The Days After Surgery

In my previous post, I mentioned that I took a bus to Our Tampines Hub, two stops from Changi Hospital for lunch. Before that, I asked the nurse if there is any food that I cannot eat after the surgery. The nurse said, no. I would like to share pictures of the food that I ate after the surgery and some of the events that happened during this one week of resting at home.

Yong Tau Foo

I ordered the yong tau foo without noodles. For additional noodles, it will cost another 50 cents. I was thinking I just needed a quick late lunch and went back home for a good rest. I targeted to focus on protein than carbs during this period.

Address: Jia Le Yong Tau Foo, 495 Tampines Ave 5, #01-32 Hawker Centre @ Our Tampines Hub, Singapore 529649.

I was too tired after my shower, and I went to sleep after I submitted my hospitalization leave. I slept for two hours and by the time I woke up, it was evening time. I settled down by ordering zi char at the hawker centre nearby.

Hong Kong Fried Noodles

I love eating Hong Kong fried noodles, so I ordered them from the zi char stall here. It was my first time trying the zi char stall here. There are many comments about this zi char stall but I did not think further. After trying it, personally, I would prefer the zi char stall called the Tong Garden Seafood at Tampines Street 43’s Everyday Come Eating House or the Jia Le Xian Zhu Chao at Tampines Street 45. However, I think it depends on the chef that cooks it.

Address: 419 Seafood, HDB 01-, 419 Tampines Street 41 (S)520419 Singapore 520419 Tampines Street 41, # 104, 520419.

After dinner, I took my antibiotic pill, showered, and made a phone call to my aunt to tell her all went well before I headed to sleep. I did not really drink a lot of water that day but my poo was dark in colour. I wondered for a while. It could be the body waste from my surgery.

Homemade Kaya Butter Toast

I bought a loaf of wholemeal bread, butter and a small bottle of kaya from the Fairprice supermarket to make my breakfast. I made it almost every morning. To make it looks like that is selling in the drink stall, I added an extra piece of butter in the middle of the bread. I did not toast my bread. I am unsure if this is still considered a healthy food because of the ingredients used to make kaya butter bread. I should reduce my sugar intake.

Homemade wanton soup

I am pretty good at making wanton soup and I made some too. I can have the wanton without adding noodles to the soup. Making wanton soup at home is quick and easy. Also, I need more protein for my recovery.

Making cold soba at home

On the second day, I took my antibiotic after my morning brunch. It caused me to feel sleepy and I took an afternoon nap. Occasionally, I felt pain around my wound and another part of my upper body. I maintained my carb intake and tried to focus on protein intake. However, I must remind myself about the sugary food.

Economic fried beehoon

Some articles say that I can eat eggs and some say cannot. I am unsure which one is true. An egg is a source of protein too, however, I think, the egg yolk might not be good for someone after surgery. Besides that, in Chinese belief, it is not good to take soy sauce or dark soy sauce after surgery because it would cause the wound darker. It is too late for me to undo what I have eaten. I added soy sauce when making wantons too. On the third day, I walked to the wet market, I wanted to have some walks and sun. Besides that, I wanted to buy fish for dinner. I had fried beehoon for breakfast which I think was a wrong choice because of the usage of dark soy sauce and sugar. On top of it, there were a fried egg and vegetarian goose. But, they were delicious food.

Address: Everyday Come Coffee Shop 天天來咖啡店, 477 Tampines Street 43, #01-190, Singapore 520477.

Salted bun

I think I did not follow much of what I should not eat after surgery. I ate a salted bun that I bought from the same coffee shop on the same morning. Although it is not deep fried or oily, I think I should not eat heaty food too. However, I loved this salted bun, and it is very nice compared to the salted buns from Eastlink food court at Tampines Interchange, U-taste at the Tampines Interchange and Dough Culture at Tampines Mall.

Address: Everyday Come Coffee Shop 天天來咖啡店, 477 Tampines Street 43, #01-190, Singapore 520477.

Home-brewed black coffee

I paired the salted bun with black coffee and ate with Hugo (the soft toy in the background). Hugo has been my breakfast-lunch-dinner buddy since day 2 because I was alone at home. I made my home-brewed black coffee using the coffee powder from Suzuki, a local brand in Singapore. I bought it from Fairprice supermarket.

