It is a Singapore owned dessert bar serving yogurt parfaits with toppings. My visit at City Square recently brought me to try their daily made yogurt. It comes in 3 different sizes, Grand, Moyen and Petit.

I ordered the cone based with chocolate chips as its topping. It is a bit messy as the chips are not sticky on the yogurt and it dropped while I was enjoying the yogurt.

Yogurt did not melt fast so I still could slowly enjoy it while carefully ate each of the chips without dropping. If you do not want the mess, it is recommended to go for plastic cup based.

Address: 180 Kitchener Road, #02-K14 City Square Mall,
Singapore 208539.
Open: 11am to 10pm daily.

N Brew

On the side of KL, we have N Brew, a newly opened Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream in Mid Valley. Maybe you will be asking me, what is this liquid nitrogen ice-cream? After a quick search from the Internet, I saw some fellow bloggers wrote about this shop in e@Curve, said to be nitrogen based yogurt and gelato. What is it exactly, let’s take into a deeper look.

This is the Cookies & Cream flavour with chocolate bits. It costs at RM9.90 for two scoops. Yes, I agreed with the fellow bloggers, it is satisfyingly smooth and rich. I have not seen the making process yet because this cup of ice cream was a treat of my boss.

If you guys plan to try out this ice cream, you can go to Mid Valley branch instead of e@curve.

F-074A First Floor, Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt

Moo Cow
Hi readers! Sorry for being “quiet” for the past 10 days. There are many things happened for the two weeks. Let’s forget it all and begins my story here. It was a great Sunday on 28th April, I went out with my uncle, aunt and two cousins at KLCC to have our lunches and tea break. It was also the day, I felt I was free from being in the working life.

As I promised my cousins to buy them Moo Cow, so I did and it was my first time eating it –  Original flavour with Raisin. Well, I never try eating yoghurt ice-cream before but I drink yoghurt occasionally, I never know that it can be quite tasty too when it is original flavour. It is plain and simple and not very sourly.

Address: Concourse Level, KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (In front of Iseten’s supermarket).