Noodle Station

Noodle Station, Mid Valley, Malaysia
Noodle Station
This time around with different group of people eating at Noodle Station, we can have some different feedback on different food that they ordered. The black pepper chicken with fried wantons and noodle looks pretty great with its presentation. It is an average size of a drumstick, with some vegetables and 2 fried wanton.
Noodle Station
While another friend chose to have chicken ham with fried wanton and noodle. It is a same noodle as the black pepper drumstick.
Noodle Station
And lastly, this is their signature fried noodle with fish cake and prawn. Simple and delicious noodle. However, the portion is a little small.

Address: S-069, 2nd Floor, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Rating: 3/5. The food is nice, but they need to improve their services, I find it a little slow. And the noodle portion should be improved too.

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