Home-cooked yee mian with vegetables, egg and sliced gingers

An article mentioned that eating gingers have a variety of effects on the skin that may contribute to improved wound healing. So, I added some sliced gingers to my noodles. I cooked with egg and vegetables. I think I need to eat more leafy and green vegetables. Again, I grabbed Hugo to eat with me while watching some drama. It was quite boring at home alone and eating alone.

I still can feel slight discomfort on and off throughout the whole day. No major issues with my health, wound, or my diet. I still needed to take an afternoon nap after my lunch. I tried to do something different on the fourth day because I have been limiting my activities in the past few days.

Avocado with egg toast

Finishing the avocado that I bought some time ago with an egg. I made the toast using the air fryer. The egg white was not fully cooked but I do not think I should air-fry it longer than 10 minutes. Maybe, I need a bigger piece of bread so that the egg is right on top of the bread. The egg yolk was still rummy when I bite on it.

I took a shower to remove the waterproof plaster that covered my wound as per instructed by the nurse. I could do so on the fourth day. Nothing happened after the plaster was removed. I went out to explore another neighbourhood, Serangoon.

Char kway teow

Cheat day food. I am not supposed to eat char kway teow because it is oily and cooked with dark soy sauce. It came with prawns too. Some myths mentioned that having chicken and seafood slows down wound healing. I took two pieces of prawns with some eggs. The char kway teow is a bit spicy. I think it is best not to eat any spicy food for a week. I broke the rule. I did not encounter any bad experiences after eating the noodles. Days after that, I did have a little discomfort but I am unsure whether it is related. I did not feel pain in my wound area.

Address: NAN YANG DAO 南洋岛, Blk 262 Serangoon Central, #01-85, Singapore: 550262.

Three-layer coffee

Three-layer refers to the three layers of coffee, evaporated milk, and palm sugar syrup. The drink is usually served cold. The differences in density among these three ingredients give the appearance of three layers of colour. I shall avoid sugary sweets and sugary drinks.

Address: NAN YANG DAO 南洋岛, Blk 262 Serangoon Central, #01-85, Singapore: 550262.


I am not sure if ice cream is allowed as the website that I used to check what I can eat after surgery mentioned that I can eat plain ice cream. What is plain ice cream? I think it may refer to vanilla ice cream. I have two more chocolate cones inside my freezer. I need to keep it for another time.

Address: 15-2 Jln Riang, Singapore 358987.

I failed my fourth day of recovery with plenty of carbs and food that I should not be eating. They did no good for my recovery. I skipped dinner on the fourth day. I ate something light before I took my medication and went to bed. It took me a while before I fell asleep too.

The fifth day was not pleasantly good, I did not have enough rest the night before. I dreamt a lot through the night and was unable to catch some quality sleep. After I woke up from my sleep, I went to check my emails and re-sent the leave application to my HR as an update. I did not go back to rest immediately. Instead, I planned to go out for lunch. I travelled out to the Bedok area and tried to have some slow walks around the area as part of my exercise. My working exercise did not affect my recovery at the moment.

Zhong Xing Ban Mian

A little disappointed with the ban mian that I ate at Bedok Interchange Food Center. I ordered the dry version which I should not have, yet the sauce was not up to the taste. Compared to the L32 Handmade Noodles, this stall needs to improve its sauce for the dry version. The soup was salty, it should go well for the soup version. I tried a little bit of the chilli paste for a taste. It needs improvement too. For the carbs portion, it was generous, and they served with plenty of anchovies, minced meat and a cooked egg. I would prefer the egg to be placed in the soup.

Address: Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre, 208B New Upper Changi Rd, #01-46, Singapore 462208.

Duke Bakery

I went to buy a loaf of bread from the Duke Bakery as I was around the area, so why not? I chose cranberry walnut bread. It would be my breakfast for the coming days because the wholemeal bread was going to finish.

Home-cooked chicken soup

With the remaining ingredients that I have, I cooked a bowl of chicken soup again without noodles. The shredded chicken from the chicken soup was then added with seasonings so that I could wrap it with my sandwiches. From the picture below, it looked dry and unappetizing. I cooked the shredded chicken with onion and parsley for quite a long before I off the stove, hence, the sauce dried up. Still, it went well with my plain sandwich.

On the sixth day, my medication would finish and I did not need to look for breakfast or brunch to eat before taking medication.

Initially, I planned to return to work on the sixth day so that I could work on the deployment work, however, due to a change arrangement, my DevOps team would not be in the office for me to work on it. Therefore, I dropped the plan to work in the office. I continued to work at home to clear up some of the emails and backlogs. Since I skipped breakfast, I decided to go out early to get my lunch and I could take my medication after that.

