The Nasi Lemak Pizza, a locally inspired, nasi lemak favor pizza. You can try this pizza at DePizza, which situated next to the Singapore River at Raffles Place. The restaurant is on the second floor facing the Singapore River.

The pizza comes with sambal paste as the sauce base of the thin crust pizza. So, it is a little bit spicy for some of the people. It topples with cucumber slices, some chicken meat, slices of an egg, and some anchovies.

According to a food blogger, the homemade sambal sauce was impressive, that is quite okay. The blogger mentions that “the fragrance of the pandan and coconut cream was also strong enough to cut through the denser cheese.” I did not entirely agree with it because I did not get the taste of having some coconut cream together with sambal paste. (Reference:

I am not sure whether the cheese has overtaken the pandan and coconut cream smell. Besides that, the waiter took very long to serve us the Nasi Lemak Pizza. I think they need to improve their services a lot.

We ordered the mushroom-based pizza that is most likely is a vegetarian Additional order is the truffle fries. The texture of the fries is quite hard, maybe it deep-fried too long. It did not taste good, and it was such a waste with truffle on top of the fries. Maybe, if you can find a pizza crust from the supermarket, you can do it yourself at home.

This experience made me recall the days when I was in Tasmania, where I bought the pizza dough and made my pizza. If I can find the thin pizza crust from the supermarket, I am sure I can try to make a pizza with my oven. It is because the ingredients used to make these pizza seem to be simple, just like the mushrooms pizza below. I quite like this pizza as compared to the Nasi Lemak pizza.

Address: 35A Boat Quay, Singapore 049824

Cafe Salivation

One of the TechLadies’ team meetup at this vegetarian cafe at Little India, Singapore. It features Western-style food such as pasta, lasagna, pizza and etc. An interesting item in the drink menu caught my attention and one of my teammates tried it too. The sugarless sweet potato latte. There is no trace of coffee but very strong sweet potato smell, even after mixed with the cinnamon powder.

The presentation needs a lot of improvement as the place and cup holder look very redundant and the table is quite small to put so many things on it when the food is served. We shared the potato skins which is strong with spices taste.

The pizza looks quite good and big in portion. It is not supposed to be in thin crust but we requested it to be thin crust instead. It can be shared with a few people.

Another great dish good for sharing is the spinach lasagna which I cannot manage to finish it all by myself. I did not expect it to be such a big portion and we did not think of sharing it initially. Generally, it tastes good but a little too cheesy for me. It is really filling.

Address: Cafe Salivation, 176 Race Course Rd, Singapore 218607.

Black Ink

It has been a while since my last food review. I think it needs some balance between food and travel blogs and my learning journey in Python. Of course, I do not want to make my readers feel boring about programming language and miss out the good food in Singapore!

A throwback event back in September 2018 when I received a voucher from the On Coffee Makers which has been promoting coffee culture in Singapore over the weeks through the Facebook Page.

I made a random choice out of the list given and I picked Black Ink because it is at the East side. It is convenient for me to travel nearby than far for a cup of coffee. And, this was a free coffee!

It took me a while to walk from the Bedok MRT station to the cafe. If you know where this cafe is located, then you will not ask why I chose to walk.

It is located at Swan Lake Ave, inside the Opera Estate, 2 bus stops away from Bedok Interchange. I think there is no bus stop inside this area. Most people here are staying in the terrace houses.

I was served by a girl at the counter when I saw her the coupon via my Facebook messenger. She did not aware about the coupon and asked me to wait for her supervisor.

The owner of the cafe came and he could not assist further as the coupon was not yet allowed to be used at his cafe even though, it has stated its start date. He did not hesitate to honor the voucher for me and asked what I would like to have.

The coupon was meant for coffee only and I chose my favourite latte. If you want to change to use soy milk, additional cost is applied. And ya, soy milk is cheaper than milk I thought.

I do not want to look cheapskate so I decided to order the butter croissant from the menu. They adopted the eatsy mobile application to allow customers to order food from their mobile phone and make payment cashlessly and they were having promotion or cash rebate at that time. So, why not!

Here you go, my latte and croissant were served shortly after that. The croissant is normal but crispy, flakes all over the plate, and the latte tastes just right, like any other specialty cafe.

However, the atmosphere there is good, it is quite quiet neighbourhood and the cafe is not crowded even I went there during weekend. It is a good place for study and small gathering. I think quite a number of neighbours visiting this cafe during the weekend as the friendly owner talks with them, just like they are often meeting up there.

I did not try other food from this cafe and reviews from the Internet looks good. Probably, I will consider to try here again next time when I want to organize a little study group.

Address: 29 Swan Lake Ave, Singapore 455718.

