it is quite dusty as it is next to the road.
Rating : 2/5. It appeared to be just a normal place for western food. Maybe, I need to try out more to know whether it has any specialities.

*Rating is between 1-5 with 1, the lowest and 5, the highest. The rating is based on my personal preferences.

The Verandah

The Verandah

The second buffet lunch that I want to introduce is The Verandah at Federal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. The Federal Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Kuala Lumpur. I went there with my aunt’s friends for buffet lunch in February 2014.

They also offered a wide range of food selections. There were a few of dishes tasted quite nice too. Here are they:

Prawn Noodle
You can tell the waiter to put in less noodle or more of the ingredients that you prefer when you are ordering it. So, it was how it looked like when I wanted less meehoon and more ingredients. The prawn noodle’s soup based was great and full of taste.
The Verandah
Chicken Satay
You also can find this all-time-favourite food at their selection. I advised you not to take their ketupat. It is not all ketupat are nicely done.
The Verandah
Roasted Chicken and Duck Rice
Out of curiosity, I tried the chicken and duck rice. I searched a while for the smallest piece of the meats and took a little bit of the rice. The rice was fragrant and tasted very authentic chicken rice.
They also offered good coffee which was also included in the buffet lunch. I was not sure what type of coffee bean was used but the coffee’s aroma was so nice.

Location : The Verandah, Level 1, Federal Hotel, 35 Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Ambience : Noisy.
Rating : 3/5. Wide range of selections from local food to international food. The restaurant was quite spacious but quite noisy. The waiters or waitresses are friendly.

Sunflower Brasserie

I have some backlog of unpublished entries for this restaurant called, Sunflower Brasserie which is located at the Royale Bintang Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

Fish and Chips
The fish fillets looked slightly bigger pieces than before this. It gave us 2 big pieces. I still love the fish and chip in Brisbane and Perth! Yayahh…
We were served by this tall Malay guy who suggested to us to try the Mamak style fried noodle (RM22) when we ordered the fried noodle. The portion is quite generous and the taste is acceptable, just that it is a bit oily when fried with kuay teow.


However, when we went there again on our third visit and ordered the same Mamak style fried kuay teow, the portion was reduced.


So from its presentation, is it different chefs who cooked this noodle?

We also ordered another fried noodle. This one I felt we were cheated. It is Vegetarian fried noodle (RM21) and its price at the menu was RM18.00 but when the bill came, it showed the price as RM21.00. We asked the waiter, he said the price has increased and the menu has not updated but system has updated. How can it be? It is cheating consumers.
Still, the portion is small.

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