341 Beach Road Pho

I ordered the beef pho. Eating beef is a good source of protein that good for my after-surgery recovery. I added some lime juice into the soup, and of course, I tried the original taste too. The soup is tasty and mild. I prefer something stronger. Even adding the lime juice did not greatly enhance the flavour. Unlike another Vietnamese stall that I liked, this stall gave onions and beansprouts only. It did not have other greens that usually come with it. It is fine because I did not eat all the vegetables used in Vietnamese food. There were about 5-6 pieces of medium-sized beef with a generous amount of pho.

Address: Luk Lu Eating House, 341 Beach Rd, #01-06, Singapore 199567.

This eating place was quite crowded so I did not spend a lot of time finishing up my bowl of noodles and made a move to another place. I went to Golden Mile Food Centre for more options. I thought I wanted a second round before I went back but I decided just to take away a cup of coffee from this stall called Kopi More.

Kopi More

It was just for a try. I am not fancy about its way of preparing the coffee and the price for a cup of coffee from this stall is more expensive than other stalls in the same food centre. I waited patiently for my kopi-o-kosong, coffee without milk and sugar. My review is the coffee tasted like a double espresso without any sugar. It was really strong and I was not able to finish it immediately. I took it home as I have a meeting to attend.

Address: Golden Mile Food Centre #B1-49, 505 Beach Rd, 199583.

I attended the meeting with a few of my colleagues with a cup of strong coffee. I could stay awake while listening to my colleagues. I complained a lot after that. Then, another colleague asked me why I attended the meeting when I was still on hospitalization leave. My colleague told me to go rest and not to work. I listened to the advice.

Home-cooked fish and broccoli

Both are good sources of protein and vitamins that are good for my after-surgery recovery. I steamed the fish and broccoli.

On the seventh night, I dreamt a lot again but they were not really something important to remember. Lately, the dreams were about completing tasks or events. I did not sleep early too. I stayed alert even at 12AM.

Green Bean Soup

For dessert, I ate green bean soup. Green beans contain some of the vitamins that I needed after surgery such as vitamin B, iron and zinc.

Two more days before I resumed working, I intended to travel out to get my lunch instead of cooking at home. I chose to have a bowl of fish soup for my recovery. There is a stall that I wanted to try but cannot make it because it opens on weekdays and closes early too.

Mei Xiang Black & White Fish Soup

I do not really like fried fish, however, this stall did not have any other option on the menu. It consisted of both fried fish and fresh sliced fish. It came with a bowl of rice. I was not impressed by the fish meat. However, I liked the soup. It was flavourful yet not too strong. It went well with the white rice.

Address: Berseh Food Centre Stall 44, 166 Jln Besar, Singapore 208877.

After lunch, I went for a walk around this area, and I found there were two other food courts nearby that have some stalls with good ratings or reviews. I hope to try them one day and add my reviews to my blog. I was supposed to have dinner around the same place too but I was tired and sleepy after lunch.

I headed back home for a rest, and I took a nap. I did not know why recently I would feel sleepy in the afternoon. I needed a nap. I was hoping that on the day I back to the office, I would be able to skip napping and stay alert.

Having soup base food for this week seemed to be something that I looked forward to the most. I ordered the pig organ soup from the Cheng Mun Chee Kee Pig Organ Soup too for dinner.

Cheng Mun Chee Kee Pig Organ Soup

On this visit, I was able to order a side dish because a friend joined us for dinner. We ordered the minced meat with chestnut. I did not stay long at this stall because I wanted to drop some of the IT books at Hackerspace SG. Also, I needed to rest more and did not want to stay out late.

Address: Cheng Mun Chee Kee Pig Organ Soup 正文志记猪什汤大王 , 24 Foch Rd, Singapore.

So far, I have made chicken soup at home and eaten fish and pork soups at the food court. Next, I would try the beef and mutton soups too. If you have any good recommendations for Chinese-herbal-style beef or mutton soups in Singapore, especially on the east side, please leave me a comment. For the time being, I would prefer to avoid the Malay style of mutton soup.

On my last day of hospitalization leave, I cooked one pot of soup for lunch and dinner by having some different ingredients for lunch and dinner with the same soup. However, I put the same ingredients such as tofu and green vegetables for both.

For lunch

For dinner

Thank you for reading it until the end. That is all about my food and my days after the surgery.