Lunch at Two Bakers

With my usual lunch buddies, we went to try the lunch meals at Two Bakers at Horne Road, Singapore after the January’s pay was in. A colleague and myself loved to visit this cafe for desserts, their cakes are impressive and some of them are pretty nice and tasted well.

It was not crowded on the day we visited the cafe and we were sitting at the last table of the back of the restaurant. The table is brightly lighted up with natural sunlight, I did not take any pictures while sitting at this table, to show you all. However, I can tell you, the place is quiet, bright and it is a good place for instagramable pictures, but it faces the kitchen, so it is a little messy in a way.

Back to the food I ordered under the Lunch Menu on that day was the Big Island Soba Bowl. It consists of cold soba, a small piece of pan fried salmon, few pieces of tuna, corns and edamames as vegetables and a poached egg on top. It sauces with avocado sauce and Japanese sesame sauce.

Initially I did not mix the sesame sauce at the bottom of the bowl, I just mixed the soba with some avocado sauce. It tasted plain, of course. It is recommended to mix well with the sauce and nicely break the poached egg on top of the soba. By just having the sesame sauce toward the end of the meal would make the soba tasted salty.

The salmon and tuna are good, well tasted and nicely presented, but the tuna was quite salty. The salt and pepper seemed to be too much on the thinly sliced tuna.

And the rest are pretty healthy ingredients, the edamame and corns.

It is a simple and healthy dish but need to reduce the saltiness level to make it more balanced.

After the meals, we ordered two pieces of cakes, the Yuzu Lemon Tart and the Matcha Passionfruit. I will share these cakes in my next blog. I guess it is good to stop visiting Two Bakers for a while and wait for the new menu for desserts. I am looking forward to see and try their new creative creations.

Address: 88 Horne Road, Singapore 209083.

Apartment Coffee

Pretty new cafe which is located at the Lavender Street, occupying the corner shoplot, fully white based design with a large bar table at one side, a few small tables somewhere along the large windows. The Apartment Coffee‘s environment in the cafe is quite quiet, simple yet elegant. They do play some background music and noise level is quite minimal, making it a good place to spend the day having a cup of coffee or tea alone or with one or two friends.

It is not recommended to go with large group of friends as the seats are limited. You can google the place and check out the interior design of the cafe as I did not take any pictures in the cafe except for my cup of coffee.

Coffee with milk from Colombia El Mirador coffee beans.

Their menu is quite simple, minimal selection so I did not ask for any recommendations from the counter and I chose to try Colombia El Mirador coffee with milk. The fragrant comes from the coffee beans during the preparation of my cup of latte truly made my brain more alert. I guess it should be the berries smell which tastes fruity sweet.

The coffee serves in the ceramic made tea-cup sized, a pretty different presentation and it has only one single size for hot drink. My first impression upon seeing the cup of coffee was “woah, small cup does it mean it is very gao (strong)?

Perhaps, some of us, especially those who do not go to cafe often, may find a cup of coffee costs more than a bowl of noodle or a plate of rice, is expensive, and always can get a cheaper one costs us a dollar and still can ask for kopi gao (strong coffee), why want to spend so much. Haha.

There is one thing I learned about coffee, it is not about the price that makes a coffee different. It is the process of roasting coffee beans to the preparation of a cup of coffee, how much water to put in, how much beans to use, how long to brew it are different per different batches of seasonal coffee beans.

Any comments?

I noticed a few food bloggers in Singapore have written reviews about this cafe. It is glad to find out the owner of this cafe is a former Singapore Brewer Champion who is also one of the baristas working there. Also, I noticed they love to talk with the customers, perhaps, is their friends too.

Address: 161 Lavender Street #01-12 Singapore 338750.

Two Bakers

Again! After the Christmas’ visit, I went back to Two Bakers, an artisan patisserie shop at Horne Road, Singapore. It is an impromptu visit to have a share of cakes with a colleague after lunch. It was just a distant walk from the food court to cafe.

Litchi Rose

Litchi in French means lychee in English.

It is made of raspberry favoured light sponge cake, with rose infused buttercream, litchi bits and rose petals and carefully designed with a small stalk of rosemary on top of the cake.

See the picture, it looks so pretty. At the first glance, it gives me an impression that the sponge cake is quite dry. It may look better and give better texture if the cake is slightly moist. Overall, the cake is not sweet, not overwhelmed with rose and not creamy, it is quite suitable for my liking.

Two bakers always give me a surprised combination of natural ingredients to make their delicious cakes. I hope to try their main course one day.

Address: 88 Horne Road, Singapore 209083.


