Sushi Zanmai

I was at Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur during the Deepavali’s public holiday with my friend. After chatting for hours at the Urbean, we moved Sushi Zanmai for dinner. We took quite long before we could decide what and where to eat because we are not familiar with this area.

We ordered three dishes and shared among us.

Karaage Chicken Donburi
Sushi Zanmai

It is a deep fried chicken meat with soy sauce coated with seasoned flour. It is quite common food you can find in Japanese restaurant. It looks appealing and tastes good. The sauce can mix with the Japanese rice when you eat it. If you want extra sauce, I would suggest you to put the Teriyaki sauce.

Ebi Okonomiyaki
Sushi Zanmai

It is a delicious savory pancake that is simple yet filled with a lot of shrimps, covered with dried bonito flakes on top of the pancake and mayonnaise and some Japanese sauce called Okonomiyaki Sauce. It is really nice.

Lastly, we ordered the Saba with Teriyaki Sauce. It took quite sometime before it was served. The fish portion was just nice for two person. I prefer it has more sauce since it is cooked in Teriyaki style. It does not come with rice, so you can order separately if you wish.

Saba with Teriyaki Sauce
Sushi Zanmai

Well, Sushi Zanmai is still maintaining its standard for this visit. I am satisfied with the food that we ordered and the time spent together.

Location: Lot M-19, Mezzanine Floor, Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Ambiance: The atmosphere of this restaurant is a bit noisy, probably because we was sitting near the kitchen. Overall, the restaurant is spacious, clean and bright.
Rating: 3/5. Food quality remains the same for me. The taste is good. The price and portion maintain reasonable.


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