VTL From Singapore to Malaysia: Day 7

Day 7 in Kuala Lumpur. I woke up as usual and prepared breakfast. We wanted to finish the yoghurt that my cousin bought some time ago with fruits. The banana had ripened, and we ate them too. I have been eating many fruits during my stay in Kuala Lumpur. I try to keep up the same habit now in Singapore. But, I do not eat breakfast daily.

Sunday lunchtime

I think my aunt wanted to get the wanton noodles, so I told her, “we just takeaway and eat at home”. Somehow, we went out to Taman Maluri and made a big round to find food to eat! Along the way, she made some introductions to each coffee shop.

We ended up at Pandan Jaya for a bowl of a delicious dry version of char siew and wanton noodle and a bowl of a dry version of dumplings noodle. The gigantic dumplings are sumptuous, have more ingredients than normal wantons, and are flavourful compared with wantons. Of course, the dumplings will be more expensive than the wantons. I wanted to try it too and let my aunt taste different flavours.

The char siew (barbecue pork) slices were included for normal wanton noodles, but not in the dumplings noodles. Their char siew is not those heavily charred sweet char siew. The meat is leaner, tiny sliced, and I quite liked it too.

Away from Singapore for 7 days

After seven days, I felt missing some of the things in Singapore. I hoped there was a person who would text me and talk about things, but I knew I did not always chat with people on normal days. Also, it is quite quiet during the weekend because most of my friends are with their families and kids. This situation could happen in my dream only. I know it is not good to keep dreaming of things that will not happen.

As of the writing time, I am missing Anna. Hope that I can bring her to Singapore when I go back with a bigger bag next trip. Before that, I have to make sure I get my house and I have done with the moving.

Prepare for dinner

I took the chicken bone and some chicken breast meat from the freezer to defrost. Also, I took a few different types of fish cakes to cook with vegetables. The chicken bone was used to make the soup base for tonight’s dinner. Of course, I needed to add other ingredients to make the soup base well tasted.

Shredded chicken hor fun (Kai Si Hor Fun)

I planned to make kai si hor fun based on the ingredients I prepared above. However, we did not have prawns or shells at home to make the soup base; otherwise, it would taste better.

I followed the same kai si hor fun recipe I used in Singapore. I cooked all the ingredients for the noodles in the same soup base. It would help to add a bit more flavour to the broth.

I used another pot of boiling water to cook hor fun because the noodles were oily, and it would turn the broth milky colour. Also, I did not want the soup to be oily.

The food presentation is not perfect, but it is still acceptable.


Fried Rice Noodle

It is also known as fried bee hoon. It is based on a Taiwanese recipe made by James Easy Cooking. The link to the Youtube can be found in the reference section below. The ingredients are simple, and I think I can add more ingredients or change it to other ingredients as I wanted.

How to Cook?

I am not the cook for the fried rice noodle, my friend did it at home. The bee hoon that we bought was also from Taiwan. It is sold in NTUC supermarket too.

It tasted delicious, flavourful and I think can have more garlic and shallot oil for more fragrance. The rice noodle cooked al-dente and dry. It is exactly the texture that I liked for bee hoon. I did not like those oily, wet and breaking.

It can be remade for Chinese New Year first day’s lunch with no meat version.


Ipoh Kai Si Hor Fun

It is called shredded chicken with flat rice noodles (hor fun). The flat rice noodles look the same as the fried kway teow, wider, but hor fun is slimmer in size.

Kai si hor fun is quite popular in Malaysia, especially Ipoh. I tried to prepare and cook this kai si hor fun at home.

How To Make The Broth

I followed the Youtube video in the reference link below. I proportionate the ingredients based on what I used or have. I did not follow the exact timing stated in the video. I followed my own instinct to boil the broth to be ready to serve with hor fun.

I used the prawn heads and shells in the freezer a few days ago to make the broth. I added the chicken stock into the broth for additional flavour because the shells are not enough to make broth for two portions.

I added the fishballs and meatballs into the broth together with a small piece of chicken breast meat. It cooked for another 10 minutes before I off-ed the fire.

I cooked the green and beansprouts first in boiling water, followed by hor fun. Hor fun cooked very fast, and the noodle was oily. It is best to cook it separately in another pot.

Final Presentation


End of P2HA: Foodie Still Cook At Home

It comes to the last day of the P2HA. This whole week has been quite busy with work because my project has moved into live production stage and there are many things to look after. Lucky enough, things go smoothly and I am able to enjoy some cooking time and continue studying before my exam.

