OmoteNashi Dining Gosso

OmoteNashi Dining Gosso, Clarke Quay Singapore.

A day of outing that led to an impromptu dinner at OmoteNashi Dining Gosso that located at the shoplots along the Clarke Quay. The night began with a glass of high ball recommended by a friend. I chose the peach flavour.

We ordered the fried calamari, one of my favourite deep-fried food that I would only order fried calamari for sharing with a few friends. This side dish is quite delicious and the batter is crispy.

We waited a while for our yakitori to be served, and the eel took the longest wait in this dining experience. I got to try a few of them such as the chicken, eel and shiitake mushrooms. These yakitori tasted okay, nothing great to share.

We ordered a chicken nanban bento to share, and great to find that the rice portion was not big. It has a balance of vegetables, salads and the chicken cutlet. I could not recall what kind of sauce they put onto the rice. The sauce mixed well with the Japanese white rice and the chicken cutlet.

The yakitori is not cheap and making me to have a thought whether I can grill it at home one day when I have my own space. Overall taste is good, no bad comments, just a little long wait for the eel. The portion is just right for me. I was not very hungry in the beginning.

Address: 64 Boat Quay, Singapore 049852.

Tsui Wah

Tsui Wah is one of the popular tea restaurant or cha chan teng from Hong Kong. My first visit to the restaurant that is located at Clarke Quay, Singapore. It has another branch at The Heeren, Orchard Road, Singapore. I visited the place after the working hours at 7.30pm on Monday’s night, so there was no queue in front of the restaurant. There was no crowd at this Clarke Quay area because some of the restaurants close on Mondays.

My friend wanted to eat their stir-fried beef hor fun that night, so he suggested to meet at this restaurant that is located nearby my working area.

I wanted to try their wanton noodle to test the taste and skill of this Hong Kong restaurant. That is the usual thing that I will go for when trying a brand from oversea. Since Hong Kong is famous for wanton noodle, it is a good opportunity to try. This restaurant offers beef brisket noodle, and it is one of the famous noodles in Hong Kong too. Eating at a Hong Kong restaurant cannot go with their hot milk tea. It is a totally different kind of milk tea compared to Thai milk tea. I will share my experience with you later.

Here you go, the wanton noodle served by one of the waitresses. It was nicely placed on a big bowl but I was quite disappointed before the wantons were all hidden under the egg noodle. Typical Chinese thinking is the good ingredients must display on the top of the dish, except for the garnish.

I could not believe that not all the five wantons were not the first to be spotted in this bowl of noodle, but it was the spring onions that are used as the garnish. There is a wanton spotted on the right side of the bowl. I have to dig into the egg noodle to search for the remaining of the wantons in this bowl. After a while, I could find four of them only. The last wanton was hidden underneath the egg noodle.

The size of the wanton does not look anyway bigger than any of the wanton stalls that I tried in Hong Kong 8 years back. Maybe, nowadays the size is quite comparable to those wantons that we can find it at our local hawkers that sell wanton noodle too. It is a kind of a disappointment to me because I was expecting to get at least an average-sized wanton.

How about the egg noodle? For myself, to know what skill does a chef has for cooking an egg noodle is how springy the egg noodle after being soaked into the soup for quite a while. I would say the egg noodle is still springy after my wantons treasure hunt. Their egg noodle is slightly thinner than the usual egg noodle that we eat at the hawker food stalls. Hence, maintaining the springiness of the texture is important to avoid egg noodle becomes soggy.

The stir-fried beef hor fun, however, was lightly tasted. It did not bring up the appetizing taste that I would like to continue to dig more fried hor fun from the plate of noodle that my friend was having it.

But, I would say the beansprouts was well-cooked and crispy. I learned from my aunt it is a skill to cook the beansprouts. My friend mentioned to me that the stir-fried beef hor fun at this branch is not good and may not be returning to eat it in the near future.

Hong Kong styled milk tea is different than local Singapore’s teh, and the Thai milk tea. This Hong-Kong-styled milk tea carries a little bitterness even with milk. Maybe they are using evaporated milk, instead of the condensed milk, and did not add sugar. I quite like milk tea, it is something that I would appreciate more than having the Thai milk tea or the bubble milk tea.

The Hong Kong milk tea makes me think about the old TVB drama, Heart of Greed 3 that I loved one of its theme songs. The song is called “欲言又止“.

Maybe I will plan to visit Hong Kong one day just to satisfy my wanton noodle craving after the COVID-19 period is over. Till we meet again, perhaps in Hong Kong’s Tsui Wah to verify if the wanton is really below the average-sized of wanton in Hong Kong.

Address: 3 River Valley Rd, #01-03, Singapore 179020.


The Nasi Lemak Pizza, a locally inspired, nasi lemak favor pizza. You can try this pizza at DePizza, which situated next to the Singapore River at Raffles Place. The restaurant is on the second floor facing the Singapore River.

The pizza comes with sambal paste as the sauce base of the thin crust pizza. So, it is a little bit spicy for some of the people. It topples with cucumber slices, some chicken meat, slices of an egg, and some anchovies.