It is a Singapore owned dessert bar serving yogurt parfaits with toppings. My visit at City Square recently brought me to try their daily made yogurt. It comes in 3 different sizes, Grand, Moyen and Petit.

I ordered the cone based with chocolate chips as its topping. It is a bit messy as the chips are not sticky on the yogurt and it dropped while I was enjoying the yogurt.

Yogurt did not melt fast so I still could slowly enjoy it while carefully ate each of the chips without dropping. If you do not want the mess, it is recommended to go for plastic cup based.

Address: 180 Kitchener Road, #02-K14 City Square Mall,
Singapore 208539.
Open: 11am to 10pm daily.

Two Bakers

Recently, I revisited the Two Bakers cafe which is located at Horne Road, Lavender for a dessert. From my point of view, their cakes are pretty good ones. It has been my third time trying their cakes and each visit they introduced different kind of cakes according to seasons. This time is Christmas. While the Christmas’ theme cakes selection is not many this time, they are still offering the Autumn’s selection, based on what I saw from their dessert menu. (Dessert menu is different than their main course menu, do ask for the dessert menu if you wish to try their cakes).

The cake on the top right is the Osmanthus Coco. Everyone knows that osmanthus has health benefits, it helps to improve skin, detoxify the body, reduce thick saliva in the throat and boost lung health to name a few. The refreshing taste of the osmanthus together with bites of water chestnut, coconut mousse and mango pineapple compote (whole fruits are cooked in water with sugar and spices) makes it tasted good and interestingly, it is not over sweet. It is decorated with a little Christmas tree biscuit on top of the cake.

The other cake is called Miso Apple Tart. The ingredients are white miso, Granny Smith apple, sable tart shell and almond cream. A little bit research of what sable tart shell is, sable is a French word means sand, which is the French term that takes the place of the English “breadcrumbs”. And, that is made as the base of the tart. The sweetness of the cake is acceptable although it is using white miso which brings up a definite sweet taste.

Personally, I like their cakes very much because of the detailed and the use of different ingredients to make the cakes. I am going for no or low sugar intake and their cake still suit me. I hope they will continue to innovate more creative and healthy choices of cakes for us in the future.

Address: 88 Horne Road, Singapore 209083.

Wimbly Lu

From dim sum, we moved on to another place for coffee or dessert. Again, we took bus to Kallang Bahru. I wanted to bring my friend to one of my favourite cafes. The Wimbly Lu which is located at Tyrwhitt Road, is a quiet cafe, suitable to sit down and talk with small group of people. The cafe offers wide range of food and drink. It serves alcohol too.

It was no crowd when we walked into the cafe and my friend chose to sit at the table in front of the kitchen, the same table which I used to sit during my last visit with my client.

Personally, I like to sit at this table. It is located toward the back of the cafe, which is less crowded. This table is quite bright with the high ceiling, cooling and more importantly, it is quiet.

My friend wanted to eat ice cream and I suggested to my friend to take the waffle with ice cream. We ordered double scoops ice cream and chose the salted caramel and chocolate truffle with chocolate syrup as the topping. I did the drawing on the waffle with the syrup.

We both ordered the latte and slowly enjoyed the waffle for that afternoon. The coffee and dessert are just normal, however, I simply love the ambiance of the cafe which is suitable to spend time with friends.

Address: 166 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore 207570.

Caffe Bene

Caffe Bene, Sunway Velocity, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

A girl friend of mine reminded me to look for another friend to get the facial cream she bought from China. I asked my friend before this on how to manage the scars and pimples on my face.

She told me this worked pretty well on her face and she bought a new one during the one for one promotion. So nice of her! And, I am going to try it pretty soon.

Alright, back to my blogs’ updates.

As you can see the background of the picture above, yes, I took the picture while writing this post. My visit to Caffe Bene in Malaysia is countable, however, I think this maybe my first or second time. I looked at the menu and I could not find some special from the menu to try.

You know, whenever, I do not want to pick a new thing to try, I will always go for Latte. However, my friend ordered Iced Coffee Latte, so I have to order something different than his. I ordered the hot Mocha and he added a sliced of Peanut Buttter cake to share with. The cake is rich but not too sweet, yes, it is still sweet, it goes well with my cup of Mocha. Everything is well balanced, however, I would love to be given more options to reduce the sugar level.

The ambiance of the cafe is pretty good especially we sit at one corner and it gives us a lot of privacy and space to talk.

It has been quite long since we last met and I always wanted to share with him about my stories with my client who liked sometimes ago. I have been sharing it with some girl friends and their feedback almost the same and I wanted to see from the guy’s point of views toward this matter.

Besides sharing our updates with each other, we planned to visit our girl friend in Suzhou this year end. I am planning to go for a long trip after my project is completing.