Singapore is exiting the P2HA and moving into Phase 3 Heightened Alert (P3HA) that allows 5 in a group, and resume some of the activities. However, dine-in is not immediately available after today, 13th June. It may resume on 21st June. According to the ministers, dining is considered a high-risk activity because of masks are off. Then, cycling, jogging and running in the park are not high-risk too?

Steamed batang fish

Previously, I followed a steamed batang fish recipe that someone shared online, and it turned out great. I remake it many times and never go wrong with it. Check out my blog that I shared the recipe.

Soba noodle

Soba noodle is noodles made of buckwheat flour. It can be eaten hot or cold. My friend cooked a bowl of cold soba noodles. They are eaten with a soya-based dipping sauce (tsuyu), and we added some wasabi to give extra flavour. It tastes delish when it eating cold.

Cantonese Wat Tan Hor

Being a Cantonese, I do miss some of the delicious Cantonese food back in Malaysia. Unable to return home for almost 1.5 years now, I do have dishes that I want to try my luck to cook it here in Singapore. Lucky enough, most of the ingredients can be purchased in the nearest wet market without the hassle.

I followed a recipe shared by the KL Foodie in their group post. I will update this post once the blog is ready to share the recipe with everyone. For now, let me share my photographs.

DIn Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung 50% off promotion for 2nd plate of pork fried rice. I got a buddy to share it with me. Surprisingly, no queues at Tampines Mall when we reached the restaurant. Back at home, I added some Korean seaweeds for extra Flavours.

Foodie Is Running Out of Recipes

I’m getting used to the current stricter COVID-19 safe management in Singapore, and I’m trying more local food around Tampines, Singapore, using the self-pickup promotion from GrabFood. Some friends took advantages of Grab’s bundle offers too. Do check it out if you are interested. This week I did take-aways more than cooking at home because I am trying to use the self-pickup promotion from GrabFood.

Let me start with what I get to try from some restaurants this week.

Una Una

Una Una, an affordable hitsumabushi with a Google rating of 3.9 stars. This set consists of steamed Japanese rice, grilled unagi with sweet sauce and pickles. It comes with a bowl of seaweed soup, and an additional bowl of soup to go with the rice.

The main difference between Una Una and Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant is the Wasabi, where Man Man gives raw Wasabi. Una Una provides the wasabi paste, so I do not want to make my own Wasabi. 😅 Also, I find that the rice is quite a lot. However, the taste is fine, quite comparable with Man Man. If this can be slightly more smokey, it would be the most affordable grilled unagi in Singapore.

For homecooked food, I have tried some Korean recipes and it was delicious.

Kimchi Guk

I am sharing a recipe to make kimchi soup. I do not know if kimchi stew (kimchi jjigae) and kimchi soup (kimchi guk) are the same because both use kimchi, the meat of your choice, hot pepper paste and tofu to cook. If you know what the difference is, can you share it with me? This kimchi soup fills up my stomach, and I feel delighted having it with my golden Korean pot.

I used a recipe from a Korean ahjuma (auntie). Please refer to link website below. I tried several of her recipes.

Kimchi Fried Rice

Another Korean dish for dinner this week, the Kimchi fried rice.

Pork Don

A rice bowl dish featuring grilled pork slices with caramelized soy sauce. The pork slices are bought from Medi-ya, and it came with a pack of ready-made sauce to cook with the pork slices. It is easy and convenient.

Homemade Scones

I made some scones with the remaining of the plain flour. It turned out quite okay and I expected it to be more buttery tasted.

And, lastly, I cooked instant noodles for one of the lunches because I wanted to clear off some frozen food. Previously, I purchased a pack of impossible luncheon meat from FairPrice supermarket and air-fried it to eat with instant noodle. The texture of the impossible luncheon meat is slightly different from the actual ones. The taste is better for someone who prefers less sodium.

Personally, I would prefer to have the real luncheon meats (with less sodium). For a healthy choice, the impossible maybe a good option.

For other stories in the past weeks, please refer to the links below:

Stricter COVID-19 Safe Management Measures Works In Singapore – Foodie Will Still Cook at Home

Stricter COVID-19 safe management measures are working for now, and there is no need for a “further tightening of posture” at this point, said Mr. Lawrence Wong on Friday. More updates will be given on next Monday.

