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Coffee Amo

I was being introduced to this coffee cafe by my friend when I return to my home country some time ago. It is located at the Chinatown Kuala Lumpur Jalan Sultan, at one of the main street off the Petaling Street. The shop is located at the first floor, so you are going to climb some stairs up before reaching the small coffee shop.
Coffee Amo
They have quite wide range of coffee and teas for visitors to choose and they do offer food as well. I was not sure what to try when I was at the counter and busy taking pictures.
coffee amo
They suggested me to try their signature’s coffee. I cannot recall if I ordered the Sweet 13, Rose Garden or the Ocean 11. However, they make the 3D art on top of the drink. It is their gimmick. My personal opinion is the coffee taste same as any normal coffee, sorry but seriously I could not tell what the different between the three signature’s coffees except maybe the Rose Garden has the rose bud taste and probably you might have some rose buds in your drink.
coffee amo
coffee amo
Priced at RM13.00 at the time I visited the cafe, it is indeed an expensive drink if you would compare with the Starbucks or Coffee Bean with I think their regular size is bigger than this.

For food, we ordered some cakes and a pie to share as lunch. The food is pretty delicious.
coffee amo

The positive side of this cafe is the interior designs on the wall. The noise level in this cafe is pretty high, probably because it is small cafe and look quite crowded during the peak period.
coffee amo
coffee amo
Address: 1st Floor, 54, Jalan Sultan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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