According to a food blogger, the homemade sambal sauce was impressive, that is quite okay. The blogger mentions that “the fragrance of the pandan and coconut cream was also strong enough to cut through the denser cheese.” I did not entirely agree with it because I did not get the taste of having some coconut cream together with sambal paste. (Reference:

I am not sure whether the cheese has overtaken the pandan and coconut cream smell. Besides that, the waiter took very long to serve us the Nasi Lemak Pizza. I think they need to improve their services a lot.

We ordered the mushroom-based pizza that is most likely is a vegetarian Additional order is the truffle fries. The texture of the fries is quite hard, maybe it deep-fried too long. It did not taste good, and it was such a waste with truffle on top of the fries. Maybe, if you can find a pizza crust from the supermarket, you can do it yourself at home.

This experience made me recall the days when I was in Tasmania, where I bought the pizza dough and made my pizza. If I can find the thin pizza crust from the supermarket, I am sure I can try to make a pizza with my oven. It is because the ingredients used to make these pizza seem to be simple, just like the mushrooms pizza below. I quite like this pizza as compared to the Nasi Lemak pizza.

Address: 35A Boat Quay, Singapore 049824

Shabu Shabu at Ramen Champion

Ramen Champion – Shabu-shabu promotion, The Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, 03-89, 059817 Singapore. 

Edited: Based on the restaurant’s website, The Central’s branch is not listed in their location. A check at Google Map, The Central’s branch has ceased operation permanently.

When there is a free lunch, people will make their way to attend the event regardless of where they are and what they are doing. It was a word shared by my friend last time. However, I received a different remark when I organized a farewell gathering.

An ex-colleague gave me a jealousy remark after she had gotten to know the gathering was held days after her last day of service, as though I was the one who decided the date for the farewell gathering.

First of all, it is none of her business because she left the company, and the manager did not plan the gathering for her. The farewell was supposed to be held in late April, but the manager brought it forward due to schedule changes. I did not think I needed to explain more, so I ended the conversation with the ex-colleague immediately after the remark.

Juicy story aside, let me focus on the food.


I tried the restaurant’s Japanese ramen, and it was a special period that they offered shabu-shabu promotion. I bought the promotion vouchers from the food platforms to enjoy the discounted offer. Due to some last minutes of changes of attendees, I miscounted and bought extra vouchers.

The free flow of meats comprises chicken, beef, and pork of your choice. You can also choose your soup base. My table ordered six trays of each meat with other additional seafood ingredients picked The free flow of meats comprises chicken, beef, and pork of your choice. You can also choose your soup base. My table ordered six trays of each meat with other additional seafood ingredients picked from the bar, such as clams, crabs and prawns. During my visit, the crabs and prawns are not fresh enough, and clams are pretty fresh.

They did offer vegetables and various types of mushrooms. They were pretty fresh and continuously replenished by their staff. The buffet did not include drinks and desserts. Additional charges if I want to order my drink. The customer service was on the average standard. We waited for the waiter or waitress to take our orders or replenish the soup. I think it is understandable because of the large group of people.

Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru

Address: 177 River Valley #B1-48, Liang Court Shopping Mall, Singapore 179030.

My ex-colleagues wanted to have some sushi for lunch when another colleague suggested to go to Liang Court so that he could buy ingredients for weekend’s cooking from the Medi-ya supermarket. Then, we decided to go to Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru, the Japanese restaurant which is located within the Medi-ya eatery area.

Since they picked the sushi from the conveyer belt, I decided not to have a heavy meal and therefore, I ordered the Wakame Ramen. It is served hot with lots of seaweed. The soup is clear and nice, it goes well with the ramen.

Next is the Bara Chirashi Donbori. It is really nice when I tried it myself during the second visit where by I ordered the rice and noodle set. It is a small bowl set of the Bara Chirashi and Wakame Ramen. Simply satisfying meal with generous and fresh ingredients.

While other colleagues ordered their own meal as well, The Cold Chasoba looked generous in portion.

And I missed out the name of this two set meals,


Pecori Japanese Egg Restaurant

Pecori Japanese Egg Restaurant, Liang Court, City Hall, Singapore.
On one of the raining Friday’s afternoon, we decided to have our late lunch and it was at a far away place. We travelled by bus to Liang Court to have our lunch. What made us travelled so far for a lunch? It is because of the supermarket, Medi-ya.

And we tried the omurice which is located inside Meidi-ya supermarket. I tried the tomato pork tonkatsu omu which I saw in the menu stating recommended. The tomato sauce is tangy and generous to the amount of rice. The pork cutlet portion is big, hot and crispy when it was served. It is slight different omurice that I tried at Hoshino Coffee.

Another try by my colleague was with the cream sauce which looked great as well. I did not asked how it tasted because, I believe cream sauce taste cannot be any differences.

Address: #B1-31, Liang Court, 177 River Valley Road, Liang Court, 179030, Singapore.

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