This is my third post sharing on home-cooked food during the Phase 2 Heightened Alert (P2HA) in Singapore from 16 May 2021 through 13 June 2021. You can check out my first post, Pre-Phase 2 Heightened Alert, to share how I cooked salmon with an air fryer and made turkey ham sandwiches. In the second post, Foodie Cooks When Dine-In Is Not Allowed, I shared how I prepared chicken drumstick using an air-fryer and tried one of the popular minced meat noodle stalls at Tampines Street 43’s Kopitiam. I will continue in this post and stay-home dine-in experience with some good food that I bought home in this weekly post.

Korean Japchae

I followed ahjuma’s recipe to make japchae. The first photo looked like making bibimbap. The photo was taken before mixing the ingredients together. It tasted delicious and flavourful. I added extra ingredients into the japchae, the kimchi and seaweeds. The recipe link, For the meat, I used sliced pork and prepared it using the bulgogi recipe link,

Mala Xiang Guo

I was trying to cook mala xiang guo at home by using the lao gan ma chilli sauce but the taste was totally different than the expected taste. Guess, I will try it again next time with pre-packed sauce for mala stir-fry that I can get it from any supermarkets.

ChiCha San Chen

It is established in 1998, and my first try is in the year 2021. I’m not a really true fan of milk tea. Only on the occasion where I wanted to try out. It is a new drink on the menu to promote taro. Taro milk tea with taro pearls or fresh milk with taro and taro pearls.

What interested me the most is the teapresso machine and the tea aroma at this stall. It is something that I do not mind sitting down and enjoy my tea. The story of the teapresso machine can be found on their website,

There was a queue before us during dinner time when I dropped by to get my first drink. Surprisingly, the Google rating at Tampines One is 3.4 stars only, while branches located in the city rated between 4.1 and 4.5 stars.

After having eaten so much, it is a good time to do some walking. On Saturday’s morning, I took a walk before it started raining. It was a relaxing walk with no target location, distance and timing. If you are keen to follow me on Instagram, you can check out the link below.

Alright, that is all for this week. Let us catch up again in my next post. Stay home, stay safe.

Pad Woonsen (Thai Fried Glass Noodle)

During this circuit breaker period in Singapore, many of us are trying our hand to do some home-cooked food for the family. And, I am trying to improve my cooking skill too. There is a lot of recipes being shared by people since I joined the home-cooked Facebook group.

Thai cuisine

In this article, I am sharing my experience cooking the Thai food called Pad Woonsen, a Thai fried glass noodle. I followed the recipe from Marion’s Kitchen, refer below for the recipe’s link. She is one of my favourite chefs.


I used the chicken meat, cut into small cubes, and marinated it with salt and pepper. I would recommend marinating the meat for at least 30 minutes before cooking. Then, I sliced an onion, shredded a carrot, and chopped some garlic cloves. Also, I prepared an egg and some spring onions that use for garnishing. On the other hand, I soaked a bunch of glass noodle into warm-hot water, not boiling water for about 8 to 10 minutes until it tendered. Drain the water and set it aside for cooking later. Before I started cooking, I made the stir-fry sauce which consisted of some oyster sauce, 2 tablespoons (tbsp) of fish sauce (* essential ingredient) and a bit of dark soy sauce (the thicker type of soy sauce). You may want to adjust the among of oyster sauce based on your tastebud. Now, we are ready for cooking.

Start Cooking

It started with stir-frying the garlic and onions for about a minute until it was fragrant. Then, I added the marinated chicken meat and stir-fried together with onions and garlic for another few minutes, until the chicken meat well-cooked. I like cooking the garlic along with the chicken meat because I want the chicken meat absorbs the garlic’s aroma while cooking. Next ingredient was putting in the carrots to stir-fry before adding the egg into the middle of the pan. As per suggested, I spread the egg out and allowed them to set before breaking them up and tossing them thoroughly with the rest of the ingredients. Lastly, I added the glass noodle and the sauce, stirred until well mixed. You can cut the glass noodle into the small threads before putting it into the pan because it is easier to toss them together. You can further adjust the taste by adding some salt, pepper or sugar.

Before off the fire, I garnished the glass noodle with some chopped spring onions. For this spring onions, I cut them into about 3 centimetres long. I got a colourful pad woonsen served hot in my bowl.

My verdict

The overall taste of the glass noodle was good, I controlled the saltiness level of the stir-frying sauce that consisted of the fish sauce and oyster sauce. You can try to follow this recipe below.


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