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West 57th St Cafe

West 57th St Cafe (Zang Toi Cafe)

I was invited by a friend to go to this cafe for a tea break. My friend said the cafe has a nice cake that I must give a try. Oh… really? Ok, let’s go!

When we reached the cafe, there was few people in the cafe, we chose a quiet corner place to sit down and enjoyed our tea break. We ordered their tea time offers in which we chose our preferred tea and it came with a peice of Rock Bun and Banana chocolate cake. Yes, my friend wanted to introduce me to this banana chocolate cake.
West 57th St Cafe

Banana Chocolate Cake
It was rich with chocolate and sandwiched with raw banana. Well, it was so rich and each bite was full with the chocolate and banana taste. So, it is good to slowly eat and spare your time there.
West 57th St Cafe

And, what is Rock Bun? We were quite curious to find out and the tea time offered this as well. Here you go, this is how Rock Bun looks like :
Rock Bun
West 57th St Cafe
It does look like a scone to me and when we cut it into half, this is how it looks like inside:
West 57th St Cafe
The rock bun’s taste a little dry for me with some raisins inside and marmalade. The great day completed with our preferred tea. I chose Mint tea while my friend chose Peach tea. It was a great tea break together. Thank you.
West 57th St Cafe
West 57th St Cafe

Location : West 57th St Cafe (Zang Toi Cafe), Level 4 Parkson, Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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